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The 6th largest airline in the United States, Alaska Airlines can fly its passengers to nearly 120 destinations. If you will be traveling on a long flight to one of these destinations, you might want to upgrade to Alaska Airlines Premium class for a much more comfortable journey.

But is the Premium Class worth upgrading to? And what additional facilities will you be getting for paying the extra buck. In this article, we provide details on Alaska Airlines Premium Class seats, their other features, food and drinks service, and an overall review of the Premium Class. So here’s all you need to know before you book your ticket for Premium Class.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Seats

The biggest reason to upgrade to a different class is generally the quality of the seat you will have for your flight journey. The premium class seats on Alaska Airlines are the Recaro slimline seats which you can find on more or less every other jet of the airline. The seat has an adjustable headrest. The seat is similar to that of a standard economy seat but you do get more seat pitch. Passengers also get to use power/USB power outlets on all the premium class seats.

The price for a Premium Class seat ranges anywhere between $15-$79 on top of the base fare price. This price will also depend on the duration of your flight.

Premium Class Legroom

The Premium Class underwent a few changes recently and the biggest modification made to it was the added legroom. The legroom on Premium Class seats is 35 inches and it is only 1 inch lesser than what you will get in the First Class. When compared to the main cabin, Premium Class offers 3-4 inches of additional legroom. The seat recline for Premium Class seats is 3 inches.

Features Of Alaska Airlines Premium Class

Apart from the better seats, Premium Class also offers multiple other perks. For example, now you also get a free tablet device to keep yourself entertained during your flight. Previously, this was only available in First Class.

Here’s a list of the best features and facilities of Premium Class.

Priority/Early Boarding (before the regular economy class)
Free Snacks
Free beer, wine, and cocktails
3 inches of extra space
Free tablet devices to watch movies and TV shows
Additional seat recline
Personal TV screens

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Premium Class Food & Drinks Services

As mentioned above, with the Premium Class upgrade you do get complimentary drinks and snacks. It is one of the major perks of the Premium Class. Although, it should be noted that the airline will tell you that you will be getting complimentary ‘food’ when in actuality you will only have a little snack box. You do get to choose from a variety of fruits, chocolates, and nuts, but it is nowhere near getting a proper meal.

Getting a proper meal can cost you $6 and above. On the other hand, the complimentary drinks (beer, wine, and cocktails) and great and will keep you refreshed and relaxed during your Premium Class flight.

Is It Worth Upgrading To Alaska Airlines Premium Class?

So we have known about all the highlights of a Premium Class upgrade, but is actually worth upgrading to? The answer to this depends on the flyer and the duration of their flight. There is no doubt that the extra 3 inches of legroom can be a luxury when you fly on a flight for a long duration. If you are someone who wouldn’t mind shelling some money to get that extra bit of comfort, you should definitely opt for the Alaska Airlines Premium Class upgrade.

One look at the various airline reviewing websites will tell you that the Premium Class of Alaska Airlines has been well received by most of its frequent passengers and it has been a welcome addition to the flight experience offered by the airline. If you are still having doubts about opting for the upgrade, you can get more details on the premium class by contacting the customer service of Alaska Airlines.

How To Upgrade To Alaska Airlines Premium Class?

Are you having trouble getting your Premium Class seat upgrade? You can either go through the upgrading process online through the Alaska Airlines Official Site or request the upgrade over a phone call by contacting their customer service.

For upgrading online, once you have booked your flight ticket to your desired destination, you can use Alaska Airlines’ ‘Manage Reservation’ tool and get your seat switched to the Premium Class. The website is easy to navigate and you will have gone through the process in no time.

Alternatively, you can request the upgrade to Premium Class during the Check-In process. Check-In can also be done either online with the Alaska Airlines Mobile App or in-person with a customer service agent.

Alaska Airlines Premium Class FAQs

What is the cost of the Premium Class upgrade?
The Premium Class upgrade for Alaska Airlines starts at $15.

Can I get a free upgrade to Premium Class?
Passengers who are members of MVP, MVP Gold, and Gold 75K Mileage Plan can be eligible for a free Premium Class upgrade.

Will I get faster deplaning with the Premium Class upgrade?
Yes, passengers with Premium Class do get faster deplaning.

Do I get free drinks in Premium Class?
Yes, customers are entitled to receiving free drinks if they have upgraded to the premium class.

Can I upgrade to Premium Class onboard?
Yes, passengers can upgrade to Premium Class onboard but it is advised you do so as early as possible.

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