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I want to get the printout of my Delta Airlines Boarding Pass. How do I do that?

What is the first thing that is checked at the security of any airport? Boarding Pass of the airlines you are traveling with. What happens if you do not have the boarding pass with you? You cannot pass the security and certainly cannot catch your flight. To avoid this mishap we are here to help you with boarding pass issues. If you have chosen to fly with Delta Airlines, you have plenty of options to acquire your boarding pass. This blog will feature all those options in detail. Stick to the end to get the list of all useful links and numbers related to Delta Airlines Boarding Pass.

Understanding of Delta Airlines Check-in Policy

In order to get your boarding pass, you must first know about the Check-in policy of Delta Airlines. The airline opens online check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. The online check-in can be done either by visiting or at Fly Delta App.

There is different time limit at different destinations for offline or in-person check-in.

If you are at the airport and need to check in you can do that 2 hours before your flight’s departure. 

You are asked to check in at the check-in counter at least 30 minutes before the flight’s departure.

Similarly, the minutes reserved to do in-person check-in at the gate is 15 minutes before departure.

The minimum check-in time, flight schedules, and guidelines are different for different airports. We ask you to look for your particular airport at the table mentioned on

Whether you opt for online check-in on the Fly Delta App, or on the official site of the airlines, you are asked to show photo identification which is government-issued along with your boarding pass. This rule applies to offline check-in or in-person check-in as well. 

The airline will be there to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to get in touch with Delta’s customer support if you have any questions about the check-in policy.

Where can how can you get your Delta Airlines Boarding Pass?

There are several ways you get can your boarding pass when you fly with Delta. We will go through each option so you can have a clear idea of what do to when you face a similar situation.

Online Check-in Methods

Official Site-

Visiting and location “Online Check-In “is the easiest and most preferred method t get your boarding pass. When you select the icon, you will be asked to enter some details such as Sky Miles points, credit card number, or your PNR /flight confirmation number. Enter these details carefully and select “Search”. You will be directed to a page showing your travel itinerary. Follow the steps displayed on your desktop screen and print your Delta’s boarding pass.

The Fly Delta App

Delta has teamed up with tech-geniuses and has developed an app that makes the entire booking and managing flight experience a breeze. Make sure you have downloaded the app on your smartphone. It is suitable for both Android and Apple iOs software. You can choose to check-in as a guest or choose to log in. You can even register yourself for a Sky Miles account with the airlines. Once on the app, locate your trips and enter your confirmation number. From there you can receive your boarding pass.

The App has a special feature named Today Mode which allows you to see the details of your flight, boarding pass and even has a baggage tracker.

Offline Check-in Methods

Airport Check-In Desk

Once you have arrived at the airport and have done Online Check-in, you can still get your boarding pass. Locate Delta Airlines Check-in Desk at the airport and speak to the agent directly. You will be asked to show your identification proof so make sure you are carrying government-approved photo identification.

Delta also has a special Sky Priority for its Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallion members and for passengers traveling in First Class, Premium Select, and Delta One.

Airport Curb-side

The airline has a new facility for passengers who wish to check in as soon as they are dropped off. It is named Delta Curbside and is set up at passenger drop-off. This facility is provided at most US Airports so be sure to check before you head out. You can get your baggage checked here as well. Speak to the representative about your boarding pass and he/she will help you to the best of their abilities. You do not have to pay anything to receive curbside service.

Airport Kiosk

Once you have entered the terminal your flight will be departing from but realized you do not have your boarding pass with you, there are Delta Airport Kiosks at almost all US airports. Locate the nearest one mention details such as your name, credit or debit card number, and Confirmation Number, and get your boarding pass. If you have trouble doing that on your own, you can always ask for help.

Delta Airlines Contact Information
Delta Airlines Reservations800-221-1212
Comments or Complaints800-455-2770
Best Time To DialMornings
Current WaitNot available
Alternative method to contactInstagram, E-mail, Twitter, Facebook

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