Whenever an individual plan to travel to their favorite destination they don’t want to face any issues during the trip. No individual would want to interrupt their traveling with any sort of problem. But as all of us are aware that we cannot control certain situations of life, so, many times people have to make changes in their traveling plans. In such times when people have to modify the traveling plans instantly, they get worried and stressed. But when an individual decides to fly with Air Canada airline, they make it possible to manage their bookings with ease. Air Canada manage my booking process is very simple and all kinds of flyers can understand it. 

This airline understands that sometimes people have to make the change in their traveling plans because of unavoidable situations. So, keeping this in mind one can easily manage their bookings and make the changes accordingly. Furthermore, the team of Air Canada airlines is always there to assist their travelers in making the required changes in their bookings. 

For all the individuals who have made their bookings with Air Canada airlines and have to make some changes in their booking, they can find out all the information related to it here. This is your detailed guide on Air Canada manage my booking process. 

Before we had to know about the procedure to manage Air Canada bookings, firstly it is important to know what changes can one make using this option. So let us first find out all the changes one can make through manage booking option. 

What One Can Modify Via Air Canada Manage My Booking Option? 

There is not just one but various things which people can modify using the management booking option. Air Canada airlines make sure people do not have to woody when it comes to managing their bookings. So, if you are also the flyer who have to make modifications in their bookings, the points given below will help you know what all changes you can make through this option. 

  • Change flight 

Firstly, an individual is eligible for making the changes in their flight. Due to certain unavoidable conditions people have to make the changes at the eleventh hour in the flights. Because of these changes people get very stressed. But with the leniency of Air Canada Change Flight Policy one can make the changes in their flight bookings in no time. 

Furthermore, people who have to make the changes in their traveling dates can also go ahead to use this option and make the required changes in their flight. Also, one need to keep in mind that you are not eligible for changing the destination through this option. 

  • Upgradation 

Furthermore, another thing which people can do through the manage booking option is making the upgradation. This means one can upgrade their booking to another travel class. Sometimes people do not want to make the booking for business or first class but later on they find the need to upgrade their traveling class. So, if this is the case with you, you can go ahead and switch to another traveling class. 

  • Make cancellations 

In addition to the above changes, one can go ahead to cancel their bookings with this option. There are situations because of which people have to cancel their bookings at the last minute. People do not understand how they can complete the cancellation process with ease. So, with the option of Air Canada manage my booking all the flyers can make the cancellation just by sitting at their homes using the online method. 

Ways of Air Canada manage my booking-

Different kinds of people choose Air Canada airlines for reaching their favorite destination. So this is one of the reason why Air Canada has said different methods for managing the bookings. Due to availability of different options all kinds of Flyers can make the modifications in their booking with these. Air Canada management booking can be done using two different options set by this airline. Through the information given here one will get to know about these methods in detail. 

Firstly, an individual can use the online method and secondly people can use the offline method said by Air Canada airlines. the information given below will help you find out about both these methods in detail. 

  • Through phone

Firstly, an individual can go ahead to complete the Air Canada manage booking process by using the offline method i.e., the phone number. There are many flyers who do not know how to use online way of managing their bookings. So, keeping in mind the needs of such Flyers Air Canada has set up a phone number through which people can get in touch with their team.

Once you use the phone number to contact the travel experts of this airline, they will help you in completing the whole process of managing the bookings. No matter what changes you want to make in your bookings, you can go ahead to ask about the full procedure to the team of Air Canada airlines. 

  • Through official site 

Furthermore, another method which is said by Air Canada airline is through the official site. This means people can make the modifications in their bookings through the official side of Air Canada. People have to follow some steps to complete the process of Air Canada manage booking. Find out the steps that one need to follow below. 

Process of Air Canada manage my booking-

The online procedure set by Air Canada airlines for managing the booking is very simple and yet all flyers can follow it. One need to follow all the steps in the right order to manage their bookings with Air Canada airlines. The steps that one need to follow for managing their bookings are given below-

  • Firstly, open your web browser and then open the official site of Air Canada airlines. 
  • Once the home page of the official site opened, you will find the option of Air Canada manage my booking. 
  • In this step, you need to enter your ticket number in addition to the last name of the passenger. Once you will enter the correct information your specific booking will pop up on your screen. 
  • In this step you will see the booking on your screen in which you want to make the modifications. 
  • Lastly, make all the required changes in your bookings and then press the option of confirm.

These are some simple steps which one need to follow in the same order to complete the Air Canada manage my booking process.