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Delta Airlines has been operating flights for over nine decades at this point. The airline has maintained its reputation over the years as a customer-friendly airline. This has a lot to do with the airline’s lenient policies. If you booked a flight with Delta Airlines and have entered your name wrong on the ticket then it’s no reason to worry. You can easily make minor corrections or major changes to your name in no time. Below you will find the detailed process to do a Delta change name on ticket. But Before we jump to the name change process, let’s take a look at the name change policy itself.

Request name change or correction on Delta Airlines tickets free of cost! Speak to our booking modification experts at Delta Airlines Name Change Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (Available 24/7).

Delta Name Change/Correction Policy – Things To Note

  • According to the Delta change name on ticket policy, a passenger is allowed to make changes to their name on the ticket only once.
  • The name change on Delta ticket must be made for the same person who is the passenger of the original booking.
  • Delta has restricted name correction and changes on tickets issued for travel between the United States and China.

First and Middle Name Change Policy

Delta passengers are eligible to make changes to their first or middle name. The only condition is that the name you will be changing to must match the ID/Passport issued by the government.

On the other hand, if you want to add a middle name, you will have to make a completely new booking for it and this requires the creation of a new Passenger Name Record (PNR).

Last Name Change Policy

Passengers will only be allowed a maximum of 3 characters to be changed in their last name as per the Delta Change Name On Ticket policy. Although your last name can be completely changed when it has been legally changed in situations such as marriage or divorce.

If you do wish to get your last name on a Delta ticket changed completely, you will have to provide the necessary supporting documents for the same. Furthermore, for adding the last name due to a legal name change, the OSI Delta Airlines name change waiver code shall be applied.

Note: The last name cannot be changed to Sr. or Jr.

Scenarios For Name Change On Delta Ticket Via Delta Reservations or Global Sales

The airline has provided a list of scenarios where you will have to contact either Delta Reservations or Global Sales. The list of situations that require contacting Delta Reservations or Global Sales for a name change are as follows:

  • If your itinerary involves flights operated by any airline other than Delta.
  • When the passenger has already made a name change or correction once.
  • For changing more than 3 characters in the last name on the ticket.
  • If you will be traveling to or from India.

Other Delta Change Name On Ticket requests can be conveniently made online.

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Fee/Cost For Delta Change Name On Ticket

After reading the Delta Airlines Change Name On Ticket policy, you might be wondering how much would the airline charge you for changing your name on the ticket. If you change your name within 24 hours of making the booking, the airline will charge you no fee at all. Any changes made after this 24-hour grace period will cost you depending on the type of ticket you have purchased and how much time there is left between your request and the scheduled flight departure. Generally, Delta Name Change Fee is anywhere between $75-$500.

How To Change Name On Delta Flight Ticket?

You can do a Delta Change Name On Ticket through both online and offline modes. To change your name online you will have to visit the Delta Airlines Official Site. The website is easy to navigate and you will be done with the process in no time. Below are the steps to change your name online.

Delta Airlines Name Change Online Process

  • Visit Delta Airlines website.
  • You will find the ‘Manage My Travel’ option on the homepage. Tap on it to reveal a new window.
  • Now you have to fill in your details such as Booking Reservation Number and Last Name.
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Choose the booking for which you wish to change the name on the ticket.
  • Select the ‘Edit’ option.
  • You will get three options – 1) Change itinerary details, 2) Change flight details, and 3) Change personal details. Select the third option.
  • In the personal details, you can make whatever name changes you are eligible to make.
  • Click on ‘Confirm’ when you are satisfied with the changes made and the name change process will be completed.

Passengers can take a printout of the newly edited or simply save it for reference.

Offline Method For Delta Change Name On Ticket

Alternatively, you can do Delta Change Name On Ticket offline by contacting the airline through the Name Change Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (Available 24/7). A live person will not only assist you with the process but also provide answers to any of your related queries. Before you make the call, make sure to have your Delta PNR or E-Ticket Number at hand among other necessary booking details.

Another option you have is to request a name change directly at the airport through the customer service counter or self-kiosk.

Delta Transfer Ticket To Another Person

Can a passenger transfer their Delta Airlines ticket to someone else? This is a common question and the answer to this is no. The airline does not allow ticket transfers under any given circumstances. The only option customers have is to cancel their booking and make a fresh booking for the new passenger. This will cost you some cancellation charges depending on when you apply for it. More information here: Delta Airlines Transfer Ticket To Another Person

Delta Change Name On E-Credit Due To Marriage/Legal Name Change

Multiple customers have faced a situation where they were issued e-credit but are not eligible to redeem it as the name of the passenger has changed due to marriage, divorce, or other legal reasons. In such a scenario, a copy of a legal document, such as a marriage license, will be required to be submitted for a name change request. You can request a Delta Change Name On E-Credit either by filling the contact us form available on the Delta website or contact experts via the Name Change Helpline: +1-888-906-1815

Common Queries Related To Delta Change Name On Ticket

What to do if a passenger’s name on a Delta Airlines ticket is inverted?

If your name on a Delta Airlines ticket is inverted, you won’t be having any issues boarding the flight. However, if the passenger still wishes to get their inverted name corrected, they are free to contact the Name Change Helpline to make a request.

Can I change my name on a Delta Airlines account?

Making changes to your name on a Delta Airlines account is way simpler than it sounds. All you have to do is log in to your account on the Delta website and navigate to the ‘Edit Profile’ section. From here, you can change your name on your Delta account.

Is it possible to change the name on a Delta Airlines ticket more than once?

Delta strictly prohibits name changes on its tickets more than once. If you have already changed the name previously and still require to make further modifications, your only option is to get your ticket reissued.