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META: Book your flights with Turkish Airlines Official Sites to know it all about the offers, discounts, baggage & pet policy, also manage your booking effortlessly.

Are you looking for airlines to travel around? You are in the right place; Turkish Airlines is one of the most efficient, low-cost passenger airlines. It is mainly based in turkey but operates flights to domestic and international destinations to about 315 destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. It is one of the largest airlines as a passenger carrier; without any hassle, book your flights through Turkish Airlines Official Sites.

Established in20 May, 1933.
Fleet Size362
Total Destination315
Hub CityIstanbul Airport
Frequent Flyer ProgramMILES&SMILES

Pick a city and fly around the world effortlessly and enjoy your travel with elegant Turkish Airlines. The most common route and the cheapest route of Turkish Airlines is Male to Dubai. So book your flights in this route or any other destination and cost-effective travel with the most benefits. Here is a complete guide on the Turkish airlines you can refer.

Most Common Routes by Turkish Airlines-

  • Toronto.
  • Tel Aviv.
  • Istanbul.
  • Tehran.
  • Chicago.

What are the Turkish Airlines Official Sites?

Turkish Airlines, just like any other airline have its official site and operates all the beneficial requirements of the passengers from there. The official site of Turkish airlines is This site is available 24 hours and seven days for the comfort of their passengers. So log in for a better experience and get all your benefits on- 

  • Flight Booking.
  • Manage Booking.
  • Luggage Policy.
  • Pet Policy.
  • Contact Details.

You can also contact the Turkish airlines for any assistance on its toll-free number – 1-802-213-8448.

Turkish Airlines Reservations

In modern times, traveling is much easier from one place to another. And so is booking flights to various destinations. Earlier, people have to go to the airport in person to go on a flight. But with the modernization & development of technology, you can sit at the comforts of home, book your flights to anywhere through the reservations page. The same is the case with Turkish Airlines reservations. You can book or manage any booking easily at your convenience simply by login on to the Turkish Airline official Sites- without any hassle or confusion. A detailed step-by-step on using the site to book your tickets, scroll down to know better.

Also, there are many travel sites you will come across while searching for flights, offering you many deals and packages. But nothing is better than the official site. You face any issues or problems, you can quickly contact customer service and seek help. If you book through the official website, you can unlock many deals and programs of the airlines, which is much profitable. You can score free flights, meals, shopping deals, hotels and cab facilities, and many exciting offers. So without any doubt choose to book your tickets with the Turkish Airlines Reservations.

A step-by-step guide to book tickets with Turkish Airlines

The steps to book a ticket with Turkish airlines is pretty simple and not much consuming. However, for your ease and understanding, here’s how you can book your tickets through the Turkish airlines Official Sites without any hassle-

Step 1: To begin with, without much delay, go to, the official site.  

Step 2: You will directly land on the official page. Now enter your departure and arrival destinations as per the fields.

Step 3: Then enter your travel date. If you are looking for a one-way trip or round-trip, or multi-city trip, enter the details accordingly.

Step 4: As soon as you complete, make sure to choose your travel class from Economy Class, Business Class, and First Class as per your requirement. Enter Search.

Step 5: It will lead you to a page with all the flights with the time and price of the date you entered. Choose your flight. Press Continue.

Step 6: Then enter the passenger’s details, contact information, and fill in all the essential fields. Press continue.

Step 7: It will lead you directly to the payment page. Complete your payment and finalize your tickets with Turkish Airlines. Choose your preference of fare. And press Find Flights.

Note: Until you complete your payment, the ticket will not be final, and it is not possible to hold a ticket until the payment is clear. Also, all online payments, credit/ debit cards only.

How to Manage Booking?

It is effortless and easy to manage your booking with Turkish Airlines official sites. You can manage all your bookings like checking your ticket, printing out your tickets, check-in, cancellation, add any add-ons, re-scheduling of bookings, or view any other required information about your current itinerary. Without any worry, log on to – on Turkish Airlines Manage Booking-

Step 1: Log in to the official sites with the PNR code or e-ticket number along with your surname.

Step 2: it will open your booking page. Click on “Manage Booking.”

Step 3: All your details will appear on the screen. You can complete your Web check-in or re-schedule your tickets, add extra bags, or any other add-ons. 

Step 4: You can easily print your ticket or boarding pass. You can also take your tax invoice or know about other offers. 

Book cheap flights with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is cheap due to various factors – low cost of labor, low cost in food and drinks, low gate fees at the airport. Therefore, you can travel at a very low expense with Turkish Airlines. The economy class tickets are marginally lower than other airlines operating in the routes same as Turkish Airlines. All passengers have appreciated their travel and given positive remarks to Turkish airlines so far. So, you can also plan and book your tickets for an affordable and luxurious trip with Turkish Airlines-

  • Turkish Airlines flights are cheapest on Wednesdays as per record. If you are looking to fly with Turkish airlines, try to book your tickets for Wednesday to avail yourself of low costs.
  • Flight tickets are more favorable to book four months to three weeks before the travel date to score a reasonable price.
  • Turkish Airlines have offers and schemes just like other airlines from time to time. Keep an eye on the offer prices if you are looking to fly with this airline.
  • Also, if you are a frequent flyer, you can register yourself with the Turkish Airlines Frequent Flyer policy known as “MILES&SMILES.” It is much better than most of the regular flyer programs by other airlines. You can collect miles and redeem them later with the associate companies of MILES&SMILES.

Baggage Policy-

Every airline has its Baggage policy as per their capacity, aircraft, flight travel, and considering some other factors. So, it is essential to know correctly about the procedures before boarding Turkish Airlines Flights to avoid the last-minute hassle. Turkish Airlines strictly recommend packing your bags or monitoring to avoid any discrepancy. Any issue in the flight because of the bag, the passenger will solely be responsible and punished accordingly. So you better know what you are carrying in your bag with you. 

Rules of Turkish Airlines Luggage Policy-

  • One personal item bag and one cabin bag are allowed for Economy Class. For Business Class, one personal item bag and a maximum of two cabin bags are allowed.
  • The size of each cabin – 23 x 40 x 55 cm not exceeding the weight of 8 kilograms. It should fit in the locker above the head or under the seat. You cannot carry it in your lap.
  • And the size of the personal item bag should be 15 x 30 x 40 cm only. Any bag above this size will be considered a cabin bag only.
  • Make sure not to carry any prohibited items on the cabin luggage. All the articles should properly pack and no leakage. Every bag can have only one 100 ml bottle of any liquid other than water in the original bottle sealed in a zip lock packet.
  • You may carry all your make-up products and toiletries and a lighter if not in the form of a weapon.
  • If you are traveling with a baby, you may carry as much liquid or solid food for your baby’s requirement in the cabin without any cost.
  • For Checked bags, one bag with a maximum of 32 kilograms will be allowed. Anything above will have an extra charge. Also, any baby above the weight of 32 kilograms will have to put in two or more parts to be allowed to board the flight.
  • If traveling with babies, the baby gets 10 kilograms separately for baggage and not above 23 kilograms. 
  • Also, if you are a Sportsperson or traveling with sports gear, you can book cargo luggage. All sports gears with proper packaging in the original case not weighing above 32 kilograms will readily be allowed. If it weighs above 32 kilograms, you will have to pack them separately and securely to avoid damage.
  • Any small musical instrument within the dimensional size of 118 cm is easily allowed in the cabin. But any large instrument will only be allowed in the aircraft cargo. So you can bring all your gadgets without worry.
  • And for excess baggage, you will have to pay separately. For every 1 kilogram, it will cost you 4 TRY. 

Prohibited items-

Guns, knives, penknife, gun shape lighter, cricket bat, baseball bat, golf bat, flammable objects, sharp objects, and liquid items are not pack in vacuum or zip lock packets (not above 100 ml for cabin and 5 liters for luggage).

Rules to Travel with Pets –

Turkish airlines understand the bond between pets and their owners, so keeping that in mind and the comfort of other passengers, some rules are drafted and follow strictly. And if you are looking forward to flying with your pet, it is best to book way ahead before your travel date. You must check in before 6 hours minimum if you are traveling with a pet. Make sure that you meet all the terms and conditions of the airlines before booking your tickets. And to make your work easier, here are the guidelines of Turkish Airlines Pet Policy-

  • You will have to pay at the airport while checking in for pet, depending on the destination and pet. The cost differs from animal to animal and destination to destination. You will only know the exact amount at the airport.
  • Dogs, Cats, and Birds will be allowed to board the flight for in-cabin travel, and any animal that is not allowed for in-cabin travel will be traveling in aircraft cargo.
  • The pet should complete all its vaccinations and carry them along with the doctor’s permission slip for traveling. Also, all the documents should be complete- permission from the arriving state or country or any other pet documentation as the government rules of both the departure and arrival destination.
  • For In-Cabin travels, the pet should meet the required points- 
  • Should of minimum ten weeks.
  • Should weight maximum of 8 kilograms.
  • Should be in a crate of the size – 23 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm.
  • The carte should be hard or soft side bags but cannot be in an ordinary plastic carrier.
  • The name of the pet, breed, age, and weight, and the owner’s details should be on the crate.
  • Two animals will be allowed in the same crate if they are of the same breed and above the age of 10 weeks.
  • The crate will remain at all times underneath the front seat of the owner.
  • The pet should be carried by the owner and will be under the possession of the owner. Any problems that the pet face, the airlines will not be responsible.
  • Service Dogs will be allowed to travel in the cabin without the crate, free of cost if the owner can produce all the documents proving that it was a service dog that meet all the criteria.
  • Any pet that is not allowed for cabin travel can travel in the cargo of the aircraft. However, there still are some rules to follow for the safety of the animals and the aircraft-
  • They should be a minimum of 10 weeks but not exceeding 24 weeks.
  • The pet should be complete all the vaccinations.
  • The pet must in a crate comfortable and airy enough for the comfort of the pet.
  • Some dogs and cats who have respiratory issues will not be allowed to travel in the aircraft hold, despite any matters.
  • Some pets are not allowed to board the flight at any condition for the safety of the passengers. These animals are not allowed as they pose a danger to the passengers. Some of these animals are- American Pitbull Terrier (dog), Pitbull Terrier (dog), Japanese Tosa (dog), and many more, along with African Grey Parrot (bird).