Last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 10:15 am

Experience Luxury In Air With Delta Airlines Business Class 

Delta Airlines is a popular airline known for providing its passengers with the best of services since 1929. With having various hubs in Atlanta, Detroit, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Salt Lake City it operates various cabin classes. Delta airlines have economy, business, and first-class available in the cabin for the passengers to choose from. Delta airlines business class is the most renowned and preferred among all other classes.

Delta Airlines business class offers remarkable services to its passengers. It is worth the price paid. In the business class cabin, passengers get premium seating, food, and other services compared to all other airlines. There are various cuisines available for the passengers that are not available on most of the airlines is another point that makes it the best airline for flying business class. It has excellent seats in the business class cabin.

Special Features of Delta Airlines Business Class

Seat Features

The seats in the Delta airlines business class flights can recline up to 180 degrees as a flatbed for people to relax. Passengers are also provided a blanket, a pillow, and toiletries. The seats can be easily adjusted accordingly for dining, working, or relaxing. The beddings are Westin heavenly.

Amenity Kit

The amenity kit provided to each passenger consists of Le Labo products that have all the travel essential products available to fulfill the travel needs of the people.


Passengers flying business class with delta airlines can enjoy the best meals curated by amazing chefs on a large dining table. There’s a variety to choose from in meals. Passengers can choose from complimentary beer, spirits, and wine.

Power Sockets

Every seat has 110-volt outlets at every seat for guests to keep their devices powered.


Passengers can enjoy entertainment facilities on their large entertainment screens. There are a variety of movies, TV Shows, games, and cartoons available to watch.

A noise cancellation headset is also provided to enjoy without any disturbance. A USB is also available with power sockets on every seat.

Facilities at Delta Airlines Business Class Flights

  • Flyers in the business class get comfortable seating and all the needs of the passengers are well taken care of. They are provided enough space to stretch, the best of entertainment, and comfortable seats and bedding so the time passes quickly.
  • Each seat can be reclined to a flatbed and has an oversized duvet available with the pillow.
  • Passengers start getting premium services as soon as they reach the airport. Delta business class passengers get priority check-in, security checks, and boarding. They are the first ones to claim baggage after the flight.
  • On the A 350 and A 339 flights, there are full-height doors and privacy dividers between the seats for additional comfort and privacy.
  • The amenity kit provided to all the passengers in the delta business class cabin includes an eye mask, a pair of socks, lotion, lip balm, and all other essentials.

The premium experiences begin as soon as flyers enter the airport. The passengers enjoy airport club access, sky priority accelerated check-in, security, boarding, and baggage handling services.

You get to enter the plane first and settle while other passengers are still in the queue.


Special assistance is provided to the passengers for any information they need.

Welcome Drink

Passengers can also choose from a variety of drinks available as a welcome drink a glass of wine, craft beer, or spirits for people of age 21+.


Passengers get a healthy snack and a pre-flight meal available complimentary throughout the flight. The food is prepared and served fresh.