A part of the Air France-KLM group, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines can fly its passengers to more than 140 destinations. KLM also stands as the oldest airline in operation. The airline is known for offering unmatched booking flexibility. Have you booked your next flight journey with KLM as well? If you wish to make changes to an existing itinerary, you can use the KLM Manage My Booking service and modify your reservation to suit your travel plans. Read further for details on how to manage KLM flight bookings.

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About KLM Manage My Booking

Travel plans and requirements can change anytime. Once we have made a flight reservation, we might wish to make certain changes to our itinerary such as the date and destination changes. KLM makes sure that booking modifications are hassle-free for its passengers. This is why the airline offers the KLM Manage My Booking Portal.

So what exactly is Manage My Booking? It is an online self-service facility that can be accessed through the official website of KLM Airlines. It gives passengers booking change options such as flight change, booking cancellations, seat upgrades, and more. Manage My Booking options are discussed in detail below.

KLM Manage My Booking Options

Once you have accessed KLM Manage My Booking, you shall get the following booking modification options:

Change Flight: If you have booked a flight with KLM but your current flight date or destination is no longer working for you, you can make the desired changes with the help of Manage My Booking. Flight changes requested within 24 hours shall be free of cost regardless of the fare type purchased.

Cancel Booking: If your travel plans have changed to the extent that you can no longer take your flight, you can cancel your booking altogether and get a refund (depending on the fare type purchased and the time of refund request).

Upgrade Flight: Have you booked a flight in Economy Class? Add comfort to your flight journey by getting a flight upgrade. KLM offers flight upgrades to Premium Economy (Premium Comfort) and Business Class The upgrade flight option is recommended for passengers who shall be traveling on long-haul flights.

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Select Seat(s): KLM Seat Selection option in the Manage My Booking facility lets you choose your preferred flight seats. Standard seats can be selected without additional charges while certain premium seats shall require you to pay a seat selection fee. If the passenger hasn’t selected a preferred seat, KLM shall automatically assign them a random seat.

Add Baggage: Wish to travel with more baggage than the free baggage allowance? You can add more checked baggage for your flight booking in exchange for a relatively small baggage fee.

Request Add-Ons (Extra Options): KLM offers various extra options for its bookings including inflight WiFi, À la carte meals, special services, and more. You can pay for these extra options via the KLM Manage My Booking portal as well.

Edit Passenger Details: Flight reservations can often be made in haste. If you have made a mistake entering passenger details during the reservation process, simply access the KLM Manage My Booking tab to make the appropriate corrections. Certain changes such as name change/correction can cost you a change fee.

How To Access KLM Manage My Booking?

Accessing the KLM Manage My Booking facility is a straightforward process. The service is offered on KLM Airlines’ website. Make changes to your KLM reservations by following the simple steps listed below:

  • Open the KLM Airlines website on a web browser of your choice.
  • Click on the ‘My Trip’ tab available in the header of the website.
  • Enter your Booking Code and Passenger’s Last Name.
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button and the website shall retrieve your booking.
  • Once you have entered the KLM Manage My Booking webpage, select the booking change you wish to make (flight change, cancellation, seat selection, etc.)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete to change process.
  • Make the payment (if any).

It is important to note that certain booking changes, such as a name change on a ticket, are allowed to be made only once. When KLM has confirmed your booking change, the airline shall send you your updated booking details in the email provided during the booking process.

KLM Manage My Booking Phone Number

KLM Airlines not only gives passengers the option to make changes to the booking (via KLM Manage My Booking) but also allows them to request booking modifications via a phone call. Simply dial the KLM Manage Booking number. Once your call is connected, provide your booking details (booking confirmation code, passenger’s name, etc.) and communicate the booking change requirements. Make sure to call from a phone device receiving an uninterrupted connection.

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KLM Flight Change Policy

Before you modify your KLM reservation with the help of the KLM Manage My Booking facility, read the following guidelines issued by the airline regarding flight changes:

  • A flight change that is requested within 24 hours of ticket purchase shall be free of cost.
  • KLM charges a flight change fee for changes requested after 24 hours of ticket purchase.
  • In case your KLM flight is delayed by more than 3 hours, you will be eligible to change the flight date free of cost.
  • If the flight you are changing to costs more than the originally booked flight, you will be required to pay the fare difference.
  • KLM allows passengers to make both date/time and destination changes.
  • Flight change fees shall vary depending on your fare type, destination, and time of change request.

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