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If you want to get a refund from Delta (because you could not board your booked Delta flight owing to some reason), then, to begin with, you must know the following things: Firstly, your flight ticket must be refundable, and Secondly, after cancellation, you have to fill in Delta Com/Request Refund form to get a refund for your canceled flight. It means, with Delta, (if eligible; in some cases, when having refundable tickets) you have to make an online request for a refund. And, that you can do by filling in an online refund form that is available on the official website of Delta all the time. Further, most importantly, this online refund form asks you to fill in the following personal details.

  1. Contact details
  2. Ticket details
  3. Flight details and
  4. The reason behind such a request
A. Contact details  Your Name;   Your Email; and,   Your Billing Address:  – Country/Region  – Country/Region Code  – Address Line 1  – Address Line 2  – City  – State  – Zipcode  – Device Type  – Cell  – Phone Number.  
B. Ticket InformationTicket or Document Number;   Secondary Ticket or Document Number; and,   Trip Type – Domestic or International.  
C. Flight InformationFlight Number;   Flight Date; and,   Origin  
D. Reason For RequestPlease Select A Reason For Your Request Form; and,   Request Description (1000 characters)  

How to cancel your Delta flight

Non-Refundable TicketsRefundable Tickets
First, visit Your Trip or Log In and go to My Trips on the official website;   After, you have to select the trip you want to cancel; and,   Once you are done with the preceding steps, choose the ‘Cancel Flight’ button and follow the further steps.  First, visit Your Trip or Log In and go to My Trips on the official website;   After, you have to select the trip you want to cancel;   Then, choose the option of ‘Modify Flight’   Finally, ‘Start Flight Cancellation’ will come up in front of you following which you can cancel your trip.

Delta’s Cancellation, and Refund Policy

  • The 24-hour-risk-free-cancellation policy: You can get a full refund if you cancel your Delta flight within 24 hours of booking irrespective of the ticket type. In other words, if it has been more than 24 hours since you booked your tickets with Delta, you cannot get a refund for any flight cancellations.  All the ticket types’ .i.e. refundable, non-refundable, or basic economy can be canceled within 24 hours of booking for a full refund under Delta’s 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • Policies after the 24-hour-risk-free-cancellation time: Non-Refundable Tickets In the case of non-refundable tickets, you cannot get a refund after cancellation except an e Credit that you can use to purchase another ticket with Delta in the future. However, in the following cases, namely, the death of an immediate family member, the death of the ticket owner, or that of a travel companion, you can request a refund in place of e Credits.
  • If No Cancellation Fee Policy applies to you, at the time of canceling your Non-refundable tickets, you will not be asked for any cancellations fees, and thereby you will receive an e Credit of the value of the ticket canceled.
  • If No Cancellation Fee Policy does not apply to you, it means after cancellation, you will receive an e Credit of the same value as remaining after deducting the applicable cancellation fee from the original value of the ticket canceled.
  • No Cancellation Fee Policy: The table below summarizes the No Cancellation Policy of Delta.
Ticket Types  Travel ConditionTime Condition
Delta Tickets   Main Cabin,   Comfort +, and   First  If purchased for travel within the following places: The U.S.A. Rico Puerto USVIIf tickets are purchased not before August 31, 2020.
Delta Tickets   Main Cabin,   Comfort +, and   First  The departure location must be in North America with the final destination being anywhere in the world.The ticket must be purchased no earlier than December 10, 2020. Thus ticks must be purchased after or on the same day.
Delta Tickets   Main Cabin,   Comfort +, and   First  For the travel originates between the U.S. or Mexico and the Caribbean.————————————————-

On average, the cancellation-fee range for Non-Refundable Tickets is 0-$500; It means you may have to pay as low as nothing- $0 for your cancellation in one case, or as high as $500 in another, as the case may be.  Even you can also cancel your non-refundable ticket when only 24 hours are left before the scheduled departure. In this case, the same cancellation fee range would apply.

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  • Refundable Tickets:  Refundable Tickets– whether being canceled within 24 hours of booking; after the same; or at the time when only 24 hours are left to spare before the scheduled departure, you can cancel them at any time, out of the preceding three, and also request a refund following the process given at the beginning of this blog, that is, by filling in Refund form. However, the thing given above has to come after the condition that refundable tickets were purchased with any of the following options: a credit card, a cash or check (USD or CAD).
  • Basic Economy Tickets:  After 24 hours of booking, basic economy tickets can be canceled though it can only help you get e Credits in return– not any refunds. After such 24 hours, you can cancel only through a cancellation fee ranging from 99 to 199. Even you can cancel this ticket type with a cancellation fee, and get an e Credit in return when there are only 24 hours or less than that is left before the scheduled departure.
  • Supplementary Information

How much time does Delta take to issue a refund after you have submitted an online refund form?

On average, Delta just tries to sort out the matter within a period of 7 working days if it was a domestic transaction, and the payment was made either through a debit card or a credit card.

  • How much time does it take to appear on my Credit/Debit Card Statements?

After your refund request has been processed, still it will not take any less than two or more billing cycles to appear on the credit or debit card statement, as the case may be.

  • How much does it take for Delta to process the request when the mode of payment is through cash or check?

If you purchased your tickets with Delta through cash or check, it will usually take Delta no less than 20 working days to process your refund request through refund form.

  • Can you cancel your flight and ask for a refund after the scheduled departure?

No, your ticket becomes of no value once you haven’t canceled it before the departure time. In other words, you cannot claim a refund after the departure time for a flight has passed.

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