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    Last updated on October 17th, 2022 at 11:52 am

    Spirit Airlines is a reputed airline serving its passengers with ultra-low-cost flights and flexible baggage policies. Spirit Airlines have updated its new baggage policies recently. Learn more about the latest updates on Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy in detail.

    About Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

    Spirit is popular for its low base fare, making it convenient for passengers to fly. Most people flying with Spirit Airlines have questions about baggage policies. So, the first thing to know about Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy is that there is no baggage fee included in the base fare of the ticket. You will have to pay or book separately for your baggage. On average, you will have to pay $20- $65 for each bag. Additionally, most airlines allow you to carry 50 pounds for checked bags but Spirit allows only 40 pounds. Therefore, it is vital to know in detail about the baggage fees, as no one wants to pay extra money for baggage only. 

    What is Spirit Airlines Carry-On Bag Size Limit?

    • Spirit Airlines allows one personal item bag, without cost. It should not exceed the size of 18 x 14 x 8 inches only. Similarly, there is no weight limit.
    • For Carry-on Bags, the size should not exceed 22 x 18x 10 inches. 
    • There are extra charges for carry-on bags if you book Bare Fare tickets. However, the rates may vary according to the time of reserving your baggage.

    Spirit Airlines Baggage PolicyAvoid Paying Extra Charges!

    Spirit Airlines, in general, recognizes only three parts for baggage allowance- Personal items, Carry-on and Checked-in Baggage. Each of these has separate terms and conditions.

    Personal ItemsOnly one personal items bag will be allowed.18x14x 8 inches of size.No weight limit.Free of Cost.
    Carry-on BaggageOnly One Carry-on Baggage will be allowed. 22 x 18x 10 inches in size. Extra charges applied. For pets, additional carry-on baggage will be allowed. (Only for in-cabin pets)  
    Check-in BaggageA maximum of 5 bags will be allowed at various rates, depending on the number of bags, and time of reserving the baggage. Should not exceed the linear dimension of 62 inches and weight of 40 pounds for each bag.  Prices for baggage may vary according to the destinations. Also, any bags that exceed these dimensions and weight will be included as oversized, overweight, or extra baggage. 

    Details About Oversized, Overweight, And Extra Baggage

    Many passengers have questions about extra baggage, sports equipment, oversized bags, etc. Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy has strict rules to follow for all of these. Spirit offers bare fare tickets for all its customers, which is why they ask you to pay extra for baggage to keep it easy for all passengers. No one has to pay more than required. But, each category has separate fares, weight limits, and quantity limitations. This is when passengers get a little confused. 

    Oversized bags

    Any bags that exceed the 62 linear dimensions will be charged extra. Each bag will be charged $100-$150 depending on its size. However, there are some exceptions to musical and sports equipment. Also, the size should not exceed more than 80 linear inches. Any baggage beyond 80 linear inches will not be allowed on the flight.

    Overweight bags

    Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy has strict weight limits for all bags. Any bags that exceed 40 pounds will be charged $30-$100. It depends on the weight of the baggage. Note, that this charge applies to each baggage separately.

    • 41-50 pounds – $30-$35.
    • 51-70 pounds – $55-$60.
    • 71-100 pounds – $100.

    Any bags exceeding 100 pounds will not be allowed to check in.

    Extra bags

    Spirit Airlines have some exceptions with some extra bags which will not be charged for.

    • Medical kit- including medicines with prescriptions will not be included in personal or carry-on bags. Passengers may carry it in the cabin of the flight.
    • Child safety seats will not be included in personal or carry-on bags.
    • One diaper bag- containing milk, or infant food.
    • And other small items such as umbrellas or coats will not be included.

    Special Treatments

    • Musical Instruments and some household instruments are also allowed as checked-in baggage in Spirit Airlines.
    • Alcohol is allowed to carry as carry-on or checked-in baggage. They have to be sealed- unopened and leakage-proof. Each passenger will be allowed a maximum of 5 litres only.  

    Traveling With Infants And Children

    Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy allows passengers traveling with infants to carry separate bags with breast pumps, infant food for the journey, one diaper bag, and other accessories for the baby as carry-on baggage addition to the existing bags. This will be free of charge. It also applies to strollers and double strollers for the baby. But all of them have to be checked at the check-in gate before the boarding of the flight. Additionally, all babies under the age of two will travel free of cost with the paid fare of the adult. 


    Passengers will be allowed one mobility device or wheelchair in the same flight as the guest is reserved for. The wheelchair must be folded, removed from any battery or electrical cord, and packed in a leakage-proof box to be checked in as check-in baggage. Again, if the passenger insists, the wheelchair may also be allowed as carry-on baggage with folded and removed of all batteries, electrical wires. Each flight will allow a maximum of two wheelchairs only. Therefore, it is recommended for such customers to check in 90 minutes before departure and 45 minutes before the boarding gate for hassle-free travels. 

    Sports Equipment

    Any sports equipment that does not carry the threat of explosions, or harmful devices will be accepted as check-in baggage with cost. Bicycles, Surf Boards, Fishing, Golf, and Hockey Equipment are allowed. However, there are separate charges for each item. They may cost on average $75- $ 150 based on weight and size. 

    Note: Electric Skateboards, Hoverboards, Javelin Throw Equipment, Archery Equipment, Boats or Kayak, and Martial Arts Pros will not be allowed.

    Traveling with Pets

    Everyone wants their favorite pets to fly alongside them in their travel. Spirit Airlines allows you to do it now with new and reformed rules. You will have to follow these rules to have a comfortable journey. 

    • The pet should not exceed 40 pounds including the carrier.
    • The container should not exceed the size of 18 x 14 x 9 inches, easy to fit under the front seat of the passenger.
    • Mandatorily, the pet must remain inside the carrier during flight at all times, with no compromise and under the seat only. 
    • It will be considered as One-Plus- One-Carry-On Baggage under the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. 
    • All animals will only fly, in-cabin. No animals will be allowed in Cargo.
    • Spirit Airlines now allows small domestic dogs, cats, household birds, and small rabbits to fly in passenger’s cabin. (Birds that are not considered household will not be permitted such as poultry animals, game birds, flightless birds, birds of prey, and waterfowl.)
    • One passenger will be allowed to fly with one pet container only. It may contain a maximum of two pets of the same kind of breed.
    • The pet should be well vaccinated and in perfect condition to travel.
    What size is a carry on bag spirit?

    The size of the carry-on luggage should not exceed the size of 22 x 18x 10 inches. 

    Where to buy carry-on luggage?

    You can easily buy carry-on luggage while booking your tickets from the Spirit Airlines Official Site. Also, you may buy them after your booking by logging in with your Booking Reference Number or PNR Number from the “Manage Booking” section. You may also call, Customer Support or Reservation Support for the same. Finally, there is another option to buy your luggage at the Reservation Desk.

    What are the dimensions of carry-on luggage?

    The carry-on luggage should be 50 linear inches maximum. 

    What is allowed in your carry-on luggage?

    All items are allowed in carry-on baggage except for few exceptions. Liquid items should not be of more than 100 ml. Any item such as powder or food that clutter images in the X-ray machine will not be allowed. It is also best to carry such items in checked bags. However, it is an exception to carry baby food or milk only. 

    What is the maximum size for carry-on luggage?

    The maximum size for carry-on luggage is 22 x 18x 10 inches or 56 x 46 x 25 cm.

    What is carry-on luggage?

    Carry-on luggage is the term used to refer to the extra bag allowed in-cabin for flights apart from the personal bag. It may be a small suitcase or an extra bag. It has a specific size as per each airline. As per Spirit Airlines, each passenger is allowed one Carry-on bag along with one personal item bag. The size of which not be exceeding 22 x 18 x 10 inches.

    What are the measurements for carry-on luggage?

    The standard measurements for Carry-on Luggage as per Spirit Airline Baggage Policy would be 22 x 18x 10 inches of not exceeding 50 linear inches, including wheels and handles of the bag.

    Do you have to pay for bags twice on Spirit?

    On Spirit Airlines flights, a personal item is free as long as it is smaller than 18x14x8 inches and fits underneath the seat next to you. As long as your other carry-on bags meet Spirit Airlines’ carry-on size requirements, you will usually have to pay for each bag.

    How much is overweight baggage on Spirit?

    You will be charged $59 for bags that weigh 41 to 50 pounds, and $99 for bags that weigh 51 to 100 pounds. If your bags are oversized (63 to 80 inches), you will be charged $100, and if your bags are over 80 inches, you will be charged $150.

    Is personal item free on Spirit?

    The personal items must fit entirely within the smaller sizer box (including handles and wheels) personal items or anything larger will be charged as a carry-on item.

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