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Alaska Airlines airline serves 115 exciting destinations across the country with luxurious and reliable air travel. Have you also book your next flight with Alaska Airlines? Get an upgraded booking at the best price for a more comfortable flight journey. You can request your flight upgrade both online and offline. Check out our procedures and guidelines for Alaska Airlines Upgrade Requests.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade Request Guidelines

Before you make a request for an Alaska Airlines flight upgrade, be sure to go through the following flight upgrade guidelines:

  • Complimentary upgrades are offered to Elite Status members as a benefit.
  • If you request a flight upgrade with Alaska Airlines but there is no space available, the airline shall put you on a waitlist.
  • For passengers who have purchased an eligible discounted fare that doesn’t qualify for an upgrade immediately after request, the airline shall put you in a request queue. Once your upgrade window is open, your flight shall be upgraded.
  • Passengers carrying a Saver Fare shall not qualify for Elite upgrades.
  • Upgrade requests are completed in the following order:
  • Elite Level Status
  • Fare Class
  • Million Miler milestone
  • Time of Reservation
  • Alaska Airlines Upgrade Request is processed up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure.
  • MVP Gold, Gold 75k, and Gold 100k members are eligible to upgrade one companion passenger traveling on the same flight and in the same travel class.
  • Reservations with more than one companion passenger are not eligible for any complimentary upgrades.

Premium Upgrades Guidelines

  • Alaska Airlines offers an unlimited number of upgrades for its Premium Class as Elite Status benefits.
  • If you are on a First Class upgrade waitlist, your position won’t be affected by accepting a Premium Class upgrade.
  • An instant upgrade to Premium Class shall also depend on the space availability.
  • If the fare type you have purchased qualifies for a Premium Class upgrade but there is no space available, the airline shall put you on a waitlist.

If your reservation was made through a third-party travel agency, you must request your Alaska Airlines flight upgrade through the third-party service online and not directly with the airline.

It is also essential to note that Gold 75K and Gold 100K members are eligible for an immediate flight upgrade upon request. The upgrade window opens 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure for MVP Gold members while 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

How Much Does it Cost to Upgrade on Alaska?

Requesting a flight upgrade in cash is much cheaper with Alaska Airlines when compared to other major American airlines. The cost for Premium Class upgrades starts at $15 while the cost for First Class upgrades starts at $23. The upgrade cost can vary depending on factors such as your destination and time of upgrade request.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade Types

When it comes to the types of upgrades you can request, Alaska Airlines offers Complimentary Upgrades, Paid Upgrades, and Upgrades Using Miles. Complimentary Upgrades include First Class, Fare Class, Premium Class, Companion Upgrades, and Guest Upgrades. On the other hand, Paid and Upgrades using Miles can get you an upgrade to both Premium and First Class. There are no restrictions to paying in cash for Premium Class or First Class upgrades. The benefits of First Class and Premium Class upgrades are listed below:

First Class Upgrade Benefits

  • Lounge Access
  • Spacious seats
  • No additional charges on Seat Selection
  • Priority boarding
  • Additional baggage allowance
  • 75% more bonus miles earned

Premium Class Upgrade Benefits

  • Additional legroom (4 inches more than Economy Class)
  • Early Boarding
  • Complimentary drinks (including alcohol)

About Alaska Airlines Guest Upgrades

Guest upgrades are a benefit specifically offered to MVP Gold members. These are electronic upgrade codes that can be used to upgrade flights for family members or friends for their own use. During the flight booking process, simply select the “MVP Gold guest upgrade” option to request a guest upgrade for your reservation. It is important to note that if your flight is booked with a Guest Upgrade and you change the flight or cancel it, the Guest Upgrade shall be immediately forfeited. If your Guest Upgrade code has been forfeited, you can request a replacement Guest Upgrade, you must contact the airline via a phone call.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade Request Online

If you wish to request an upgrade online, you can do so either at the time of the booking process itself or via Manage Booking once the booking has been already made. In order to upgrade your flight via Manage Booking, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Alaska Airlines website in your web browser.
  • Click on the Manage tab.
  • Enter the passenger’s Last Name and Confirmation Code/E-Ticket Number and click on the Continue button.
  • Once your booking has been retrieved, choose the flight you wish to request the upgrade for.
  • Select the Flight Upgrade option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the flight upgrade request.
  • Make the payment (if any).

Once your upgrade has been confirmed from the airline’s end, you will receive your updated booking details.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade Request via Call

Apart from the online route, passengers also have the option to request a flight upgrade via phone call. You will be connected to a live agent once your call is connected. Simply state your upgrade requirements and the live person shall do the rest to complete your request. It is recommended that you keep the essential details and documents handy that shall be required to initiate the reservation process.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Alaska?

The cost of upgrading to First Class on Alaska Airlines is 15,000 Alaska Airlines miles for a one-way flight. If you want to use cash, the price depends on the length of your flight, with upgrades starting at $29 on short flights.

Is upgrading to first class worth it?

Getting an upgrade might be worth it if you hate flying because there’s no leg room and it’s uncomfortable. In addition to more leg room, you will also receive more privacy, better seats, priority boarding, more overhead bin space, and more bathroom access.

Is there a dress code for first class?

A dress code is usually not required for business or first class passengers on most airlines.

Is it cheaper to buy economy then upgrade?

Buying an economy ticket then upgrading it is the cheapest way to get a business or first-class ticket. Do this immediately during booking or check for last-minute upgrades as the travel date approaches.

How many miles does it take to upgrade to first class on Alaska airlines?

The amount of miles needed to upgrade to First Class is only 15,000 miles. To find out if a fare qualifies for a mileage upgrade and to see availability, choose Mileage upgrade as your upgrade preference.

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