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Delta Premium Economy – Premium Select Full Guide

Planning on flying with Delta Airlines anytime soon? The second-largest airline in the world, Delta can fly its passengers to over 320 across 53 countries.

If you will be flying to one of these destinations and wish to have a comfortable and relaxing flight journey, you might want to upgrade to Delta Premium Economy.

In this article, we provide details on Delta Premium Economy seats, other features, In-Flight Entertainment, food service, and more. Here’s what you need to know before you get your Delta Premium Economy upgrade.

What Is Delta Premium Economy?

Delta’s Premium Economy Class has been dubbed by the airline as ‘Premium Select’. It is the cabin that falls between the Coach and Business Class. The premium economy offers Delta’s passengers much better services than what they would get with the standard Economy Class. The Premium Economy service is provided on select international flights of the airline. When you travel with Delta Premium Economy by paying the extra dollar, you will get a wider seat, food and beverage upgrades, early boarding, and more perks and amenities. As of now, the Premium Economy is available on four types of Delta aircraft.

Best Features of Delta Premium Economy

Before you decide to spend some extra money to upgrade to a different class, you must about the various features and facilities you will be getting through it. The Delta Premium Economy can indeed improve your flight experience and provide additional comfort to keep you refreshed throughout your journey. Let’s look at the highlights of Premium Economy.

Premium Economy Seats

The main reason why any passenger upgrade to a different class is to get better and more comfortable seats. The seat quality can make or break our flight experience. With Delta Premium Economy seats, passengers will get an increased recline and also extra legroom. There is a 75% increase in Premium Economy seat recline when compared with that of the main cabin class. The additional legroom amounts to 8 inches in total. The footrest of the Premium Economy seats can be adjusted according to the passenger’s liking. You will also be getting a swing-up leg-rest.

The width of the Premium Economy seats is 18.5 inches. The seat pitch and recline are 38 inches and 7 inches respectively. The twin armrest between the seats has more than enough space for passenger’s arms and drinks. All in all, the Premium Economy seats are much less cramped than what you would get with a standard fare.

In-Flight Entertainment

If you are a premium select passenger on a Delta flight, you will get to enjoy the 13.3-inch high-definition inflight entertainment screen. The airline also provides noise-canceling headphones so that you can enjoy your music, movies, and shows without the plane’s engine sound and other cabin noises. The entertainment system of Premium Economy has been praised by Delta’s customers and it is truly the best in class.

Food & Drinks Services of Premium Select

The meals served on Premium Economy are much better in quality when compared to the meals of Comfort+ and the Main Cabin. You will also receive unlimited refills on drinks and snacks. The meals are complimentary. Talking about the drinks options, you can choose from beer, wine, and cocktails. The service is very proactive in the Premium Economy and the flight attendants are always available to cater to your needs. The fine dining plated on premium flatware definitely makes for a luxurious flight experience.

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Other Premium Economy Perks

Below is a list of all other major facilities and perks that come along with the Delta Premium Select experience:

Accelerated Check-In
Priority Boarding
Access to lounges with Priority Pass
Universal power outlets
Complimentary Amenity Kit
Delta’s Signature Service
Priority-tagged bags
Free Wi-Fi

How to upgrade to Delta Premium Select?

So you have read about the features of Delta Premium Economy and have made up your mind to get the upgrade, but what are the ways you can get the said upgrade. Delta lets its customers upgrade to Premium Select by three methods. The first option is to buy the upgrade online with cash through the Delta Airlines Official Site. The second option is to get the upgrade by using the miles via Reservations. And finally, if you are Diamond Medallion Member, you can upgrade to Premium Economy by using a Global Upgrade Certificate.

You will be given the option to get the upgrade during the booking process itself but if you have already made the booking, you can still upgrade to Premium Economy by getting in touch with Reservations. Read How to Upgrade on Delta International Flights

How much does Premium Economy cost?

At the end of the day, costs play a major role in customers deciding whether they wish to get a flight seat upgrade or not. The Delta Premium Economy ticket will be costing you double the amount of the basic economy ticket. We advise you to make your reservation as early as possible as the gap will only increase as the flight’s scheduled departure day comes closer. Using miles to get seat upgrades is always a good option to cut down on your flight booking expenses.

Is Delta Premium Economy worth it?

Considering its high price, is the Delta Premium Economy worth it? The short is yes, the facilities such as priority boarding and other amenities do make up for the high price of admission. However, if you don’t mind having a slightly less luxurious flight journey, you can pass on Premium Select. On the other hand, passengers who will be taking long flights will definitely benefit from having much wider seats and legroom and will have a relaxed flight journey. At the end of the day, the individual’s specific needs dictate whether a flight upgrade is necessary or not.