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The flag carrier of Panama, Copa Airlines is headquartered in Panama City and has its primary hub at Tocumen International Airport. The airline operates flights to over 80 destinations in over 30 countries around the Caribbean, North America, South America, and Central America. Copa Airlines is a well-reviewed airline by its customers and has won multiple awards over the years. The customer service of Copa Airlines is excellent in particular as the airline prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. The fares are also less than what you have to pay for other major airlines. Onboard experience and overall comfort are also genuinely good when traveling on a Copa Airlines flight. However, if you wish to fly with much greater comfort than your standard flight, you must travel with Copa Airlines Business Class. Here’s what you need to know about traveling in the Business Class with Copa Airlines.

Copa Airlines Business Class Details (Baggage & Seats)

Before you make your Copa Airlines Business Class flight booking, it is essential to know what the Business Class offers and what you can expect.

The baggage allowance for Business Class passengers lets you have up to two bags as checked baggage. These bags must not weigh over 70 pounds. As far as the Business Class carry-on baggage policy is concerned, you can have one carry-on bag (of maximum weight up to 22 pounds) and one personal item with you on-board the flight.

Passengers who have Star Alliance Gold or ConnectMiles Presidential, Platinum, or Gold status, get the benefit of adding one more bag as checked baggage. The airline will also provide them with priority baggage handling.

Copa Airlines has two types of planes. These are the Boeing 737 MAX 9 and the Boeing 737-800. Both have 16 seats in the Business class and both have their own benefits. There is a feature in the Boeing 737 MAX 9 dubbed as the ‘Dream Business Class’ service which is basically lie-flat beds available on the flight. The Boeing 737-800 doesn’t have this feature but you get extra space on the flight instead. 

Benefits of Copa Airlines Business Class

There are multiple benefits of flying with Copa Airlines and the passengers receive various perks with it. The key benefits of Business Class are:

  • Greater comfort with extra legroom
  • More privacy on the flight
  • Wines are provided on international flights
  • Bonus miles are awarded for members of the frequent flyer program
  • Global access to Star Alliance VIP lounges
  • Amenity kits

Booking Tips For Copa Airlines Business Class

You can make your booking for a Business Class flight through the official site of Copa Airline. You can also make your reservation via phone call. Online travel agencies are another option to make your booking.

You can save money and get good value if you use points to book your Business Class seat. ConnectMiles (Frequent Flyer Program of Copa Airlines) points are much more efficient and will cost you less when compared to paying in cash. You can also use points or miles earned with another partner Star Alliance airline to book your Business Class seat with Copa Airlines.

Copa Airlines Business Class Review

Flying with Copa Airlines Business Class can cost you an additional $200 or so when compared to the price of an economy seat. The seats are very spacious and definitely worth the price of admission. It is important to note that unlike the business class seats of other major airlines, Copa’s seats are not the flat lie down seats. Despite this, the comfort level of the seats is not compromised and your travel experience will be very relaxed. More information on Business Class In-Flight entertainment & meals is provided below.

Copa Airlines Business Class Meals & Entertainment

While seat comfort is definitely a major factor in passengers flying under the Business Class, the meals and entertainment offered also are a huge part of the Business Class flight experience. We are glad to let you know that Copa Airlines Business Class doesn’t fail in this aspect and provides great food and entertainment service.

As far as the food menu is concerned, you get to choose from a variety of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts which all deliver in the taste and quality department. The food is fresh and served hot. For drinks, you can have wine, juice, coffee, beer, and soda.

On the entertainment front, you can choose from a great library of movies and shows and also documentaries to learn something new during your flight. The screen is attached to the armrest of the seat instead of being in front of you. You can bring the screen nearer depending on your preference.

Final Verdict

Overall, Business Class is definitely worth paying for. We advise you to arrive at the airport at an earlier time in order to enjoy the lounge service. The airport lounge is quiet and a great place to relax before you board your flight. The spacious seats, enjoyable meals, priority baggage handling, among other multiple perks make the business class experience with Copa Airlines extremely satisfactory.

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