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A luxury air travel experience is where Emirates excels like no other airline. The airline’s Business Class offers a host of advantages and benefits for a higher ticket price, including multiple benefits and perks. Would you like to upgrade to Business Class on your next Emirates flight? Read our comprehensive guide to Emirates Upgrade To Business Class before you book your flight.

Emirates Business Class Features: What To Expect?

Emirates Airlines offers four travel classes, including Business Class. Despite not being as luxurious as the airline’s unmatched First Class service, upgrading to Business Class will enhance your flight experience significantly compared with Economy or Premium Economy. Some of the highlights of Emirates Business Class are:

  • Full Flat Seats

The seats in Emirates Business Class seamlessly recline and get converted into fully-flat beds. The soft leather fabric of the Business Class seats will make you feel relaxed throughout your flight journey.

  • Sublime Food & Drinks Service

Enjoy regionally inspired gourmet meals and savory snacks during your Business Class flight. The airline will also offer you complimentary champagne. The menu varies depending on your flight duration (short-haul, medium-haul, or long-haul).

  • Elegantly Designed Amenity Kit

Passengers can use amenity kits specifically designed for both men and women. These kits feature all the essentials you would be needing during your flight (hand mirrors, lip balm, face cream, shaving foam, etc.).

  • Business Class Airport Lounge

Passengers can relax in the modern Business Class Airport Lounge of Emirates. Some of the features of the Business Class Lounge include bar areas, complimentary Wi-Fi service, gourmet dining options, direct boarding, and more.

  • Inflight Entertainment

Emirates Airlines offers an award-winning Inflight Entertainment System. Passengers can choose from 5,000 channels in multiple languages offering Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Live TV. You can get information on all these channels on Emirates’ Website.

  • Complimentary Chauffeur-Drive Service

If you have purchased a Business Class ticket, Emirates will make sure you don’t have any trouble traveling to or from the airport with its Complimentary Chauffeur-drive Service. As of the writing of this article, the service is being offered only in limited destinations.

What Do You Get Emirates Business Class

There is no doubt that the biggest selling point of upgrading to a higher travel class is its comfortable seats. As mentioned earlier, the Business Class seats can recline to 180 degrees; converting the seat into a fully-flat bed. The size of the fully-flat bed can range between 5.8-.5 feet long (1.78-2 meters) depending on the location of your seat (aisle, window, or middle).

When you board the flight, you will find a wrapped duvet blanket and a thick pillow placed on your Business Class seat. Each seat also has its own power and USB port. If you wish for more privacy during your journey, you can use the seat’s fold-out dividers.

Upgrade To Business Class: How To Do It?

You can upgrade to Business Class either online (through the Emirates website), by contacting the airline’s customer support, or directly at the airport. If you wish to get your Emirates seat upgrade online, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Click on the ‘Manage’ tab.
  • You will see various Manage Booking options. Select the ‘Upgrade your flight’ option.
  • Enter the passenger’s Last Name.
  • Fill in your Booking Reference Number.
  • Click on the ‘Retrieve Booking’ option.
  • You will now be shown your flight booking with Emirates. Select the travel class you wish to upgrade to.
  • The website will show you a seat map with all the available seats and the cost of upgrading.
  • Once satisfied with your seat selection, confirm your Business Class upgrade by making the payment.

When your upgrade is confirmed from the airline’s end, you will receive an email notifying you about the same. The email will contain your updated booking details.

As mentioned above, you have the alternative of requesting a Business Class upgrade via Emirates Airlines Customer Service. You will be connected to a live person (representative of Emirates) who will assist you with the flight upgrade process. The benefit of calling the airline for the upgrade is that you can also get instant answers to any of your queries.

How Much Does It Cost To Fly Business Class On Emirates?

The cost of getting an Emirates Business Class upgrade varies depending on factors such as the route you are traveling, at what time the flight upgrade is requested, etc. To give you an approximation, a Business Class ticket for an international flight can cost you anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000. For example, a Business Class ticket for a flight from New York to Dubai will cost you around $4500. While Economy and Emirates First Class tickets for the same round would cost you roughly $1000 and $1500 respectively.

Emirates Upgrade To Business Class With Miles

If you have accumulated enough Emirates Skywards Miles, upgrading to Business Class using points would be a great way to make your trip more affordable. Similar to when paying in dollars, Business Class upgrade costs in terms of miles will also depend on the distance your flight will be covering. On average, you will need 80,000 miles to book a Business Class ticket for a one-way trip.

To give you a better idea, here’s how many miles you will need to get a Business Class upgrade on the following popular routes:

  • New York (JFK) – Milan (MXP) One-Way Trip for 45,000 miles + taxes and fees
  • New York (JFK) – Dubai (DXB) One-Way Trip for 72,500 miles + taxes and fees
  • Auckland (AKL) – Dubai (DXB) One-Way Trip for 112,000 miles + taxes and fees
How Much does it cost to upgrade to business class on Emirates?

Upgrading the flight can cost around $300 to around $1,500, depending on the route and flight time

Is it worth upgrading to business on Emirates?

The more expensive, business class ticket is well worth it, so just do it. You’ll thank yourself every day for the next year for doing it.

How much is it to upgrade to premium economy on Emirates?

You can upgrade your economy ticket to premium economy for $400 if you booked it in economy

Are Emirates upgrades free?

This fantastic vacation offer features award-winning Emirates flights as well as complimentary food and room upgrades to ensure your money goes as far as it can, whether you’re in Dubai, Thailand or the Maldives

Can you upgrade on board Emirates?

Manage your Booking allows you to check or email your itinerary, make changes to your flight, and purchase a cabin class upgrade under the “Trip” tab.

How many Emirates points do you need to upgrade?

Your flight can be upgraded online for 9,000 Skywards miles, depending on where you’re going or whether you’re upgrading from Economy to Business or from Business to First Class.

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