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During the pandemic, multiple prominent airlines revamped their cancellation policy in order to offer more flexibility with their bookings. Delta Airlines issues eCredit on flight cancellations that can be used to make future bookings with the airline. Is your Delta eCredit not working when trying to redeem it? Read further for assistance with redeeming eCredit conveniently.

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About Delta eCredit

Delta eCredit works as a form of digital currency that can be used to book Delta flights and flights operated by its partner airlines. Delta eCredit is issued when a passenger cancels a flight ticket. Upon cancellation, the eCredit is transferred to your travel bank. Apart from eCredit, Delta also offers its passengers travel certificates and gift cards.

Delta eCredit Guidelines

Before you initiate the Delta eCredit redemption process, it is worth your time to go through the below-provided guidelines issued by the airline regarding eCredit. These guidelines may also help you ascertain why Delta eCredit is not working for you.

  • Delta eCredit expires after a year period starting from the departure date of your originally booked flight.
  • A maximum of 5 eCredits can be used per passenger.
  • Delta eCredit can be applied towards not only the cost of the flight ticket but also towards any government-imposed taxes and fees.
  • Following are the examples of a Delta eCredit:
    • Partially or completely unused eTicket of a past date
    • Exchanged an eTikcet resulting in a residual value.
    • Compensation issued for denied boarding on an overbooked flight
    • A Transportation Credit Voucher that is issued by the airline as compensation for problems with any of the airlines’ services
    • Delta eGift Certificates
    • A Miscellaneous charge Order
  • Delta Airlines charges no transaction fee for eCredits
  • eCredit can be redeemed at a ticketing location of your choice (additional charges may be applicable).
  • Once you cancel your booking, it can take up to 24 hours for the eCredit to be transferred into your account.

Why is Delta eCredit not working?

Various causes can result in Delta eCredit not working. The reasons behind your Delta eCredit not working are discussed in detail below:

Trying to redeem eCredit before the eligibility period begins

There is a specific time period before which passengers are not eligible to redeem Delta eCredit. If you are trying to redeem eCredit before this eligibility period begins, it can result in Delta eCredit not working. To avoid this, you can read the eligibility period guidelines for eCredit provided on Delta Airlines’ official website.

Delta eCredit has expired

There are various reasons why your Delta eCredit might not be working. To begin with, you must make sure that your Delta eCredit hasn’t expired already. As mentioned in the guidelines section earlier, Delta eCredit expires after a one-year period. The calculation of the one-year expiration period begins from the departure date of the flight you had originally booked. You can log in to your Delta SkyMiles account to check the exact expiration date of the eCredit(s).

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Technical Issues with Delta’s website

It can also be the case that the Delta eCredit is not working only temporarily. This can be due to technical issues with Delta Airlines’ official website. Although Delta’s online services work like a charm most of the time, the website can still succumb to technical errors occasionally.

Delta SkyMiles account information is incorrect

Another reason behind Delta eCredit not working/stopped showing can be due to your Delta SkyMiles account showing incorrect information. It can also be the case that the credit is yet to be transferred to your account. If you have earlier seen the eCredit value in your account but it has stopped showing now, you must contact eCredit specialists for assistance by contacting the following helpline number +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).

What to do when Delta eCredit is not working?

If your Delta eCredit is not working, the first thing to do is make sure you are trying to redeem the eCredit by following the correct steps. There are two methods to redeem Delta eCredit successfully. The first method is to redeem eCredit during the flight booking process. The second method is to redeem eCredit through your Delta SkyMiles account. Both these processes are discussed in detail on the following webpage: How to use Delta eCredit for canceled flights?

Once you have made sure you are following the correct procedure to redeem Delta eCredit, you must also do the following:

  • Check if you are trying to redeem the too early
  • Secondly, check the expiration date of your Delta eCredit
  • Check if there are any technical issues with Delta’s website
  • Contact Delta Airlines live person for assistance with incorrect information in your Delta SkyMiles account

Speak to experts for help with Delta eCredit not working

If none of the above-listed options fix the Delta eCredit not working issue, your last resort is to seek expert assistance. You can contact Delta Airlines’ help team via phone call. Once your call is connected, you can speak to one of the representatives of the airline and communicate the eCredit issue you are facing. Delta is known for providing excellent customer support and your issue shall be resolved in no time. Before you call, make sure your mobile device is receiving an uninterrupted connection.

To avoid long wait times, redeem your Delta eCredit by contacting our air travel specialists. Call us now at +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).