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One of the fastest-growing airlines in the world, Emirates is known for its exceptional service. Flying business class on Emirates means you’ll experience award-winning service, fine dining, and wine menus from all over the world. It’s safe to say you’re in good hands. 

Emirates business class offers a personalized and fully customizable experience, making it the ideal traveler’s companion. Whether you need an international holiday or are looking to explore the world from your backyard, Emirates business class flights can provide the convenience you need. 

What is Emirates Business Class 

Emirates Business class is the most sought-after choice for many corporate and luxury travelers, with perks like priority check-in, access to lounges on the ground, and lie-flat or even fully-flat beds in flight.  

You can choose from several different options to suit your needs. Some tickets are more expensive but may include extras like airport lounge access, while cheap tickets may not have amenities or more flexibility. 

How To Book Emirates Flight Ticket – 

Several methods are available on the internet to book tickets, but we are often stuck in making the payment. Why? The most common issue is budget. If you can afford any sort of budget or if not, then still the given methods will help you. So, check out the given ways below. 

Guide To Book Emirates Airlines Flights by Official Site

· Visit
· Enter the departure city, destinations & dates of travel.
· Select the Book A Flight Ticket option.
· Enter the passenger’s Last Name.
· Fill in your Booking Reference Number.
· Click on the ‘Retrieve Booking’ option.
· Lastly, make a payment
· Once you book a flight, you will get a confirmation code in your mail.

Book Business Class Ticket with Miles  

To book an Emirates Airlines business class flight, you must have sufficient miles and points in your account. With adequate miles, you can book your flight very quickly. However, you must follow the following instructions to make Emirates airlines business class reservations. 

• Go to
• Log in with your Skywards username and password.
• Then go to the booking section and enter your departure and arrival cities.
• You can now search for flights and choose one per your preference.
• To book your flight, follow the on-screen instructions and see how many miles you need to upgrade.

Benefits of flying Emirates business class 

In business class, passengers receive a warm towel, their choice of welcome drink, and nuts. They also receive a “turndown” service with chocolates, etc.  


Typically, long-haul flights include breakfast, a snack (often tofu poke bowls or lamb pies), and a three-course dinner featuring Middle Eastern, Indian, European, and Asian food. On short and medium-haul flights, one meal is served. All are served with juice (orange, watermelon, apple, mango, tomato), soft drinks, hot tea, or coffee. 


We offer champagne, wine, beer, and spirits of all kinds (Amarula Cream, Tia Maria, Campari, Cointreau, Drambuie, Campari, Campari, Cointreau) 


Emirates passengers can access a wide selection of movies, television programs, and music on large-screen entertainment screens regardless of the aircraft. You can keep your children entertained with everything from cartoons and youth-themed shows to unique toys and gifts. 

Magazine racks in the cabin, as well as Business Class seats, offer a wide selection of international newspapers and magazines 

Emirates business class check-in 

Emirates is planning to offer a separate check-in desk for business class passengers. They will receive priority tags; their bags will be taken off the baggage carousel upon arrival. Additionally, you’ll receive a fast-track pass (Pre-check in the US) and a fast-track pass for immigration. 

How Much Does Emirates Business Class Cost? 

Although the flying business class has advantages over the economy, it costs more. Prices can go up to AED 16,500 (USD 4,500), even on one-way flights. 

The average cost for a round-trip flight to Dubai for Americans is USD 4,500, while a return flight to London costs USD 3,200. Short-haul flights within the Gulf region and Saudi Arabia cost anywhere from USD 1,800 to USD 2,000. 

Emirates Business Class Seats  

There are three rows of seats, so not everyone has direct aisle access. The seat is upholstered in cream leather with wood paneling and is 20.5 inches wide with a 60-inch pitch. It reclines nearly flat, but not completely, and features comfortable leg rests optional mattresses, and plush bedding. 

There is a power outlet and USB port in every seat, as well as slippers of different sizes included in the amenity kits 

Emirates A380 Business Class 

Taking advantage of the A380’s Onboard Lounge Network, you can indulge in delicious canapés and warm or cold snacks like smoked salmon and chow main noodles while enjoying an assortment of spirits, cocktails, and exclusive wines. 

Emirates Business Class Baggage Allowance 

In business class, passengers can bring two pieces of carry-on baggage: a briefcase and either a handbag or a garment bag, subject to the following dimensions and weight restrictions. 

Briefcase: 45 x 35 x 20cm (18 x 14 x 8 inches) 

Handbag: 55 x 38 x 20cm (22 x 15 x 8 inches) 

Garment bag: 20cm (8 inches) thick when folded 

Emirates Business Class lounge Dubai 

There are seven Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport, spread across Concourses A, B, and C. For passengers flying business class, head over to the Emirates Business Class Lounge. 

Known for its unique blend of sustainably grown beans, Costa Coffee will provide you with a personalized barista experience. 

Is Emirates Business Class Worth It? 

Yes, there are some of the best business class seats in the world with Emirates. They are comfortable, have excellent service, have plenty of options for meals, and there are always drinks nearby. It’s no wonder we have such a strong opinion of the Emirates since it is the best in the world. 

Emirates Business Class Amenities 

Emirates Airlines have had a longstanding partnership. Well-stocked amenity kits on Emirates flights feature Bulgari products. 

There is an onboard bar and lounge on Emirates’ A380 flights, which allows passengers to stretch their legs and hang out with fellow passengers. This stand-up area offers a full bar menu, which is something you won’t see on most other airlines. Emirates’ passengers commend this signature amenity very highly. 

Emirates Airlines Business Class Features 

• Flexible seats
• More legroom
• check-in
• Baggage allowance
• Special facilities for kids
• In-flight entertainment
• Free Wi-Fi and charging
• Affordable price

What does Emirates business class include? 

There are several amenities available as part of Emirates’ business class service, such as chauffeur service, priority boarding and check-in, access to business lounges, unlimited premium beverages, luxury amenity kits, and access to the bar on flights with the A380. 

Is flying Emirates business class worth it? 

The seats are very comfortable, and the service is always attentive. The food and drink selection is fantastic, too. You can even fly with a private bar on some Emirates flights. Emirates ranks at the top of pretty much all airline lists, so we’re not surprised in the slightest to hear all these great things about them

How much does it cost to fly business class? 

It is usually between $3,000 and $5,000 roundtrip for a long haul business class ticket from the United States on major national airlines. Discount carriers may offer lower business class fares. Business class demand can be high on long haul flights. 

Does Emirates business class get lounge access? 

The Emirates Lounge is an exclusive lounge accessible only to Emirates customers flying in First Class or Business Class. If you fly Economy class and are a Skywards Gold member, you can use the local Business Class lounges when traveling internationally.  

Is the food in Emirates lounge free? 

There are several buffets and snack counters for free in the Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai.  

How many checked bags do you get in Emirates business class? 

Emirates business class passengers are only allowed to check bags weighing up to 70 pounds. 

Is food served in business class on Emirates? 

Yes, Emirates serves food in business class, though the menu varies by time of flight 

Is Emirates 777 business class worth? 

Emirates offers an enjoyable experience on their Boeing 777, with the vast majority of their interior set up in a 2-3-2 configuration. However, they also offer their A380 fleet, which features direct aisle access and a more comfortable seat layout. 

What is the difference between first class and business class on Emirates? 

Emirates Business class is one of the most luxurious out there. It may not have the same personal mini-bars and exclusive amenities as first class, but it still provides larger, lie-flat seats with a mini-bar just your size. 

Does Emirates business class get lounge access? 

When traveling in Economy Class, Emirates Skywards Gold members may access our Business Class Lounges around the world. Silver members may access our lounges as well. 

How many business class seats are on Emirates A380? 

Business class in Emirates’ A380 is located behind the First Class cabin, on the upper deck. There are 76 seats in two cabins 

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