Visit Spirit Airlines Official Site and Get all the Information Cost-free

All of us need to know a lot about the airlines to make our air ticket bookings. Each airline has its way of working and putting out essential information for all their customers. Spirit airlines make sure that people don’t have to search to find out all the information about the policies and other spirit airlines’ policies. If you are willing to read and go through all the information about this airline, visit the ”Spirit Airlines Official Site.” This site has all the detailed information on it. Information related to the policies, ways to make the reservations, steps one needs to follow to make the bookings, and many other things are there on the website.

About Spirit Airlines-

Spirit airlines is an established airline and known for providing the best services to all their customers. It is one of the low-cost airlines in the united states of America. Founded in 1983, this airline serves many national and international destinations. The name of the founder of this airline is Ned Homfled. The fleet size of this airline is 56. people get to enjoy the flights at the lowest fares. This is why most people can afford to make bookings for this airline.

Headquarters            Miramar, Florida
Founded                    Macomb country, Michigan, united states

Most Frequent routes Spirit Airline covers-

Some of the most common routes spirit airline covers-

  • New York to Orlando
  • Atlanta to Chicago
  • Baltimore to Atlanta
  • Tampa to Chicago
  • Chicago to Fort Lauderdale
  • Chicago to Atlanta
  • Dallas to New York
  • Houston to New York
  • Fort Lauderdale to New York

What Is All Information Available on Spirit Airlines Official Site?

All travel-related information is available on the Caribbean site. There are some basic rules and policies of airlines which is a flyer should know. Information that one will find on the official site are the following-

Cabin class

Spirit airlines offer one cabin class to its flyers which is Economy class. The airline has modified their class entirely and has made it much better and comfortable. They are now providing their flyers much more extensive and spacious seats; along with it, the tray tables are also more oversized. The new seats have much more legroom than before, making the flight journey much more relaxed and comfortable. 

Frequent Flyer Program of Spirit Airlines 

There are two different programs that spirit airlines offer. These programs allow the passengers to earn miles and save their money. One can sign up for these programs. The names of these are ”$9 Fare Club” and ”Free Spirit.” These programs prove very beneficial for all travelers.

  • $9 Fare Club –

To enroll yourself in this program, one has to pay the membership of $59.95. There are many benefits of this program one can avail when they join the club-

  • One can get a 50% discount on the excess luggage.
  • One can use unique packages and deals when making bookings for their trip.
  • Gets to explore and discover the places at the lowest prices.
  • Free Spirit –

This program allows you to become a member without paying any amount. It will enable an individual to earn credit and miles. More the miles, the more the benefits for the passengers. These miles help in future traveling. Some credit cards make the earning of miles easier. Free spirit travel Mastercard and Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard are the cards that provide more benefits to the flyers.

Check-In Policy Information

  • Online Check-In: 

Online check-in enables an individual to make bookings hassle-free and without standing in long queues. One needs to do online check-in 24 hours and 60 minutes before departure time.

  • Kiosk Check-in

Kiosk check-in is another way to check-in. There are kiosks at the airport that can use themselves and don’t depend on anyone else. If you face any issue, staff members of spirit Airlines can help you.

  • Airport Check-In:

One needs to reach the airport 3 hours 30 minutes before departure time. It is essential to make sure that all the passengers get to the airport on time.

Ways of Making Spirit Airlines Reservations

Spirit airlines offer various ways to make bookings for spirit airline flights. Each passenger can make the booking using their preferred option. Both online and offline methods of booking are available for the flyers. Here are the ways one can choose from-

Online Ways-

Some of the online ways one can use to spirit airlines reservations are the following-

  • Using spirit Airlines Application:

Passengers can easily make the bookings by downloading the application on their mobile phones or whichever device they have. After downloading the application, continue following the steps to make the bookings.

  • Through the spirit Airlines Official Website: 

Visit and follow the steps to make the reservation. All the steps an individual needs to follow are on the official site, making the bookings process easier.

  • Through E-Mail: 

Lastly, use the option of E-mail to make the Spirit Airlines reservations. Start by dropping a mail for the team of spirit airlines; the team will contact the customer as soon as possible and then proceed with the entire process of making the bookings.

Offline Ways-

  • Contacting Reservations Phone Number of spirit airlines:

Using this phone number for making the makings is one of the most convenient methods in offline ways. One can use this number throughout the day as the travel representatives are available 24 hours a day. Once the travel experts get all the details, they start with making the bookings.

  • At the Airport

Another way to make the bookings is by reaching the airport and then make the bookings. When the flyer goes to the airport and gets in touch with team members of spirit airlines, they start making the bookings with that information. Some of the information that one needs to give to the staff member are passengers, destination city, contact number, etc.

Steps to Make A Reservation Via the Official Site-

There are some steps one needs to follow to make the bookings for Spirit Airlines Flights using the official site of spirit airlines-

  • Open your official site of spirit airlines or write
  • Go to the home page and click the option of ”booking”.
  • Now enter your date of departure and arrival along with your date of travel.
  • Now choose the type of trip you want to select. Choose between the kind of trip, i.e., one-way and round-trip. Enter the number of passengers and the kind of class cabin to find the booking.
  • Enter all the essential details, and then choose the best flight from the list according to your budget.
  • Mention the required details like name of passengers, contact number and all the other information.
  • Go ahead and make the payment for your reservations.
  • Once the process gets completed, check the confirmation mail. It is an end to your reservation process.

Know All About Spirit Airlines Manage Booking- 

One can modify the bookings whenever they want to. Spirit Airlines Manage Booking is possible by visiting the official site of spirit airlines. Steps one needs to follow are following-

  • Open the official website of spirit airlines.
  • Click the option of “My trips” and find out your bookings.
  • In this step, enter your booking confirmation code and the name of the passenger.
  • Once you find your booking, choose between the option of cancel and change. Press “”change””.
  • Go ahead to make the changes in the bookings.
  • Click on “proceed” once you get done making all the changes. As soon as you follow all the steps, the flyer will receive the confirmation mail.

Tips and Tricks to book cheapest spirit airlines flights-

  • One must make sure to make the bookings on the good days and for the most affordable month. If an individual does not pay attention to these days and months, it affects the overall budget.
  • If there are any promo codes available at the time of bookings, don’t forget to use them.
  • Be an early bird and make the reservations as soon as possible. If you are going to wait till late, you will have to pay a much more amount.
  • For now, Tuesday mornings are the perfect time to book the cheapest flights. If possible, book your flights for Tuesday morning.
  • As various airlines offer sales on Monday late at night, this is why Tuesday is the perfect day to make the bookings.
  • Another way to make the cheapest bookings is the usage of miles and other rewards.

Know About Spirit Airlines Luggage-

To avoid any confusion and mess at the airport, passengers should go through the baggage policy of Spirit airlines. The airlines make sure that people don’t have to leave out their favorite things because of their baggage policy. This airline is a low-cost carrier which is why one might have to purchase the checked bags. Also, if the passenger wants to carry baggage that exceeds the dimensions, they might have to buy it with the flight ticket. These points will take you through the luggage policy-

  • Carry-on bag:

The carry-on baggage dimensions must not exceed 22 x 18 x 10 inches, including wheels and handles.

  • Checked bags:

The dimensions of the checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm (62 linear inches). Handles and wheels are also in this dimension. The weight must not exceed 18.1 kgs, i.e., 40 pounds. If the bag exceeds this weight or crosses the dimensions, they are eligible to pay the fine. Airlines do not accept any bag with more than 100 pounds or 45 kgs and the bags whose dimensions are more than 80 linear inches or 203 cm.

  • Personal item-

One personal item is also allowed when an individual makes the bookings for spirit airlines. One personal thing can be anything like a purse, laptop bag, etc. Dimensions of this personal item must not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches or 45 x 35 x 20 cm.    

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy-

People can carry their pets when they travel on this airline. Here are the points stating the pet policy of spirit airlines-

  • Passengers can carry only pet animals. People can bring dogs, cats, and birds to their flight cabin.
  • A separate cabin for a pet is made available by the airline.
  • Under the pet policy, one cannot send their pet in cargo.
  • Keep the pet in their carriers.
  • No passenger must come out of their carriers during the flight hours.
  • The age of the pet must be more than eight weeks.
  • If the weather does not suit your pet, you must leave the flight or leave the pet and travel alone.
  • The carrier of the pet is part of the baggage item.
  • If the spirit airline finds that the pet is not well, is behaving aggressively, or their kennelling is not proper, then the airline has the right to refuse the pet’s permission.
  • When you have a pet with you, you cannot keep the pet in the overhead bin. Because of this, the pet will feel suffocated.
  • Spirit Airlines does not ask for a health certificate of your pet.
  • Remember to weigh your pet when traveling on the plane. The weight of the pet must remain under 40 lbs or 18 kgs.
  • One has to rebook their tickets with more spacious seats if the weight and size of the pet exceed the policy.
  • Passenger has to pay $110 for each side. If an individual pays the charges, then they can carry their pet.
  • Some other important points to remember-
  • No pet should cover the path of the aisle.
  • Pet cannot occupy the sitting space.
  • They cannot eat anything from tray tables.
  • Do not make the pet sit in the exit row.