Operating a hub-and-spoke network, Qatar Airways can fly its passengers to over 150 international travel destinations. It operates flights across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania. The airline is known for providing excellent booking flexibility to its customers. Have you booked a flight with the airline but wish to get rebooked on a flight at a later date/time? Read further to get all the details on Qatar Airways Rebooking.

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Qatar Airways Rebooking Policy

Travelers can find themselves in need of getting their flight rebooked in various circumstances. At times, your travel plans might change resulting in the need to travel on a later date. On other occasions, your flight might be canceled by the airline you will have to get rebooked on the next flight available. Although not as lenient as it once was, Qatar Airways still boasts one of the best flight rebooking policies out there. The rebooking policy guidelines of Qatar Airways are provided below.

Qatar Airways Rebooking Terms

  • Qatar Airways passengers can hold onto the value of their ticket for up to 2 years (from the time the booking was made) to rebook a flight on a later date.
  • The flight ticket purchased is eligible to be exchanged for travel credit. In such cases, Qatar Airways will offer an additional 10% bonus.
  • When rebooking a flight, passengers are allowed to make unlimited changes to their flight date and destination.
  • Qatar Airways also allows customers to change the origin city of booking as long as the change is made within the same country as the original booking.
  • If you exchange your ticket value for miles (Reward Miles of Qatar Airways), the airline will offer you 100 Qmiles for every single dollar.
  • Privilege Club members can change their flight’s destination to another one within the same region as the original booking.
  • Passengers who are not Privilege Club members can change their destination to one within a 500-mile radius.
  • Rebooking must be done on the same travel class as your original booking otherwise the airline will ask you to pay extra. For example, a Qatar Airways Business Class booking can only be rebooked to Business Class and not First Class.
  • If your flight was booked via a third-party travel agency, you must get your rebooking done through them only.

Rebooking When Qatar Airways Cancelled Your Flight

Did Qatar Airways cancel your flight? In such a situation, the airline will allow you to get rebooked on another flight to the same destination and in the same travel class without any additional charges. If the alternative flight does not suit your travel plans, you will also be given the option to get refunded for your canceled flight.

Rebooking When Requested By The Passenger

Are you encountering a change in travel plans? Qatar Airways allows customers to use the value of their ticket to rebook a flight up to 2 years from the date of original ticket issuance. Also, the airline lets you make as many changes as you want to your date of travel. Passengers who fail to reach their airport in time and miss their flight must contact the airline to get rebooked on the next available. If there are no seats available on the other flights, the airline will put you on the standby list and notify you when a flight seat becomes vacant.

How To Do Qatar Airways Rebooking?

Qatar Airways passengers can do their rebooking in three ways – Online, via a phone call, or directly at the airport. To get your Qatar Airways rebooking done online, you will have to visit the airline’s official website. Follow the steps given below and get your flight rebooked.

  • Open a web browser of your choice and visit the Qatar Airways website.
  • Select the ‘My Trips’ option available on the homepage.
  • Under ‘Manage your upcoming trip’, enter your ‘Booking Reference’.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name.
  • Now click on the ‘Retrieve Booking’ button.
  • The website will now show you the scheduled flights you have booked with the airline.
  • Select the flight booking you wish to do the rebooking for.
  • From here you can navigate to the ‘Flight Change’ option and change your flight date, destination, etc.
  • If you aren’t eligible to make the desired flight change, you can cancel the booking and use the refunded booking to make a fresh reservation.
  • Confirm your rebooking and make the payment (if any).

Qatar Airways will send you an email when your flight is successfully rebooked. It will contain the newly updated booking details.

Qatar Airways Rebooking Via Phone Call

Customers who face any trouble rebooking their Qatar Airways flight online have the option of rebooking their flight over the phone. Calling the airline will get you connected to a live person representing the airline. They shall help you in getting your flight rebooked and also provide answers to any related queries. Make sure you keep your original booking details handy when you call customer support.

Get rebooking assistance by calling the Flight Rebooking Helpline Number: +1-877-563-0684 (available 24/7).

Qatar Airways Rebooking Fee

If your flight is being rebooked by the airline itself, there shall be no charges applicable. On the other hand, if the passenger is rebooking their flight to a different date or destination, a flight change feel shall be applied. This rebooking fee can range between USD 100 (for inbound flights) and USD 125 (for outbound flights). The airline will not charge you any rebooking fee if the flight date or destination is being changed within 24 hours of ticket purchase.

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