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Flying to more than 150 destinations across 6 continents, Emirates is one of the biggest airlines in terms of the number of passengers flown. Emirates also takes pride in offering flexibility with its bookings. This means it is extremely convenient for passengers to make changes to their reservations. This not only covers making flight date and destination changes but also minor changes such as updating passengers’ details. Have you misspelled your name on an Emirates ticket? Read further for details on Emirates Change Name On Ticket. 

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Emirates Change Name On Ticket Guidelines

Name changes on an Emirates flight ticket can be done conveniently both online and offline. The airline allows both minor corrections and any legal name changes. Emirates has issued the following guidelines for Change Name On Ticket:

  • Passengers are allowed to change up to 4 characters in their first, middle, and last name on an Emirates ticket. 
  • Change name on a ticket need not be confused with a change in ownership of the ticket. Emirates has strictly prohibited the transfer of tickets to another passenger.
  • Passengers whose first or last name has been changed legally can opt for the legal name change on the ticket option. 
  • A legal name change on an Emirates ticket shall require the passenger to submit supporting legal documents. 
  • Emirates prohibits a change of name on the ticket if the booking is made with the Skywards Frequent Flyer Reward Account. However, you are still eligible to make minor corrections (up to 4 characters). 
  • Once you have requested the name change, the updated passenger name shall be sent for the issuance on the existing PNR.
  • Emirates doesn’t allow passengers to change flight seats between the old PNR and the new PNR.
  • The name change requested must match the passenger’s name on the passport or photo ID issued by the government.
  • You can request a name change on the ticket either through the Emirates website, helpline number, or at the airport itself.
  • A Name Change can only be requested up to 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. If you are getting the name change done through a third-party service, you must do so at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 

Emirates Change Name On Ticket Fee

If the name change is being requested within the first 24 hours of ticket purchase, Emirates shall not ask for any name change fee. If you have already missed the 24 hours window, a name change fee shall be charged. This name change fee varies from fare to fare. Details on Emirates Name Change Fee below:

Fare TypeName Change Fee
Business Flex$200
Business Value$200
Business Basic$200
Economy Flex $250
Best Value$250
Basic Fare$250

The name change fee can be more if you are requesting the change directly at the airport.

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How To Change Name On Emirates Ticket?

As mentioned in the guidelines section, you can request a name change on a ticket via the official channels of the airline. The most convenient method would be to either contact the airline through a phone call or change your name online with the help of the Manage Booking portal. Read further for details on both these methods.

Note: If your booking was not directly made with Emirates, the airline recommends you speak to the third-party service (that was contacted for the purchase of the ticket) for a name change. 

Change Name On Ticket Online (Manage Booking)

To change a passenger’s name on an Emirates ticket online, follow the process stated below:

  • Open the Emirates Airlines official site.
  • Click on the Manage Booking/Check In option.
  • Enter the passenger’s Last Name and Booking Code (found in the booking confirmation email).
  • Click on the Manage Booking button to retrieve your booking. 
  • From here you can get various booking modification options.
  • Go to the passenger’s details section to get your name changed on the ticket.
  • Confirm name change and make the payment (if any). 

Once your name has been successfully changed, Emirates shall email you your updated booking itinerary. Name Change can only be requested once. Hence, we recommend you be extra careful when correcting the passenger’s name. 

Change Name On Ticket Offline (Phone Number)

Alternatively, you can get your name changed by speaking with a live representative of Emirates Airlines. Simply call the airline’s reservations or helpline number for assistance with the name change. You will be required to communicate your booking details (passenger’s name, booking code, etc.) and the live agent shall complete your request in no time.

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Q. Can I do a legal name change on the Emirates ticket?

A. A legal name change can be done by submitting supporting documents (court order, divorce decree, marriage license, etc.).

Q. How long does it take for Emirates to process a name change request?

A. Simple name changes such as spelling corrections are processed instantly. However, a legal name change can take longer as the airline shall require you to submit the relevant proof for the name change.

Q. Can I change my name on Emirates tickets for free?

A. Name change on Emirates tickets can be done without any charges only if the change is requested within 24 hours of booking the flight.

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