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Operating over 5,400 flights on a daily basis, Delta Airlines is one of the most prominent US carriers. The airline prioritizes customer satisfaction and onboard comfort. Have you booked your next flight with Delta Airlines? In order to enhance its passengers’ onboard experience, the airline offers the luxury of seat selection on their flights. Don’t know how you get your preferred flight seat reserved? Read further for all the essential details regarding Delta Airlines seat selection.

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Delta Airlines Seat Selection Guidelines

Before you request seat selection, make sure to go through the following guidelines issued by Delta Airlines:

  • The seat Selection window opens seven days prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Delta Airlines offers seat selection for the following fare types:
    • Main Cabin
    • Delta Comfort+
    • Domestic First Class
    • Delta Premium Select
    • Delta One
  • Seat Selection is not offered on Basic Economy.
  • If the seat map for your Delta Airlines flight shows unavailable seats, you will be able to obtain a seat assignment upon check-in.
  • Even if a seat is available when you begin the seat selection process, there is a possibility that the seat gets assigned to another passenger before the transaction is completed. 
  • Under special circumstances, Delta Airlines can change a passenger’s selected and pre-assigned seat due to seating requirements of passengers having certain types of disabilities. 
  • Delta Airlines seat selection cost shall vary depending on factors such as the fare type you have purchased, the destination you are flying to, etc. 
  • Even though there is no guarantee, Delta Airlines does its best to offer family seating as well.

Note: If the passenger chooses not to select a flight seat, Delta shall automatically assign you a free seat after check-in at the airport.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Methods

Seat Selection can be done both online and offline. If you choose to select your Delta flight seat online, you must do so via Delta’s website. Offline methods include requesting seat selection via phone call or at the airport itself.

Both the online and offline methods are discussed in detail below.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection Online

Seat selection can be done online either at the time of booking your flight or once the booking has already been made.

Seat Selection during the booking

Simply visit Delta Airlines’ official site and book your flight by following the usual procedure. Before you checkout, the website will automatically prompt you to select your preferred flight seat. Choose the ideal seat from the seat map available and complete the process by making the payment.

Seat Selection after the booking

In case you wish to do seat selection for an already existing Delta booking, you can follow the steps provided below:

  • Open your web browser and visit Delta Airlines’ official site.
  • Click on the My Trips tab.
  • You must retrieve your booking either by entering your Booking Confirmation Number, ticket number, or Credit/Debit Card Number.
  • Once you have retrieved your booking, the website will direct you to the Manage Booking portal.
  • Scroll down to the passenger’s information section to find the seat selection option.
  • Once the seat selection option is chosen, select your preferred flight seat from the seat map.
  • The seat map shall also show the cost of each of the available seats for the booked flight.
  • Once satisfied with your seat selection, complete the process by making the payment.

After receiving your payment, Delta Airlines shall confirm your seat selection by sending you an email.

Delta Airlines Seat Selection via Call

Seat selection can also be done by contacting Delta Airlines via a phone call. If the flight is already booked, the live agent shall ask you to provide your booking details in order to complete the seat selection process. By contacting the Delta Airlines live person service, you can also get answers to any seat selection-related queries you might be having. Call the airline during the early hours of the day in order to avoid unnecessarily long hold times.

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Seat Selection Fee

As mentioned earlier, Delta Airlines’ seat selection fee can vary depending on the flight you have booked. Generally, the airline charges a $15 fee for selecting the preferred flight seat. If you choose not to select your seat, the airline automatically assigns you a seat without any charges once the check-in process has been completed. The seat selection fee can go as high as $45.

Delta Airlines Flight Seat Specifications

Delta Airlines’ seat specs can vary depending on not only your cabin class but also the aircraft you will be flying on. Refer to the table below for details on seat specs for various fare types offered by Delta Airlines:

Cabin ClassSeat Width Seat PitchSeat Count
Main Cabin16.19″-18″30″-32″102-190
Delta Comfort13.3″-18″34″18-21
Premium Select18.5″38″48
First Class19.6″-21″36″-37″12-20
Delta One20.46″180-degree flatbed32


Q. Will Delta assign me a seat?

A. If you have not selected a flight seat yourself, the airline shall assign you a seat automatically upon check-in. 

Q. When can I do seat selection for a Delta flight?

A. Seat selection can be done starting seven days before the scheduled departure of your Delta flight.

Q. Does Delta offer seat selection for Basic Economy tickets?
A. Seat selection option is not offered for Basic Economy tickets.