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updates and travel information on Delta Flights To Hawaii. Learn the best time to visit.

It’s finally that time again! Hawaii has opened its doors to travelers. After the dry spell during the pandemic, Hawaii is excited to accept tourists. If you had been looking for Delta Flights to Hawaii, you have come to the right place. This blog will feature all the important details you need to know before planning a trip to the stunning island paradise.

Delta Airlines is a major American airline and a legacy carrier. The headquarters of the airline is in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline operates 5000+ flights daily to over 325 destinations. The number may vary due to country-wise travel restrictions.

Fleet Size of Delta Airlines 

Delta has a fleet size of 750. We have compiled a list of operating aircraft at the moment.

Airbus A220

Airbus A310

Airbus A319

Airbus A320

Airbus A321

Airbus A330

Airbus A350 XWB

Boeing 717

Boeing 727

Boeing 747

Boeing 737

Boeing 757

Boeing 767

Boeing 777

Douglas DC-8

Embraer ERJ-190

Mc Donell Douglas DC-10

Mc Donell Douglas DC-9

Mc Donell Douglas MD-11

Mc Donell Douglas MD-80

Travel Advisories for Delta Flights To Hawaii

We understand how essential travel is for a human soul, especially when people have been isolated for so long during the pandemic. But that does not mean it is okay to practice reckless traveling. If you want to make it a positive experience for yourself and for fellow travelers, it is important that you adhere to regulations laid down by the government.

Make sure you are traveling after getting fully vaccinated. Get an appropriate dose of the vaccine. If it is a two-dose vaccine, make sure you get both doses. Wait for at least two weeks after the vaccination to let the antibodies get stronger.

Wear masks that are approved by the government(no bandanas) throughout your trip. Keep the mask on when you are in public and commuting.

Maintain social distance with strangers and use hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes.

The U.S government has permitted traveling to Hawaii from other states but with restrictions.

If you do not want to practice a 10-day quarantine upon your arrival then make sure you submit proof of FDA-approved NAAT COVID-19 negative test result. The test should be taken 72 hours before your arrival in Hawaii.

Passengers who fail to submit the test result will have to practice 10-day quarantine. Visit to learn more about Hawaii travel requirements.

Most popular airport for Delta Flights To Hawaii

The most popular airport in Hawaii is Daniel K. Inouye Airport (HNL). It was formerly called Honolulu International Airport.HNL serves 27 domestic and international airlines. The airport has 47 gates in total and has three concourses named Central, Ewa, and Diamond Head. The airport also has commuter and interisland terminals.

Interesting Facts about HNL

HNL has an admirable collection of artworks and houses Chineses, Japanese and Polynesian gardens for its passengers.

Every passenger is welcomed with floral leis that maintain the Hawaiian tradition. At the inter-island terminal, 12 lei stands are placed on the left side of the entry road. Prior arrangements can be made for greetings upon arrival.

HNL has several duty-free shops with reputed brands such as Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry, MAC, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Longchamp to name a few.

For commuting from the ticketing area to the departure gates Wiki Wiki buses are a great option.

Satiate your tastebuds with epicurean meals from Samurai Sushi, Pinkberry, and Quiznos.

When is the best time to book Delta Flights To Hawaii?

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination so it’s natural that it tends to get crowded during the on-season. Many people migrate to the islands to escape the brutal winters. To make the best of this destination book your Delta Flights To Hawaii via Delta airlines Official Site during the shoulder season. Visit during the months of April-May or September -November.

The picturesque islands in Hawaii

Hawaii caters to every kind of traveler thanks to its diverse islands. There is an island for every kind of personality. Looking for an escape where you can sip margaritas and relax? There is an island perfect for such getaways. If you are into parties and having a great time exploring the nightlife, there is an island for you as well. 

Hawaii is sum and substance of 8 islands .6 islands are open to exploration and the remaining 2 islands named Niihau and Kahoolawe are not yet open to the public.

The secret sauce to make the most of your Delta Flights To Hawaii

  • Hawaii covers a huge landmass and it’s natural to feel the urge to travel to each island. But we recommend limiting the number of islands you decide to visit per trip. The last thing you want is to exhaust yourself when you came here to relax.
  • Do not spend all of your vacation time in Waikiki only. This way you will miss out on other equally amazing destinations and tourist spots.
  • Hawaii natives are not addressed as Hawaiian. Hawaiian is a culture, language, and ethnic group of Hawaii. Address the natives as “locals” or “Hawaii locals”.

Cheapest time to fly to Hawaii

It is important to know the ideal time to travel to our favorite destination. Having this information can help us save a little on our hard-earned money. If you are looking to take a flight to Hawaii, September would be the least costly month when it comes to booking tickets. You will be able to save nearly 20% in comparison to the average yearly price of the ticket. The months of August and September are also a good time to make your reservation. The savings won’t be as good as that of September but you will still be able to save a few bucks.

The passenger is strongly recommended to avoid booking tickets during the month of April as the cost is the highest of the year during this time. The ticket prices go nearly up to 25% high in comparison to the yearly average. The golden rule is to make your reservation around 40 to 50 days prior to the scheduled flight departure. Anywhere between 21 and 121 days is also a very ideal time.

If you wish to seek the most enjoyable experience possible on a trip to Hawaii, you should visit the place during the best seasons. Anywhere between November to March is a good time to travel to Hawaii if you are a surfing enthusiast. May and September are great for snorkeling and swimming. Meteor showers can be seen anywhere around July, August, and November.