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    Last updated on October 8th, 2022 at 10:42 am

    In the modern world of the internet & computers, the only way to truly relax is a nice vacation. So, you better be ready to pack your bags & book the next flight out to your destination. And there’s no better way to travel within the U.S. than Frontier Airlines. However, just knowing the name isn’t enough; there is a lot of important information that will benefit you. After all, nobody likes to pay more than they have to, and everyone prefers a hassle-free vacation. So, let’s discuss the vital information about Frontier Airlines Official Site.

    Are you having trouble making your flight reservation? Get assistance by calling the Flight Booking Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).

    Destinations115 Cities
    Current Fleet113 Aircraft
    Fleet Ordered239 Aircraft

    What is the Latest on Frontier Airlines Official Site?

    • New Non-Stop Routes

    Frontier Airlines introduced 27 additional non-stop routes on March 9th, 2022, that it’ll start operating this year.

    Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)

    DestinationOperation Initiation
    AlbuquerqueMay 12th, 2022
    GuadalajaraMay 20th, 2022
    MonterreyJune 2nd, 2022

    Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)

    DestinationOperation Initiation
    IslipApril 28th, 2022
    ProvidenceApril 28th, 2022
    SyracuseApril 28th, 2022
    IndianapolisMay 26th, 2022
    DetroitMay 27th, 2022
    CincinnatiMay 26th, 2022
    NewburgMay 26th, 2022
    New OrleansMay 27th, 2022

    Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

    DestinationOperation Initiation
    Chicago MidwayMay 26th, 2022
    Kansas CityMay 27th, 2022
    CincinnatiMay 27th, 2022
    BostonMay 27th, 2022
    ClevelandJune 16th, 2022
    San AntonioJune 15th, 2022

    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

    DestinationOperation Initiation
    NewburgMay 26th, 2022
    San AntonioMay 26th, 2022
    BuffaloMay 27th, 2022

    Denver International Airport (DEN)

    DestinationOperation Initiation
    ProvidenceApril 28th, 2022
    HarrisburgApril 29th, 2022
    HuntsvilleApril 29th, 2022
    RochesterMay 27th, 2022

    George Bush Intercontinental Airport – Houston (IAH) & Tampa International Airport (TPA)

    DestinationOperation Initiation
    CancunMay 27th, 2022

    Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

    DestinationOperation Initiation
    ClevelandJune 16th, 2022

    Inflight Menu

    Being an ultra-low-cost air carrier, Frontier prefers offering an affordable travel experience over luxuries. However, don’t worry, they won’t let you go without food, as they do have an inflight catering service.

    Although, it is not complimentary & thus, passengers have to pay for any food/beverage they enjoy.

    Frontier Airlines Fare Types

    Unlike prominent airlines, Frontier only offers a standard fare to passengers. That is to say; passengers don’t enjoy any special services or seats based on their fare price. However, they offer a discount fare to members of the myFrontier club.

    So, let’s discuss these fare classes:

    Standard Fare

    It is the most basic fare of Frontier Airlines. And the only fare class, as you’ll understand soon enough.

    Discount Den Fare

    In short, this is much the same as Standard Fare, albeit with discounted prices. However, this fare is only available to members of the myFrontier club.

    As noted above, Frontier prioritizes affordable travel; passengers don’t have access to many services. However, there are some perks that both fare classes enjoy:

    • 1 X Onboard Personal Item.
      • Eligible for Cancelation/Change.
      • Same-Day Confirmed Flight Option.
      • Transfer Ownership of Ticket.

    On the other hand, there are some very common perks on other airlines that Frontier passengers don’t enjoy, like:

    • Refundable Fare
      • Pre-Reserved Seat Assignment
      • Free Carry-on Baggage
      • Complimentary Checked Baggage
      • Priority Boarding

    Having Trouble Navigating Around All this Bundle? Just Contact Us – +1-888-906-1815

    Frontier Airlines Polices on Official Site

    Similar to any other airline, Frontier has specific guidelines for air travel to ensure safety & comfort. And these guidelines dictate any activity that takes place within the airlines.

    So, let’s discuss Frontier Airlines Policies.

    Manage Booking on Frontier Airlines Official Site

    In short, Frontier Airlines allows passengers to interact with their reservations through Manage Booking. Thus, allowing passengers to make amendments, purchase services, cancel flights, etc. So, let’s discuss all the benefits/uses of Frontier Airlines Manage My Booking.

    • Name Change ($75 per passenger)

    In case a passenger enters their name wrong, they can use manage booking to correct their name for a fee.

    • Resend Itinerary

    Also, passengers can access their reservations & resend their itinerary to their email address.

    • Change/Cancel Flight

    If a passenger’s plans change, Frontier Airlines allows them to change their travel date or cancel the flight. However, the fee for these services will differ depending on the time of the request.

    Time Before DepartureChange/Cancelation Fee (Per Passenger)
    60< DaysNo Fee
    59 to 7 Days$49
    6> Days$79
    Same Day$79
    • Add Seat Selection

    Furthermore, passengers can select their flight seats in advance for a reasonable fee. Although, the fee depends on the travel route, fare price & seat type.

    • Purchase Baggage Allowance

    As discussed above, Frontier Airlines does not provide passengers with complimentary baggage. Therefore, passengers in need can purchase baggage allowance through the manage booking section.

    • Add Special Service

    In the case of passengers with special needs, Frontier Airlines provides special assistance like – assistance devices, escorts, etc. In order to access these services, just access the manage booking section.

    • Add Rental Car

    Instead of making two different bookings, passengers can just book their flight & rental transport with Frontier Airlines Official Site. In addition to ease, passengers also enjoy discounted prices on fares & vehicles.

    • Travel Insurance

    Use this service to provide coverage for flight delays, lost baggage, etc.

    For assistance with managing your booking, talk to experts at Manage Booking Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).

    Frontier Airlines Cancelation/Change Policy

    • Firstly, aside from the change fee, passengers are also liable to pay any difference in fare prices.
    • Secondly, the same is not applicable in the opposite case. To clarify, if the reissued fare is cheaper than the original fare, passengers are not liable for any reimbursement.
    • Thirdly, Frontier converts the value of canceled fares into travel credits minus fees/charges.

    Also check: Frontier Missed Flight Policy

    Baggage Guidelines

    • Firstly, Frontier Airlines does not offer a complimentary baggage allowance to passengers. So, passengers have to purchase bags before their flights.
    • Secondly, Frontier has strict guidelines regarding the Baggage size & weight.
    Baggage TypeSize Limit (Inches) (Depth X Width X Height) 
    Checked Baggage62 Linear Inches40
    Personal Item8x18x14None
    • Thirdly, oversized/overweight carry-on baggage is not allowed on board. Instead, the passengers will have to purchase additional carry-on.
    • In case of oversized/overweight baggage, the airline will charge the passenger an additional fee.
    Oversized Baggage
    62 to 110 Inches$75/Bag
    Overweight Baggage
    41 lbs to 50 lbs$50/Bag
    • And Frontier Airlines will not accept bags exceeding 110 inches in size & 100 lbs in weight.
    • Fourthly, passengers will have to pay charges to check-in/carry special items onboard:
      • Antlers – $100 per item
      • Bicycle – $75 per item
      • Pet Charge – $99 per pet

    Get more details on Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy.

    myFrontier – Frontier Airlines Membership on Official Site

    Similar to most airlines, Frontier provides passengers with membership to their loyalty program, called myFrontier. Members of this club have access to loads of special services & rewards. In addition, myFrontier members earn flyer miles that they can use to book flights with Frontier.

    So, let’s discuss the benefits & services of myFrontier club:

    • Flyer Miles

    In short, with every purchase made with Frontier Airlines, members earn flyer miles. Then, they can use these flyer miles to purchase:

    • Book Flights with Frontier Airlines.
      • Subscribe to Frontier Magazine.
      • Rent Hotels through Frontier Airlines Official Site.
    • Discount Den

    In addition to miles, members also have access to Discount Den fares. In short, members can book the most affordable fare for any Frontier flight they book.

    • Family Pooling

    Also, Frontier allows passengers to include up to nine family members in their myFrontier account. Thus, allowing all of them to enjoy the benefits of the program & share the flyer miles.

    • Track myFrontier Miles

    Lastly, passengers can also track their myFrontier miles on Frontier Airlines Official Site.

    myFrontier Elite Status

    In addition to all the perks, Frontier reward loyal myFrontier members with elite statuses. That is to say, as members earn more miles, their status goes up.

    Thus, providing them with more benefits than a regular club member. So, below is a table showing the elite statuses & their benefits.

    PerksElite 20KElite 50KElite 100K
    Seat Assignment
    Family Pooling
    Priority Boarding
    Waived Redemption Fees
    Last Seat Availability
    Stretch SeatingAt Check-in
    Family Seating 
    Discount Den Membership 50% Off
    Mileage Multiplier X1.25X1.5
    Checked Bag  
    Family Status  

    Learn More About myFrontier at – +1-888-906-1815

    Terms & Conditions of myFrontier Program

    In order to ensure safe & comfortable travel, Frontier Airlines provides specific guidelines for the myFrontier program.

    • Firstly, myFrontier membership is only available to passengers who purchase adult fares.
    • Secondly, Frontier Airlines allows only one myFrontier account per passenger. So, if a passenger has more than one account, the airline will close one of them. And the airline will transfer its flyer miles to the remaining account.
    • Thirdly, passengers cannot transfer ownership of their myFrontier account.
    • Fourthly, passengers can book award tickets up to eight months in advance.
    • Also, myFrontier miles have lifetime validity. However, passengers must make purchases with Frontier at least every six months to ensure this.

    Frontier Airlines Popular Routes

    Denver to,

    • Last Vegas
    • Kansas City

    Orlando to,

    • Boston
    • Philadelphia

    Trenton to,

    • Fort Lauderdale
    • Tampa

    Cleaveland to,

    • Fort Myers
    • Phoenix

    Atlanta to,

    • New York City
    • Miami

    Wanna Go on a Dream Vacation with Frontier? Contact Us – +1-888-906-1815

    Deals & Packages Offered on Frontier Official Site

    • Frontier Airlines Low-Fare Finder

    In short, passengers can book the lowest fares available for their routes through the Frontier Flight Sales page. In order to access this, just visit the Frontier Airlines Official Site.

    • Bundle & Save

    In case you wish to enjoy special services but also want to keep your flights affordable. Then, you can purchase the Frontier Airlines Bundles and enjoy multiple services for a fraction of the price.

     Perks BundleWorks Bundle
    Carry-On Bag
    Checked Bag
    Seat Selection
    Priority Boarding
    Flight FlexibilityN.A
    Complete RefundabilityNo

    Lastly, passengers can purchase Frontier Bundles during the booking process.

    • Kids Fly Free

    In short, kids accompanied by a Discount Den member are eligible to fly for free on Frontier Airlines. In order to utilize this perk, use the Kids Fly Free promo code while booking.

    Promo Code – KIDSFREE

    Find cheap flight deals using Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How do I talk to a Frontier Airlines representative?

    In short, to get in touch with a Frontier Airlines representative, dial 602-333-5925. Then, follow the IVR to connect with a customer assistance representative.

    In the case of people with hearing disabilities, connect with Frontier using TTY – 711.

    Q2. What is the cheapest day to fly on Frontier Airlines?

    To summarize, according to Frontier Airlines Official Site prices, travel is cheapest on Tuesday.

    Q3. How do I contact an airline?

    As mentioned above, the most common way to get in contact with an airline is through the customer assistance line. However, there are a couple of other ways to get in touch with your airline:

    • Automated Chatbox on Official Site.
    • Social Media Handles
    • Email

    Q4. Do you have to wear a mask on Frontier Airlines?

    In short, according to the latest CDC guidelines, wearing masks on flights is not mandatory. That is to say, Frontier advises passengers to wear masks, but it is not necessary.

    Q5. Does Frontier charge for carry-on bag?

    To sum up, yes, being an ultra-low-cost carrier, Frontier prioritized affordable travel to the masses. However, passengers are not liable for many complimentary services, like Carry-On bags.

    So, passengers can buy carry-on bags from the Frontier Airlines Official Site according to their needs.

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