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A prominent ultra-low-cost carrier, Frontier Airlines has been operating flights for nearly three decades at this point. The airline can fly you to over a hundred amazing destinations across the United States and 31 international destinations. Frontier has been reviewed decently by its regular customers considering it is a low-cost airline. If you are going to be flying with Frontier Airlines and wish to get the cheapest flight deals, you might want to use Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar tool.

In this article, we provide all the necessary information you will need to avail the best flight offers using the Low Fare Calendar. So, here’s everything you need to know about Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar.

What is the Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

The Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar is a tool that can be used to find the cheapest flights available during a specific time period. The airline launches the Low Fare Calendar once every year. This tool shows the lowest available fares for both domestic and international flights. It allows you to easily match your flexible travel dates and view the lowest ticket prices available during the given period. The airline takes pride in its Low Fare Calendar and boasts the tagline Low Fares Done Right. Even though the Low Fare Calendar is updated on a yearly basis, the ticket prices can fluctuate frequently. We advise you to keep an eye on the Low Fare Calendar for ticket price fluctuations.

Advantages of Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar

There are many advantages of the Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar service which make it a popular choice among flyers for booking flights. Let’s take a quick look at its highlighting benefits below:

  • Helps find flights with the lowest possible airfare easily.
  • Get one-way flight tickets for as low as $29.
  • Helps keep a track of the latest cheap flight deals during the sale period.
  • Find flights for both domestic and international destinations.
  • Passengers with flexible travel dates are bound to reap more benefits out of the Low Fare Calendar.

How To Book Cheap Flights With Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar?

The Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar can be accessed easily via the official website of Frontier Airlines. The website is customer-friendly and easy to navigate. You will get your cheap flight booking done in no time. Simply follow the steps given below:

  • Open your web browser and visit Frontier Airlines Official Website.
  • On the homepage of the website, click on the ‘Book A Flight’ option.
  • Choose the type of your trip from Round-Trip or One-Way.
  • Select your ‘Origin Airport’.
  • Now select your ‘Destination Airport’.
  • Choose your ‘Departure Date’ and ‘Return Date’.
  • Select the number of passengers from adults, children, and lap infants.
  • You can choose to pay for the flight ticket in dollars or by using miles.
  • Enter your ‘Promo Code’ (optional).
  • Finally, click on the green ‘Search’ button.
  • You will be taken to a page showing the available flight options with their respective ticket price.
  • Choose the flight with the lowest price if it sits well with your travel plans.
  • Finally, make the payment via one of the available payment modes.

When the booking for the cheap flight has been successfully completed, the airline will send you an email confirming the same.

Note: If you are a member of the Discount Den® Club, you can get an additional 15% discount on Frontier Airlines flight bookings on average.

Latest On Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar

Frontier Airlines has been keen on a merger with another major US ultra-low-cost carrier which is Spirit Airlines. If the merger successfully takes place, the Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar will become the most effective and competitive Low Fare Calendar in the country. This merger is expected to see approximately $1 Billion in terms of annual consumer savings. The airline will in turn also expand its frequent flyer and membership offerings.

Save Money With Frontier Airlines Bundles (WORKS & PERKS)

Customers will save more money on flight bookings if they purchase bundles. The two bundles offered by the airline are ‘WORKS’ and the ‘PERKS’. You can get the WORKs bundle during the flight booking process. On the other hand, PERKS is also available to customers with added benefits like seat selection, priority boarding, additional luggage benefits, etc. In comparison to the WORKS bundle, PERKS lacks features such as Flight Flexibility and 100% Refundability. Get more information on the Bundles on the Bundle & Save page.

Book Frontier Low Fare Calendar Flights Via Phone Call

If you don’t wish to book Frontier Airlines Low Fare Calendar cheap flights online, you have the other option of making the booking online with the Frontier Airlines reservations number. There are many benefits of making bookings via a phone call as you can get the necessary assistance in the booking process when communicating with a live person. The live representative will also provide you with instant information on the cheapest flight deals offered by the airline. Make sure to keep your personal details handy and your trip details in mind before calling the airline for flight booking purposes.

Popular Frontier Airlines Destinations

As mentioned earlier, Frontier Airlines operates flights to over 100 destinations within the United States and 31 destinations in various other countries. Here’s a list of the airline’s popular destinations you can cheap flights to with the Low Fare Calendar.

Popular Domestic Destinations

  • Chicago
  • New York City
  • San Antonio
  • Reno
  • New Orleans
  • Miami
  • Newark
  • Denver
  • Austin
  • Nashville

Popular International Destinations

  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Canada
  • Guatemala
  • Dominican Republic
  • El Salvador

Best Time To Book Frontier Cheap Flights

If it doesn’t matter what carrier you wish to book your flight with, historical data suggests that Tuesday afternoons are the best time to get the cheapest flight deals. The reason behind this is that an airline will usually launch a sale on Monday evenings and airlines such as Frontier Airlines react to it by lowering their own ticket prices. Lately Frontier has been launching sales early on Mondays.

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