Hassle-Free Reservation of your Flight

Listed amongst the top three Airlines companies of People’s Republic of China, Air China Airlines is a flag carrier of China. Its headquarters is in Shunyi District in Beijing. These Airlines work for both domestic as well as international passengers. Air China Airlines reservations can be done along a total of 322 routes as they operate along all these routes.  It is an antecedent for the services associated with Air Cargo and passengers. Air China has a membership with the World’s largest network in airlines namely Star Alliance. Air China delivers best customer services on the basis of four elements which are

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Credibility
  • Choice

Air China Airlines Reservations are hassle free and can be done within a short time span. They offer their customers several methods to book the tickets. These comprises of online methods, offline method and through mobile Application.

Online Booking with Air China Airline

You can now reserve your tickets at your home or office through online booking. The method followed for booking is quite expedient. The booking is done on Air China Airlines official sites https://www.airchina.co.in/. The website is user friendly and you just have to follow simple reservation process listed below.

  1. Go to online website
  2. On the home page by scrolling a little downward you can see a form for booking your ticket.
  3. Fill up all the credentials for ‘Round trip’, ‘One way’ trip or ‘Multi-city’ as per your preference. 
  4. Based upon the last step you will encounter different field to be filled such as Flying from, flying To, Cabin, quest, etc. Fill up the entire field.
  5. Now press a button on right side which says “Search Flights”.
  6. You will now see various available flights depending upon your route. You can select one which suites you the best.
  7. Next step is to make the payment for your flight. Follow the payment procedure as displayed on your screen filling up your card details.
  8. Once the payment is done you will be confirmed with your flight details on your email id.

Offline Booking with Air China Airline

If you are not suitable to book online through website or mobile app then you are also provided with a traditional method of booking your tickets offline. You just have to visit Air China airlines reservation centers that exist at the nearest airport from your place. There you will meet the staff members who will abet you for the entire process and for booking up your ticket. Another way out is that you can straight forward call on the customer service number where a representative will help you in booking of your ticket.

Booking through Mobile Application

Air China Airline Reservations can be done at your finger tips through the mobile app. You will firstly have to download the mobile application in your device. This application possesses all the functionalities, options and information for your smart service. The application is very easy to work with and the booking procedure is straight forward as in the website. Just follow the steps you are configuring like enter the route, then departure and return date and the number of passengers. After that you will configure number of flights depending upon the route you followed. Select the one which suites you the best. Process your payment procedure and booking is done in few seconds. The application is flexible and comfortable to use and work.

Comfortable Journey with Air China Airline Flights

Air China is a Flag carrier and in terms of Fleet size with 285 aircrafts it is amongst the 10th largest Airline service. It entitles to cover around 185 destinations worldwide. It has gained its position for delivering their passengers with most comfortable and relaxing journey.

Main Router covered by Air China

Air China covers and serves 173 Airports and there are almost 1100 daily departures covered by Air China Airlines. There are a total of 378 routes covered by this Airline. These routes encompass 109 domestic cities, 64 international cities and 3 regional cities. So in total it serves 176 cities and around 41 countries.

Air China has partnership with major other Airlines companies like:

  • United Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • South African Airways
  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Macau
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Tibet Airlines

In Flight Amenities

There are an abundance of in-flight entertainment activities as provided by Air China airlines. Various audio and video programs are conducted on the video monitors present at the back seat. Other amusing activities include playing different games and reading magazines. You are also provided with the access to watch various TV programs and movies. It provides 12 music channels and 8 classical movies to watch. Apart from these amusement activities there is a specialized catering facility which offers special meals to everyone.

Cabin Classes

Air China Airlines Flights includes 3 cabin classes namely, First Class, Business Class and Economy Class. These different classes are suitable to the passengers as per their budget and convenience. You can also manage the selection of your convenient class by visiting Air China Airline official sites. The facilities provided by these cabin classes are listed below.

  1. First Class

This is the most cozy and luxurious class in which the passenger can enjoy comfort services and most importantly privacy. In this class you are provided with various on board entertainment facilities. There is luxurious seating arrangement which is highly spacious. Your privacy concerns are taken on high priority. You are also given L’Occitane amenity kits in which there are various essentials for your use. Additional slippers and pajamas are also provided in this class. You are introduced with variety of meals from which you can opt as per your taste.

  1. Business Class

The main focus in business class is given to hushed and confidential environment. Passengers are provided with flat adjustable beds for comfort and proper relaxation. Sitting and reclining is made adjustable in this lounge. The pillows and duvets come out in medium size for standard use. You are also provided with the choice for beverages and with proper buffet system.

  1. Economy Class

You are provided with proper comfort-ability in this lounge also. Proper pillows and blankets are provided for comfort fly. Amusement activities are also there for economy class passengers. There is access to videos, gaming, movies, etc for your entertainment.  You can choose beer and soft drinks as per your taste. Meals in economy class also include variety of snacks and cakes. Hot meals are also served for long route flights.

Manage Booking of your Air China Airline Flight

Once you have booked your flight you can also manage your bookings. There are two options for you to manage your flight, Online or Offline. For managing online you can either prefer to manage using Air China Airline official sites or you can also opt for mobile App. For Air China Airline manage booking you can make any changes regarding refunds, seat arrangement, cancellation and check-in.

The process to be followed for Air China Airline Manage Booking is:

  • Go to Air China Airline official site.
  • On the Home page you will see a dropdown with title as ‘Booking management’.
  • Click on it and go to ‘Manage My Trip’.
  • In this option you will configure various options like ‘Check my Booking’, ‘Online Refund/Refund Progress’ and ‘Online Check-in’. Just choose the preferred option which you wish to manage.
  • You can make any chances prior to your flight.

The same process is applied on website or mobile application. In order to manage any changes offline you will have to visit the Air china Airline booking center at your nearest airport. You may also call to customer care service number. There the customer care representative will guide and help you managing your bookings.

Baggage Allowance in Air China Airline Flights

The baggage allowance for Air China Airlines depends upon the class of service chosen by you. There are different rules for Carry-on baggage and for checked baggage.

Carry-on Luggage

  • There is an allowance of two carry-on baggage for the passengers belonging to First class and Business class. Each of these luggages should not weight more than 8Kg.
  • For Economy class you are allowed to carry only one carry-on baggage whose weight should not be more than 8Kg.
  • The dimensions allowed for Air China Airline Luggage is 55cm*40cm*20cm.

Checked Baggage

  • Only 1 checked baggage is allowed for the passengers and that should not exceed the maximum weight of 32Kg.
  • The dimensions allowed for Air China Airline Luggage must be within the limits of 60cm to 203cm.

Baggage Restrictions

There are proper restrictions for the Air China Airline luggage for various items and electrical appliances.

  • The electrical appliances are not allowed in checked baggage and are mainly transported as cargo. For these items to be carried out in checked baggage then they must be properly packed.
  • Musical instruments and supporting goods are not accepted for carriage.
  • Instruments related to martial art performances are not accepted.
  • Sports ammunition and firearms are not accepted.
  • Liquid drinks, dry ice and cosmetic containing alcohols are also not accepted.
  • Stun guns, personal alarms, nail guns, stud guns, drills, saws, axes, acidic and pepper sprays, etc are not accepted.

Air China Airline Pet Policy

Your pet must be medically certified by a veterinarian and must possess a good health so as to fly in Air China Airlines. Pets can only travel as checked baggage if they fulfill the conditions listed below:

  • Your pet must possess good health to travel. This must be certified by a veterinarian. The copy of this certificate is must and is submitted for your pet to travel in Air China Airlines.
  • Pets allowed are only dogs, cats or birds.
  • The pet must be secured in a container so that it does not harm or disturb other passengers.
  • The pet must be locked inside the container all the time and you can take care of it inside the container only.
  • The pets allowed per container are two only. Also the weight should not exceed 14Kg each.
  • Containers allowed per flight are two only.

The Dogs, Cats and birds which are hostile and aggressive in nature and can harm others are not allowed to enter the flight. There are some breeds that are also not allowed to travel in air China Airlines like terriers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, boxers, bulldogs, Birman, spaniels, exotic short-haired cat, pugs, mastiffs, British touchka, Dogo Argentino, American staffords, American howlers, Boston beagles, Brussels griffins, mastiffs. Spanish hounds, British spaniel, Tosa, Belgian Brussels Griffon, bullmastiff, Chrysanthemum, Affenpinscher, Peking Dog, Chow, Japanese chin, Himalayan Cat,   Japanese Spitz, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, American Pit Bull Terrier, Fila Brasileiro, Samoyed, Persian cat, etc.

Animal Quarantine certificates are also necessary for your pets. They must also comply with the regulations during the entry, transit and exit times.

Animal Container

The requirement to be fulfilled for the containers of the animals must be in accordance to “National Standards GBT26543-2011, People’s Republic of China – General Requirements on the Packing of Live Animals for Air Transportation”.

  • The container should be flexible to the pet and must be spacious enough so that they can move around and relax in the container itself.
  • The door of the container must be properly locked with the metal chain and must only be on one side.
  • To operate effectively, the container must handles on two sides.
  • The container must be solid and rigid.
  • There must be linen or cotton mesh covering around the container so that in case of any damage to the container the pet can’t escape easily.