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Frontier Airlines is a prominent ultra-low-cost carrier. The airline can fly its passenger to over 115 destinations at the lowest possible fares. Despite being an ultra-low-cost airline, there is no dearth of options offered by Frontier to enhance the quality of the passenger’s flight experience. One such option is seat selection. Have you booked your next flight with Frontier as well? Be sure to choose the ideal flight seats for your journey with the Frontier Airlines Seat Selection option.

Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Guidelines

The seat Selection policy of Frontier Airlines is fairly straigth-forward. Preferred flight seats can be selected by paying for the additional charges. Seats with extra legroom have a higher price tag compared to standard Frontier flight seats. Essential guidelines issued under the seat selection policy are listed below:

  • Frontier Airlines allows its customer to select their desired flight seat in exchange for a seat selection fee.
  • The seat selection fee shall vary depending mainly on the duration of your flight or flight route.
  • If you have any connecting flights with frontier, the seat selection fee will have to be paid separately for each leg of your journey.
  • If a passenger chooses not to do seat selection for their Frontier flight, the airline shall automatically assign them a random flight seat.
  • Selecting a ‘Stretch Seat’ shall cost extra as these seats provide more legroom compared to standard seats.
  • Customers can either select their flight seat once the booking has been made (via the My Trips option on Frontier’s website) or during online check-in.
  • If your flight was not directly booked with Frontier, the airline recommends you get your seat selection done via the third-party agency itself.
  • The seat Selection fee shall be higher when the preferred seat is selected during online Check-In.

Note: Check-In for Frontier flights starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

How Much Does Frontier Airlines Charge For Seats?

As mentioned in the Seat Selection guidelines section, Frontier Airlines does charge passengers a seat selection fee. The cost for Standard Seats starts at $5 while Stretch Seats can be selected for a minimum price of $16. The fee varies depending on your flight route, the time of seat selection request (during booking, 24 hours before departure, during online Check-In), among other factors. Refer to the table below for details on Frontier Airlines Seat Selection Fees.

Seat Type/Fees 24 Hour Before DepartureFees During Online Check-InVia Phone CallAt Ticket Counter
Standard Seating$5$7$16$16
Stretch Seating$16$18 $56$56

Details on seat specifications for both Standard Seats and Stretch Seats are provided below.

Frontier Airlines Seat Specs

Standard Seats and Stretch Seats are the only two seating options offered on a Frontier flight. The seat dimensions can vary depending on the Frontier aircraft you are flying on. The seat pitch for Standard Seats can range from 28 inches to 31 inches while the seat width can vary between 16.5 inches to 19 inches.

Stretch Seats are much more comfortable than standard seats as they have an additional 5 to 7 inches of seat pitch. These seats have a seat width of 18 inches and a seat pitch ranging from 36 inches to 38 inches. Stretch Seats offer the following benefits:

  • Additional Legroom
  • More Seat Recline
  • Early Deboarding
  • Laptop Friendly Seats

Also, passengers flying on Stretch Seats are offered inflight services earlier than passengers flying on Standard Seats.

How To Do Frontier Airlines Seat Selection?

Seat Selection for a Frontier flight booking can be done without any hassle. You can choose to select your favorite seats either online (via Frontier Manage My Booking), by calling the airline, or directly at the airport ticket counter. Both online and offline Seat Selection processes are discussed in detail below:

Online Seat Selection (Manage Booking)

If you have already booked your flight and wish to do seat selection for the existing booking, you can do so by retrieving your booking online through the Frontier website. Simply follow the steps listed below:

  • Open Frontier Airlines official site.
  • Click on the ‘My Trip/Check-In’ tab.
  • Provide the passenger’s Last Name and Booking Confirmation Code.
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button.
  • Now that your flight booking is successfully retrieved, you can choose the Seat Selection or Seat Assignment option.
  • Once the option is selected, you will be shown a seat map indicating the price of each seat up for selection.
  • Choose the flight seat according to your comfort needs and budget.
  • Confirm the Seat Selection and make the payment (if any).

Once the process is completed, Frontier Airlines shall email you your updated booking details. During the booking process as well, you will be given the option to either do seat selection or take whatever seat Frontier Airlines assigns you.

Offline Seat Selection

There are two ways to do Seat Selection offline for a Frontier Airlines flight. You can either request seat selection by contacting the airline via a phone call or do the same at the airport itself. If you decide to call the airline, make sure to keep your reservation details handy as the live person shall be requiring them to complete the seat selection request.

For exclusive discounts on choosing your desired flight seats, get in touch with our experts at the Seat Selection helpline number: (available 24/7).

Is Seat Selection For Frontier Flights Worth It?

Seat Selection is definitely worth it; especially for Frontier flights. Since it is an ultra-low-cost airline, the Standard Seats are not very comfortable. If you are flying on a long-haul flight, we recommend you pay for the Stretch Seats as some additional legroom can make a huge difference when the journey is long. Even if you are doing seat selection for Standard Seats, there is the benefit of choosing the window or aisle seat, otherwise, the airline shall assign you a random middle seat on the flight.

Do you get to choose seats on Frontier?

Frontier Airlines allows customers to select seats during the booking process. Travel agents are permitted to select seats after the fares have been purchased through Frontier’s website.

Do you get a better seat if you check-in early?

The quickest and easiest way to get on a plane is to check-in early. Checking in at the airport leaves you with the remaining seats, which are typically located in the least desirable locations.

How much does it cost to pick a seat on Frontier Airlines?

Selecting a seat costs between $17 and $55 each way for standard economy seats depending on the route and the seat type

How does Frontier randomly assign seats?

If you opt not to select your seat assignment, you will be randomly assigned one during check-in within 24 hours of departure, although your party may be separated. Lap infants may not sit in row 1, stretch seating.

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