Lufthansa Airlines is second to none when it comes to offering a luxurious air travel experience. Have you made a reservation with Lufthansa Airlines but wish to upgrade your flight? Flight upgrades can make a huge difference in your air travel with not only a comfortable onboard experience but also a swift airport experience. Read further to know about Lufthansa Upgrade Flight guidelines and how to score a flight upgrade at the best possible price.

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Lufthansa Upgrade Flight Guidelines

Lufthansa Airlines has a unique flight upgrade policy. The airline not only offers customers a fixed price to upgrade flights but also gives passengers the option to bid for the upgrade. If you get lucky, you can score a flight upgrade at a low cost. Lufthansa upgrade flight guidelines are as follows:

  • Lufthansa Airlines offers a flight upgrade to Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class.
  • The airline offers three options to upgrade flights:
    • Upgrade flight at a fixed price
    • Make a price offer to the airline for a flight upgrade
    • Upgrade flight using Miles
  • Economy Class passengers traveling on long-haul flights have the option to upgrade their flight to Premium Economy or Business Class.
  • Premium Economy Class passengers can upgrade their flight to Business Class.
  • Business Class passengers have the option to upgrade their flight to Lufthansa’s unmatched First Class.
  • If you are an Economy Class passenger flying on a medium-haul or short-haul flight, you can make an offer to Lufthansa for an upgrade to Business Class.
  • Depending on the availability, passengers can also secure an upgrade on short notice directly at the airport.
  • Upon a flight upgrade request, Lufthansa shall communicate to you if you are getting the flight upgrade or not anywhere between 36 to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • If the flight upgrade offer is accepted, the passenger’s credit card shall be debited by the specified amount.
  • In case your flight upgrade offer is not accepted by Lufthansa, you shall receive an email communicating the same.
  • Flight upgrade offers made by the passenger are eligible for cancellation up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Note: It is recommended that if your booking is not directly made with Lufthansa, you must request a flight upgrade via the service through which the booking was originally requested.

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Lufthansa Upgrade Flight Fee

The flight upgrade fee varies significantly depending on the duration of your flight or flight route. Premium Economy flight upgrade is the cheapest while First Class upgrades are the most expensive. Business Class Upgrades fall in the mid-price range. As mentioned in the Lufthansa Upgrade Flight guidelines section, apart from a fixed price, Lufthansa also gives the option to offer a price to the airline for the upgrade depending on your budget.

The average upgrade flight fee for each cabin class is as follows:

Cabin ClassUpgrade Fee (approximation)
Premium Economy$268
Business Class$3,794
First Class$14,283

How To Upgrade Lufthansa Flight?

Lufthansa’s flight bookings can be upgraded conveniently both online and offline. You get the option to either upgrade your Lufthansa flight at the fixed price or make an offer to the airline. Both online and offline methods for Lufthansa Upgrade Flight are discussed in detail below.

Lufthansa Upgrade Flight Online

To upgrade Lufthansa flight at the fixed price offered by the airline, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Lufthansa Airlines official site.
  • Click on the My Bookings (Lufthansa Manage Booking) tab.
  • Enter the following information: First Name, Last Name, and Booking Code.
  • Click on the Find Bookings button to retrieve your booking.
  • From here, select the Upgrade Flight option.
  • Choose the Cabin Class you wish to upgrade to (Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class).
  • Confirm your flight upgrade by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Make the payment.

Once your payment has been received by Lufthansa, your flight booking shall be upgraded. Lufthansa should email you the fresh booking details in a few minutes.

The other option is to submit an offer for your Lufthansa flight upgrade. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Visit the My Bookings tab on the Lufthansa Airlines website.
  • If your booking is eligible for a flight upgrade, the website shall show you a notification to submit an upgrade offer for the booking.
  • If available, select the Upgrade Offer option.
  • Enter the price you are willing to offer to Lufthansa Airlines for the flight upgrade.
  • Provide your Credit Card details.
  • Review the offer and submit it.

When the offer is successfully submitted, the airline shall send you an email confirmation for a flight upgrade. You can cancel the offer up to 72 hours before the booked flight’s departed time.

Lufthansa Upgrade Flight via Phone Call

Don’t wish to go through the hassle of upgrading your Lufthansa flight online? Request flight upgrades or make an upgrade offer by contacting the airline via phone call. The live agents at Lufthansa shall provide answers to any flight upgrade-related queries and complete your request instantly. You will be required to communicate your booking details and upgrade requirements. It is recommended that you contact the airline during the early hours for swift service.

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Q. How much is it to upgrade to business class on Lufthansa?

A. Business Class upgrade for a Lufthansa booking can cost you roughly $3,800.

Q. Is it worth upgrading to business class?

A. If you are looking for a comfortable flight journey, Business Class is the ideal option. However, if you are prioritizing a budget-friendly journey, it is recommended that you upgrade to Premium Economy only.

Q. Can you pay to upgrade from the basic economy?

A. Basic Economy fares (long-haul) can be upgraded to either Premium Economy or First Class.

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