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Hawaiian Airlines, as the branding itself suggests, is the largest carrier based in Hawaii. The airline offers non-stop flights to Hawaii from locations across North America, South Pacific, and Asia. Furthermore, it also offers services to all the major islands in Hawaii. Have you booked your next travel with Hawaiian Airlines? If you prioritize a greater level of comfort for your flight journey, it is recommended that you select the best flight seats available. Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection option is available through both offline and online channels. Read further for more details on Seat Selection.

Need help with selecting seats for your next Hawaiian Airlines flight? Contact our experts for assistance by dialing the Seat Selection Helpline Number: +1-877-563-0684 (available 24/7).

Can I Select A Preferred Seat For An Hawaiian Airlines Flight?

Different passengers can have different onboard requirements. Some passengers may prefer window seats or aisle seats while others may wish to reserve seats near the emergency exit. Depending on the Seat Selection policy, certain airlines offer the advance seat selection option while others have an open-seating system.

When it comes to Hawaiian Airlines, passengers can indeed select their preferred flight seat once the reservation has been made through the My Trips (Manage Booking Facility. Guidelines issued by Hawaiian Airlines regarding Seat Selection are listed-below.

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection Guidelines

  • Seat Selection for a Hawaiian Airlines flight can be done once the booking has been confirmed.
  • The Seat Selection option is available in the Manage Booking section on the Hawaiian Airlines website.
  • If your flight is departing within 24 hours, Seat Selection must be done during the Check-In process either at the airport or online (via the website or mobile app).
  • Certain seats may not be available for selection as they are kept unassigned up until the departure day itself. If the selection of a particular seat is not possible now, seats from the reserve can be assigned to you at the gate area or during check-in.
  • If a Hawaiian Airlines flight seat is not available for selection, this does not mean that the airline has oversold the flight.
  • Seat Selection charges shall be applicable for Extra Comfort/Preferred Seats.
  • If the passenger does not select a seat on their own, the airline will assign them a random seat at Check-In.
  • Hawaiian Airlines recommends that you contact your travel agent for Seat Selection if the flight was not booked through the direct channels of the airline.

How Much Does Hawaiian Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

As mentioned in the Seat Selection Guidelines section above, selecting the Extra Confort or Preferred Seat is not free of cost. Hawaiian Airlines will be charging the passenger a Seat Selection fee ranging between $19 to $23 for Extra Confort/Preferred Seats. Other than that, the seat purchase fee varies depending on the destination you are traveling to and the seat availability. Refer to the table below for details on the SeSelection fee:

DestinationSeat Fee
Neighbor Island$5 – $49
North America$9 – $399
International$9 – $399

Seat Specifications for Hawaiian Airlines flights

Average seat width shall vary depending on the aircraft you will be flying on and the chosen cabin class. Economy Class offers Standard Seats, Business Class has Recliner Seats, while First Class offers Recliner Seats and Flat Beds. Details regarding seat specifications are provided in the table below:

Cabin ClassSeat WidthSeat Pitch
Economy Class16.5 to18 inches30 to 31 inches
Business Class18.5 inches37 inches
First Class19.5 to 21 inches39 inches, 76 inches on Airbus A330-200 (332) 

How To Do Hawaiian Airlines Seat Selection?

Hawaiian Airlines passengers have the option to go through the Seat Selection process via the Manage Booking facility. The process for Seat Selection is provided below:

  1. Open the Hawaiian Airlines official site.
  2. Click on the ‘My Trips’ tab.
  3. Enter the passenger’s Last Name and Booking Code/E-Ticket Number.
  4. Click on the Search button and the website will retrieve the flights that you have booked.
  5. Choose the flight you wish to do Seat Selection for.
  6. Open the Seat Map. It shows all the available seats and their Seat Selection fee.
  7. Choose your preferred flight seat.
  8. Confirm Seat Selection by making the payment.

Upon confirmation of your seat reservation, you will receive an email from the airline with your updated itinerary.

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How To Get Help For Seat Selection from Hawaiian Airlines?

Seat Selection for a Hawaiian Airlines flight can also be requested by contacting the airline via a phone call. If you are experiencing any issues with online seat selection or find the online process to be a bit of a hassle, you can contact our experts at Seat Selection Helpline Number:

Need help with selecting seats for your next Hawaiian Airlines flight? Contact our experts for assistance by dialing the Seat Selection Helpline Number: +1-877-563-0684 (available 24/7) for assistance.

The Seat Selection helpline has negligible wait time. Once you get connected to a live person, provide your booking details, and your seat selection request shall be completed. You can also get answers regarding the Seat Selection fee and other related queries.

What To Do If You Can’t Do Seat Selection?

If you can’t select a Hawaiian Airlines flight seat, the most likely reason for the same is that the particular seat is held unassigned up until 24 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. However, you are not able to select any of the seats, there may be some technical issues with the official website of Hawaiian Airlines. In such a scenario, your best bet is to contact the Hawaiian Airlines Help Team via call or directly at the airline’s office.

Is Seat Selection worth it for a Hawaiian Airlines flight?

Seat Selection is definitely worth it if you are flying on a long-haul flight. A few extra inches of legroom can make a huge difference on flights with longer duration. Furthermore, if you don’t do seat selection, the airline will automatically assign you one of the remaining seats (most likely the middle seats). Passengers who wish to get a window seat, aisle seat, or seat near the emergency exit can guarantee the seats of their choice with the Seat Selection option.