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Sun Country Airlines often ranks among the largest ultra-low-cost carriers. In terms of the number of passengers carried annually, Sun Country is the eleventh largest airline in the United States. The airline offers a total of 100 passenger routes encompassing over 80 destinations. Since the airline is an Ultra-Low-Cost carrier, if you are flying with Sun Country, your priority is to save as much money as possible on your trip. To find the cheapest flights offered by the airline, use the Sun Country Low Fare Calendar. Here’s everything you need to know about finding Low Fare Calendar Deals.

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About Sun Country Low Fare Calendar Tool

Who doesn’t want to save a handsome amount on their air travel? Finding and comparing the cheapest flights, on the other hand, can be challenging and time-consuming. Sun Country understands its passenger’s predicament of scoring low fare deals. This is why the airline has offered the Sun Country Low Fare Calendar. A Low Fare Calendar, as the name itself suggests, shows passengers low fare deals available during a specific period of time (usually a month).

The Low Fare Calendar can be accessed during the time of making the flight reservation via the Sun Country website or mobile application. You can also inquire about the latest deals on offer on the Low Fare Calendar by contacting Sun Country’s Help Team via a phone call.

How Sun Country Low Fare Calendar Can Help You?

Above everything else, the Sun Country Low Fare Calendar is there to simplify the low-fare flight search process. If you are planning a budget-friendly vacation or Business Trip, searching the available flights through the Low Fare Calendar guarantees the fact that you will be scoring the cheapest deals on offer.

Benefits of Sun Country Low Fare Calendar

  • Low Fare Calendar shows all the low-fare flights to your destination in one place.
  • You can compare flight deals offered over a period of time.
  • It helps keep track of ongoing flight ticket sales.
  • Helps in finding the cheapest flights for both domestic and international destinations.
  • Passengers with flexible travel dates can take the most advantage of deals offered on the Low Fare Calendar.
  • The Low Fare Calendar offers one-way flights for as low as $29 and round-trip deals starting at $57.
  • Score last minutes Sun Country flight deals.

How To Use Sun Country Low Fare Calendar?

As we have mentioned, the Sun Country Low Fare Calendar can be accessed through the airline’s website or mobile app. Before you search for your flight, you can enter your flexible travel dates and you will be taken to the Low Fare Calendar webpage. If using the online Low Fare Calendar seems like a hassle to you, simply contact the airline and inquire about the low fare deals available in the upcoming days for your desired route.

Phone Number For Low Fare Calendar Deals

To get instant information on low-cost flights to your desired destination, please dial the Low Fare Calendar Helpline Number: +1-877-563-0684 (available 24/7).

You shall soon get connected to a live person. Simply state your desired flight route (departure and arrival airports) and travel date range. The live person shall then check which flights are being operated by Sun Country in between the dates you have provided and which flights have the lowest fares on offer. Once satisfied with a flight deal, you can ask the live person to complete the reservation process after providing the passenger details.

Low Fare Calendar Online Process

To use the Sun Country Low Fare Calendar for an online reservation, go through the following process:

  • Open the Sun Country Airlines Official Site.
  • Click on the Book tab.
  • Choose the type of trip you wish to book (One-Day or Round Trip).
  • Now choose your Departure and Return date locations.
  • Select your flexible travel dates.
  • Choose the number of passengers.
  • Press Enter or click on the button next to these fields and you will be taken to the Low Fare Calendar page.
  • From here you can choose your preferred cabin class and view the available low-cost flights.
  • Choose the low-fare flight deal that best suits your budget and complete the booking process.

As soon as the booking is confirmed by Sun Country, the airline will send you a confirmation email. To modify your flight booking, you can visit the Sun Country Manage Booking facility.

Sun Country Low Fare Calendar Flight Deals

Ultra-Low-Cost airlines such as Sun Country regularly offer low-fare flight deals; sometimes on a weekly basis. You can get information on the latest flight sales by visiting the Sun Country website.

Below are some of the cheap flight deals currently on offer on the Sun Country Low Fare Calendar for one-way flights.

Flight RouteOne-Way Deals
Minneapolis – DenverUS$90
Las Vegas – ChicagoUS$220
Dallas – Las VegasUS$83
New York – MinneapolisUS$181
Houston – Las VegasUS$106
Dallas – PhoenixUS$257
Las Vegas – MiamiUS$284
Orlando – MinneapolisUS$135
Portland – Las VegasUS$260
Minneapolis – Los AngelesUS$162

When is Sun Country Flights Cheapest On Low Fare Calendar?

Sun Country flight deals on the Low Fare Calendar are seen to be the cheapest from May to June and August to October. The cheapest time to book a flight also varies depending on the destination you are flying to. When it comes to the cheapest weekdays to book a Sun Country flight, Monday and Tuesdays shall generally offer you the lowest possible deals on the Low Fare Calendar.


Q. What month is the cheapest month to book International flights with Sun Country?
A. August is the cheapest month when it comes to international flight deals. Booking an international flight during August can help you save up to 20% on your air travel.

Q. Do flight prices go down on Tuesday?
A. Flight prices are often seen to go down on Tuesdays as the airline looks at the latest flight deals offered by the competitor carriers and adjusts its own prices.

Q. Is it cheaper to wait for last minute flights?
A. Despite popular belief, last-minute flight deals are not a guaranteed way to score cheap flight deals.