Your Complete Guide To Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy!

Alaska Airlines is known for providing excellent service and having passenger-friendly policies. It will undoubtedly provide you with the finest air travel experience since airlines strive to provide customers with a positive flight experience. Be a well-informed passenger by familiarizing yourself with Alaska Airlines’ rules. Here, in this post, we will share every detail regarding Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy.

What is the baggage policy for Alaska Airlines?

According to Alaska baggage policy, each customer is permitted to bring one carry-on and one personal item free of charge. Your cabin baggage must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. Moreover, the first checked bag is $30, the second costs $40, and travelers may check three or more bags for $100.

NOTE: Any checked baggage that weighs more than 100 pounds is not allowed. A bag with a size above 115 linear inches including wheels and handles is not permitted on Alaska airlines flights. Musical instruments are an exception to this condition.

How many bags can you check for free on Alaska Airlines?

  • Bags checked at the airport four hours before departure are accepted until one hour before departure. Any baggage will not be checked at any other time.
  • If your trip is on multiple flights, bags will be checked to the destination for less than 12-hour flights.
  • The carry-on bags are limited to the size 22” x 14” x 9”. Handles and wheels are included in these dimensions. To avoid paying an oversize fee measure your luggage size in advance.
  • Passengers are requested to put an identification tag inside the bag if in case it gets misplaced it will make the identification and return process quicker and easier.

Details about Oversized, Overweight, and Extra Baggage

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy imposes various restrictions on large, overweight, and additional baggage. Check out what they are in the following points.

  • Oversized Bags: Any piece of the bag with size 63-115 linear inches is considered oversize and is charged $100 per bag. 
  • Overweight Bags: A bag that weighs between 51-100lbs is considered overweight and the passenger will have to pay a $100 overweight fee. 
  • Extra Bags: Alaska Airlines charge $100 per unit for each bag after the free checked bag allowance. 

Special Treatments

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy allows fragile, large, and unusual items to be carried on board. To be safer, you might purchase a ticket and place it as cabin seat luggage. If you book a seat for luggage, you will be charged the full cost plus a 6.25 percent freight tax. The luggage for the cabin seats cannot be booked online. It is only available for purchase at the airport.

  • To meet the criteria for cabin seat luggage, airlines must be notified at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Despite paying for a cabin seat, passengers are only permitted to bring one carry-on and one personal item free of charge.
  • However, miles can be earned for both the seats- the passenger seat and the cabin baggage seat. 

Traveling in Alaska Flights with Infants and Children

According to Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy, ticketed infants are allowed a checked bag weighing up to 23kg.  Lap infants have not entitled to an additional bag allowance. Moreover, a car seat can be brought free of charge for a child’s safety. Likewise, the safety seats and push seats are transported free of charge. You have the option of checking these things with your other belongings or waiting until you get to the gate area.

Furthermore, to keep babies and toddlers happy during travel, we recommend packing small snacks, a favorite cushion, tiny toys, and small electronic gadgets in your carry-on luggage.


Assistance is provided to anyone requiring a wheelchair. At Alaska Airlines, wheelchairs and wheelchair escorts are available for passengers. Some airports even have electric carts available for passenger use. All sorts of wheelchairs are folding, non-folding, manual, electric, battery-powered, etc. can be transported with Alaska Airlines. A personal wheelchair is checked free of charge. 

The passengers need to inform the customer service agent about the same at the check-in counter. The devices that are powered with lithium or lithium-ion batteries should be carried in proper packaging with all the precautions. 

Sports Equipment 

Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy for sports equipment under the condition that they are adequately packed, flights are allowed as checked baggage. Each piece of equipment is subject to a normal checked baggage charge.

The oversize and overweight fee is not levied on the following items:

  • Archery
  • Bowling
  • Bicycles
  • Golf clubs
  • Skateboards
  • Scuba equipment
  • Kiteboarding
  • Fishing equipment
  • Snowboard
  • Hockey Equipment 
  • Windsurfing equipment
  • Surfboards

Pet Policy For Alaska Airlines Flights 

  • Pets are allowed in the cabin of Alaska Airlines is subject to availability. You can check the availability by calling on the customer service number. 
  • Alaska Airlines does not transfer pets to other carriers. 
  • A condition for traveling with a pet in a cabin is passenger must be 18 months old or above. 
  • Passengers with a pet should not occupy emergency exit or bulkhead row. 
  • When the adjacent seat is occupied by same passenger, a total of two pets are permitted in the cargo area..
  • Pets allowed in Alaska Airlines are dogs, cats, rabbits, household birds in the pet carrier.  

Charges For Carrying Your Pet With You:

  • Pet in carry-on baggage- $100 each way 
  • Pet in checked baggage- $100 each way 

This is all about Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy, if you need quick info, check the FAQ section.  Furthermore, please check the official website or contact Alaska officials if you have any particular questions concerning the matter.


  • What size is carry-on luggage? 

The size of the carry-on luggage permitted is 22” x 14” x 9” including the handles and wheels. 

  • Where to buy carry-on luggage?

Alaska Airlines allows one carry-on item and one personal item free of cost for every passenger. And You need to add another carry-on item, you can do it either online or at the airport counters. 

  • What are the dimensions of carry-on luggage?

The carry-on bag in Alaska airlines should not exceed 45 linear inches or 115 centimeters including the wheels and handles. 

  • What is allowed in your carry-on luggage?

One carry-on luggage item is allowed in the Alaska Airlines flight. Anything except firearms, baseball bats, explosives, self-defense sprays, harmful weapons, etc. are allowed as carry-on in Alaska airlines flights. 

  • What is the maximum size of carry-on luggage?

The maximum size of a carry-on bag must not exceed 114 centimeters. Any item exceeding this size will be paid. An oversize fee is levied on that item. 

  • What is carry-on luggage?

A Carry-on is a piece of luggage you can carry along with you in the flight cabin. There are certain limitations to the weight and size of the item you should keep that in mind. 

  • What are the measurements of carry-on luggage? 

The measurements of a carry-on item should not exceed 45 linear inches (22*14*9) inches.