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Apart from being home to many American’s, Las Vegas is also best known for its slot machines, billboards, Flashing Neon Signs, Star Performers, iconic hotels, casinos, and much more. You can enjoy every single moment, activity, and adventure using Southwest Flights To Vegas. You can plan to visit the entire outdoor excursions along with the buffet table. Some of the major manoeuvres you can enjoy in Las Vegas are as follows:

  • The Neon Museum
  • The Mob Museum
  • Free Mont Street
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas Natural History Museum
  • Downtown Las Vegas
  • The Strip
  • Hiking at Red Rock Canyon, and many more.

You can enjoy Southwest Flights To Vegas at low fares that are suitable to your pocket and no other additional hidden cost. Southwest Flights is entitling to provide a special and enjoyable trip to their customers. You always again some points whenever you book the flights and these points do not expire so, you can use them anytime in future.

Flying with Southwest means that you get to explore even the minor parts of Las Vegas with full zest and adventure.

What is the Cheapest Month to Fly to Vegas?

A visit to Las Vegas is a blast anytime you visit during the year. It has a lot to show you, starting from world-class attractive shows and ending up at eclectic downtown. The best time you can book Southwest Flights to Vegas for its cheapest fares will be in March. You can cut about 25% of its overall fares in March. Also, for other months you can enjoy a concession of 10% if you book one month prior.

Booking your flight in January gives you exposure to a bigger budget flight and let you acquaint yourself with the complete adventurous tour in your budget. You will be able to find out the best deals, you can follow up with these:

  • Cheap fares in March.
  • Book your Southwest Flights To Vegas 5 weeks before the departure to get the maximum discount.
  • The highest fares are corresponding to August, September and October.
  • Access to several deals using the online mode by submitting your date of travel and departure.
  • Freshen up in between your flights and pamper yourself if you are flying on a long route.

Do You Need A Covid Test To Fly Southwest To Las Vegas?

Based on the current government guidelines, you have to follow up with some documentary and COVID testing procedures. Taking the ongoing pandemic, the Southwest Flights To Vegas mandates COVID testing on arrivals of the airport, temperature checking and other necessary documentation of any previous and current illness. In case there is any problem and you are not permitted to take the flight, then you have to cancel your flight. The best part is that Southwest Flights does not charge any fee for the cancellation of the flight.

While taking up the Southwest Flights To Vegas, there are various formalities that you have to accomplish:

  1. Attest the copy of your COVID test report in the documents if you are more than 2 years old.
  2. In case you have recently recovered from COVID-19, then submit your current negative report in the documents.
  3. Every member who is travelling along has to submit an individual report for the COVID test.
  4. You have to fill the form as provided before taking your flight. If you haven’t filled up the form, then you have to fill it at the airport itself.
  5. The COVID test must be recent and no older than three days preceding your Southwest Flights to Vegas.
  6. Your letter must be attested by a valid Healthcare or any Public Health Official and it must mention that you are fit to travel.

Your boarding will deny if you will not fulfil any of these formalities. COVID test is a must to fly to Vegas as per the authority guidelines of the US. To ensure any risk at the airport and during the flights, Southwest Flights are taking proper preventive measures, including anti-bacterial spray, electrostatic disinfectant, forming coating shield for thirty days, 6 hours of killing viruses in the flights, using HEPA filters and much more. You can feel safe at the airport and during your flights with full comfort and well being.

What is the Cheapest Day of the Week to Fly to Vegas?

Las Vegas has abundant services and amusement, so every day there are a lot of visitors coming across. The cheapest days vary for you according to the flight to take. In the case of a US domestic flight, you can travel on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday for the cheapest fares of your flight.

For International Southwest Flights to Vegas, you can travel mainly on weekdays at your best suitable price. The fares for weekends are mainly costlier than weekdays in the case of international flights. Normally, you can get the best suitable fares mid weekdays while travelling to Las Vegas for any flight, and from any location.

What Terminal is Southwest Airlines in Las Vegas?

Southwest Flights To Vegas always uses Terminal 1 at McCarran Las Vegas Airport (LAS) for its flights. There are very rare chances (in case of emergency) that the terminal can change. Both the arrival and the departures of Southwest Flights take place at Terminal 1. It takes you only ten minutes to reach the heart of Las Vegas from Terminal 1.

Terminal 1 comprises four gates. The Southwest flight serves on Gate B and Gate C mainly. A parking garage is easily available at this terminal for parking space comprising 6000 vehicles.

You can also find many interesting options for dining and shopping at Terminal 1. Some of the major notable shops at this terminal include, Hudson News, Star Bucks, Fresh Attractions, Kylie Cosmetics, ShopAll Pharmacy, Corcoran’s Irish Pub, Candy Cove, Life is Good and many more.

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