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    Last updated on October 8th, 2022 at 10:46 am

    Travel is food for the soul; it is a great way to get some peace & tranquility in your soul. And a great way to relax on your vacation is to sit back and enjoy a cold beer. So, we thought, what better than an authentic German beer with some bratwurst. And, what better airline to use to travel into Germany than its flag carrier? So, all you need is a plan for the trip & intact that plan using the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site.

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    However, you must learn some vital information about Lufthansa Airlines before jumping into it.

    So, let’s start.

    HeadquartersCologne, Germany
    Fleet Size284 Aircraft

    Lufthansa Airlines Additional Services Mentioned on the Official Site

    To summarize, Lufthansa Air Lines believes in customer satisfaction. Therefore, they provide passengers with a host of services to ensure comfortable travel. So, let’s discuss these services as mentioned on the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site.

    Menus on Board

    Lufthansa offers specific menus to passengers based on the flight length & Travel Class. In addition, passengers also get complimentary beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic). Flight durations can be divided based on:

    Short-Haul Flights (Up to 60 minutes of travel time)

    • Economy Class
      • Within 30 minutes, passengers get Lufthansa Chocolate.
      • From 30 to 60 minutes, Passengers get Lufthansa Chocolates & Mineral Bottled Water.
    • Business Class
      • German Cuisine
      • Wine

    Medium-Haul Flights (More than 60 minutes of travel time)

    • Economy Class
      • High-Quality Snacks
      • Hot/Cold Beverage
    • Business Class
      • HEIMAT German Cuisine
      • Wine Selection

    On-Board Entertainment

    In short, Lufthansa provides onboard entertainment services to customers, regardless of the Travel Class. For instance,

    • Movies & T.V. Shows
      • 150-plus films & 200 T.V. programs.
      • International movies & series.
    • Music & Audio Books
      • Vast Genre of Music – Pop, Rock, Classical, etc.
      • Sixty Audiobooks in German & English.

    Passengers can visit the Lufthansa World Shops at airports to buy necessary bags, beauty products, etc. In addition, they can also order these products online within a 4 – 20 days window. And receive the product at the airport.


    The days of online absence during flights are gone, as Lufthansa provides passengers with their internet service onboard. That is to say, just connect your devices to the FlyNet Wi-Fi and browse the internet throughout your flights.

    In addition, there is no usage limit to FlyNet, so passengers can be online without the fear of getting disconnected.


    Lastly, passengers have access to free magazine & newspaper articles through eJournals. In order to enjoy this service, just download the eJournal app on your device, connect to FlyNet, and enjoy.

    Lufthansa Airlines Fare Classes

    When you think about all the costs that go into a single flight, not to mind the personnel it takes to ensure safe travel. Then, the exorbitant prices of flights come as no surprise. Therefore, airlines divide their fares into several classes to ensure that most people can fly.

    Similarly, Lufthansa Airlines Official Site has four types of Travel Classes. And every class has its pros & cons; let’s discuss these classes.

    Economy Class

    In essence, the Economy Class is the most affordable fare on Lufthansa flights. Therefore, several services are not available for this Travel Class. So, below is a table displaying the services & amenities available to different types of Economy fares.

    ServicesEconomy LightEconomy BasicEconomy Flex
    Meals & Beverages
    Carry-on Baggage
    Checked Baggage 
    RebookingCharged Free

    And some important things to keep in mind,

    • Firstly, Economy passengers can carry only 1 Carry-on bag, and it shouldn’t exceed 18 lbs.
    • Secondly, the checked-in baggage cannot weigh more than 50 lbs.

    Also, Economy passengers get access to online entertainment, like – Movies, T.V. Programs & Music. In addition, passengers also get food & beverage services, like:

    • Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Beverages post-boarding.
    • 3-Course Meal
    • And, vegetarian second Meal on long haul flights.

    Premium Economy Class

    Subsequently, this is the next Travel Class after Economy and provides slightly better service to passengers. Although it costs more than its predecessor, but also avail a lot more amenities for the passengers. For instance,

    • Premium Economy seats are more spacious than the seats in economy class.
    • Welcome drink, complimentary water bottle, and China tableware for food.
    • 11–12-inch monitors for entertainment
    • Business/Welcome Lounge access in Frankfurt.

    So, let’s discuss the services available to various subsets of the Premium Economy Class.

    ServicesPremium BasicPremium Basic PlusPremium Flex
    Meals & Beverages
    Carry-on Baggage
    Checked Baggage
    Refund Charged

    Here are the limitations of the services of premium economy fares.

    • Firstly, passengers can have 2-checked bags. However, they cannot weigh more than 50 lbs. in total.
    • Secondly, passengers can only have one carry-on bag weighing no more than 18 lbs.

    In the same way as economy class, passengers of this class also have access to entertainment & food/beverages.

    • Snacks & Beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic).
    • Main Course meal
    • And second Meal on long haul flights (more than 6.5 hours).
    • Lastly, Premium Economy passengers get Dessert as part of their complimentary meals.

    Business Class

    After that, we reach the more elite classes of Lufthansa Airlines. Business Class is the second from the top, and it tends to be costlier. However, with price comes more comfort & amenities. For example,

    • Welcome Lounge Access at Airports.
    • Priority Check-in & Boarding.
    • Business Class rows always have empty middle seats, so passengers have more space.
    • Onboard Entertainment

    Also, the Business class gets a lot more services than the other the preceding Travel Classes.

    ServicesBusiness BasicBusiness Basic PlusBusiness Flex
    Lounge Access
    Priority Lane
    Priority Boarding
    Seat ReservationFreeFreeFree
    Meals & Beverages
    Carry-on Baggage
    Checked Baggage

    However, there are some limitations to the services provided by the Business Class:

    • Firstly, lounges are not available at every airport. And the same goes for the Priority Lane.
    • Secondly, passengers get two complimentary checked baggage allowance. And, the combined weight of the bags must not be more than 70lbs.
    • Thirdly, passengers can have two carry-on bags, with their weights not exceeding 18 lbs.

    Lastly, according to the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site, passengers in Business Class get access to specialized cuisines & beverages.

    First Class

    At last, First Class is the most esteemed Travel Class on Lufthansa Airlines and the most expensive. However, the personalized experience you get with the First Class is worth the cost. In addition, First Class passengers get access to all the services & amenities of all the other classes.

    So, let’s discuss the benefits of Lufthansa First Class.

    First Class Terminal

    In short, passengers can just drive into the First-Class terminal and hand over their car to the valet. And you can wait out in this personalized area for your flight.

    Personal Assistant

    Lufthansa will assign a personal escort to First Class passengers to take care of all their boarding/check-in procedures.

    First Class Lounge

    In other words, First Class passengers get their separate lounge to relax & wait for their flight.

    Limousine Service

    In short, passengers will get escorted to the aircraft separately in a limousine or a separate transport.

    Priority Boarding & Check-In

    First Class passengers have a separate line for security & they always board first.

    As noted above, in addition to all the services of the previous class, they get access to additional services:

    ServicesFirst Class
    Lounge Access
    Priority Lane
    Priority Boarding
    Seat ReservationFree
    Meals & Beverages
    Carry-on Baggage2 Bags (Total weight 18 lbs.)
    Checked Baggage3 Bags (up to 70 lbs. each)

    Lufthansa Airlines Policies on Official Site

    Cancelation & Refund Policy

    • Firstly, Lufthansa has a 24-hour cooling-off period that says all fares are refundable if canceled within 24 hours of booking.
    • Secondly, you can claim a refund for non-refundable fares under specific conditions:
      • In case your flight was canceled by the airline without any replacement flight.
      • Also, if your departing flight was delayed more than 1-hour or delayed more than 2-hours.
      • Lastly, you can claim a refund if your flight postpones for more than 5-hours due to short-term flight disruptions.

    Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Policy

    • Thirdly, the carry-on & checked baggage allowance differs depending on the fare class.
      • The dimensions of a carry-on bag shouldn’t exceed 55x40x23 inches. Failing which, Lufthansa will charge you an oversize fee.
      • On the other hand, the sum of the dimensions of checked bags cannot be more than 62.2 inches. In case it exceeds that, then Lufthansa will charge you for oversized baggage. Also, oversized baggage cannot exceed more than 114 inches.

    Other Policies

    • Fourthly, passengers can select their seats during booking on the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site or post-check-in. However, advanced seat selection may be a chargeable service depending on the Travel Class.
    • Also, passengers cannot select a seat from other cabin rows. In order to do that, passengers must upgrade their fare to an upper class.

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    Miles & More – Lufthansa Airlines Flyer Program on the Official Site

    Miles & More is a membership loyalty program launched by Lufthansa to ensure customer loyalty. That is to say, members of this club can earn award miles for every purchase they make on Lufthansa.

    Once they have accumulated enough miles, they can spend them on booking flights with Lufthansa or gets special rewards. In addition to that, there are several other benefits of joining the Miles & More program:

    • Firstly, passengers can use the award miles to book flights with up to forty partner airlines.
    • Secondly, passengers can save a lot of time while booking.
    • Thirdly, passengers can check-in using the Miles & More app.
    • Also, upgrade existing bookings using award miles.

    In addition to Award Miles, members can also earn something called the Status Miles. Status members can travel faster & better than even the regular Miles & More members. Here are some of the benefits of being a Status member:

    • Priority Check-In.
    • And Lounge Access.
    • Also, Increased Complimentary Baggage Allowance.
    • In addition, Lifelong Validity of Award Miles.
    • Lastly, More Award Miles Earned Per Dollar Spent

    However, passengers have to earn a specific amount of Status Miles to achieve a status. Also, passengers can only earn Status Miles on flights & the status is valid for only two years.

    Miles & More StatusEligibility Criteria
    Frequent Traveler35,000 Miles/Year
    Senator100,000 Miles/Year

    How to Register & Utilize the Miles & More Program?

    Lastly, you must first register on the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site to reap the program’s benefits. In order to do that:

    • Firstly, open the Lufthansa official website.
    • Secondly, click on the Menu & select Miles & More.
    • Thirdly, scroll down to the end of the page & click on Register Now.
    • After that, fill in your details & follow the instructions to complete registration.
    • After you’ve registered, you can earn miles with every purchase from your credit card.
    • Once you have enough Award Points, you can spend them while booking the flight. Also, on the other hand, you can use them to reap the rewards.

    Lufthansa Airlines Popular Routes on the Official Site

    Although Lufthansa serves 211 destinations globally, it’s understandable that some are traveled more than others. So, let’s discuss the most popular Lufthansa routes from the United States of America.

    • New York to,
      • Frankfurt
      • Amsterdam
    • Washinton DC to,
      • Jakarta
      • Florence
    • Las Vegas to,
      • Vienna
      • Milan
    • Los Angeles to,
      • Berlin
      • Stockholm
    • Houston to,
      • Thessaloniki
      • Manila

    Deals & Packages Offered by Lufthansa Airlines Through the Official Site


    In short, passengers can use the Uplift method to pay for their fares in monthly installments. So, passengers can fly on expensive routes without taking a toll on their budget.

    So, to utilize it, just select it at the checkout while booking your flight on the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site.

    Limited Time Offers

    On the other hand, Lufthansa regularly provides “limited time offers” to passengers to encourage travel. For instance, passengers can get up to $75 off on their booking. However, this offer is valid until midnight on May 25th, 2022. And the travel must take place before September 4th, 2022.

    Promo Code – ZBTBNG4G737U

    Best Fare Finder

    Lastly, passengers can use the Lufthansa Best Fare Finder on the official website. In short, this tool helps them book the most affordable flights to their destinations. In order to use the Best Fare Finder:

    • Firstly, visit the official website of Lufthansa.
    • Secondly, scroll down to the “Flights from _” heading.
    • Then, select your origin city & wait for the destinations to load.
    • Once the destinations & prices load, choose your selection criteria.
      • Recommendations
      • Best Sellers
      • Favorites
    • Then, select your destination. After that, select the Travel Class & trip duration.
    • Once done, select the month of travel & the date of travel, and click on Book Now.
    • Lastly, proceed with the usual booking procedure.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Lufthansa Airlines

    Q. How do I talk to Lufthansa customer service?

    In order to connect with the Lufthansa customer services, just contact them at +1 (866) (953) (22 94). However, if your request is not urgent, we recommend using the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site instead.

    Q. How do I know if my flight is Cancelled?

    To summarize, the easiest way to check if your flight is canceled or not:

    • Firstly, open your eTicket & note down the flight number.
    • Secondly, open your browser & google.
    • Then, type in the flight name and click on Search.
    • After that, Google will show you the status of your flight.

    On the other hand, you can also use flight tracking websites like,

    • FlightAware
    • Flightradar24
    • FlightStats

    Q. How long before a flight is Cancelled?

    So, as a rule of thumb, if your flight is more than 2-hours late. Then, it’s most likely that the airline will cancel it soon.

    Q. How do I check flight status?

    As noted above, one way is to just type in your flight name in Google & click on Search.

    Although, a better and more accurate way is to check the flight status on the airline’s official website.

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