The second-largest European airline in terms of passengers carried, Lufthansa Airlines has been in operations for nearly 7 decades. The airline prioritizes its passenger’s convenience when booking and managing their flights. Are you going to be flying with Lufthansa for your next trip? If you have already made your reservation, you can easily modify your booking using the Lufthansa Manage Booking portal to manage your trip.

For assistance with Manage Booking, talk to experts at Manage My Trip Helpline Number: +1-805-800-8634 (available 24/7).

How Lufthansa Manage Booking can help you?

Manage Booking (aka Manage My Trip) is an online self-service facility that allows customers to make changes to their reservations online. The Manage Booking portal offers a multitude of options including flight changes and booking cancellations. Apart from making a change to your booking, you can also add services such as special assistance through Manage My Trip. Before you request a booking change either online or via a phone call, be sure to know about the flight change policies of the airline.

Lufthansa Manage Booking Options

By using the Manage My Trip service, you can make the following changes to your reservation:

  • Flight changes: Lufthansa Passengers are eligible to change their flight date/time and destination. Changing a flight on the departure day itself will depend on seat eligibility on said flight.
  • Cancel your booking: If your travel plans change and you no longer need to fly with Lufthansa, you can cancel your booking through Manage My Trip. If you are canceling the booking within 24 hours of purchase, the airline shall waive cancellation fees.
  • Select your seat: Depending on what seat you prefer, be it the aisle or the window seat, you are allowed to do advanced seat selection for a Lufthansa flight. Get more details on Lufthansa Seat Selection.
  • Purchase additional baggage: Although Lufthansa has set a limit to free baggage allowance, you can fly with additional baggage in exchange for a baggage fee. To purchase additional baggage, visit Lufthansa Manage Booking.
  • Get a flight upgrade: Depending on your budget and travel requirements, you can upgrade your travel class to Premium Economy, First, and Business Class.

Other Manage My Trip options include redeeming frequent flyer points, getting a printout of your booking, performing web check-in, purchasing special meals, and more.

How To Use Lufthansa Manage My Trip

To Manage your trip, you must visit the Lufthansa Airlines official website and select the My Booking option. Lufthansa’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You will be done with the booking modification process in no time. Follow these steps to manage your booking online:

  • First, visit Lufthansa Airlines Official Site.
  • Click on My Bookings.
  • Enter your Booking Code, First Name, and Last Name in the respective fields.
  • Now click on the Find Bookings button.
  • The website will load your flight booking(s) with Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Select the flight you wish to make changes to.
  • Choose from the various booking modification options depending on your requirements.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and make the payment (if any).

When the booking changes have been successfully implemented, Lufthansa shall send you your updated booking details via email.

Manage Booking via Phone Call

Lufthansa customers who don’t wish to go through the hassle of managing their trip online can give the airline a call to request booking changes over the phone. Upon calling Lufthansa Airlines, you shall be connected to a live person who will ask you for your booking details and what changes you wish to make. You will be assisted throughout the Manage Booking process and provided answers to any queries you might be having about managing your trip. It is recommended that you call the airline as early in the day as possible (8 AM would be the ideal time) to avoid wait times.

For any further queries, talk to our air travel specialists by calling the Manage Booking Helpline Number: +1-805-800-8634 (available 24/7).

Lufthansa Flight Change Policy

Before you initiate flight changes using Lufthansa Manage Booking, make sure to read the flight change guidelines provided by the airline. According to the Lufthansa Flight Change Policy:

  • If you are changing your flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase, the airline shall not charge you any flight change fee.
  • Passengers who cancel their booking within 24 hours are eligible for a refund without having to pay a cancellation fee.
  • If you are changing/rebooking/rescheduling your Lufthansa flight after the risk-free window, the airline will charge you a change fee depending on your fare type and destination.
  • Lufthansa flight change fee ranges between $200 to $750.
  • Passengers can also do same-day flight changes if there are seats available on the desired flight.
  • Flight changes can be made either through Manage Booking or by calling the airline’s helpline number: +1-805-800-8634 (available 24/7)

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Q. How much does it cost to change a flight on Lufthansa?
A. Lufthansa charges a flight change fee of $200 for domestic flights and $750 for international flights.

Q. How can I change my flight without paying a fee?
A. Lufthansa will not charge any flight change fee if you request the change within 24 hours of purchase.

Q. How can I change the name on a Lufthansa flight ticket?
A. You can change your name on a Lufthansa ticket by visiting Lufthansa Manage My Trip. A name change can only be done once. Get further details on Lufthansa Name Change On Ticket.