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Among the top low-cost carriers in the United States, Frontier Airlines serves over 100 destinations. Is Frontier Airlines on your list of airlines any time soon? If you have already booked with Frontier Airlines and want to make changes to your itinerary, you can use the Frontier Manage My Booking service to do so here’s how to do it.

How Can Frontier Manage My Booking Help You?

Do you need to update your Frontier flight booking? Sometimes our travel needs and requirements can change once we have already confirmed our flight booking. With Frontier’s Manage My Booking service, passengers can make both minor and major changes as needed to their flight bookings. As well as rerouting your flight or updating your personal details, you can also cancel your booking entirely. Some changes, like upgrading your flight seat, will cost you additional fees. However, certain changes to bookings are absolutely free if made within a certain time frame

Various Ways To Manage Your Frontier Airlines Flight

Frontier Manage My Booking service gives the airline’s customers the following options:

Flight Change

If you wish to fly to a destination different from the one you have booked the flight for, you can change the destination airport easily. You can also select a different date for the flight than the one on the original booking.

Add Baggage

Do you want to travel with additional baggage? Adding more baggage to the booking is possible as well, however, the airline will charge you a fee for the same. This fee can vary depending on your fare type. Get further details on Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy.

Change Passenger’s Name

If you have misspelled your name on the booking, you can make the correction by paying a $75 name change fee. Legal name changes will require supporting documents. You can also easily update your contact and other personal details.

Review Flight Status

Stay up to date with any flight delays by reviewing your flight status with Frontier Manage My Booking. Track real-time flight status, departures, and arrivals, along with airport information.

Select Seat

Manage My Booking also gives you the option of seat selection. You will be shown a seat map from where you can choose your desired seat. You can easily view the cost of each of the flight seats during seat selection.

Request Special Services

Passengers who will be requiring special services can request the same online. Special services include traveling with wheelchairs, emotional support animals, Portable Oxygen concentrators, etc.


Web Check-In or Online Check-In is much more convenient than traditional airport Check-In. You can perform Web Check-In from the convenience of your home or office.

Cancel Booking

If for some reason your travel plans have changed and you no longer will be taking the already booked Frontier flight, you can cancel the booking and apply for a refund. Eligibility for a refund will depend on your fare type and the time of refund request.

How To Use Frontier Manage My Booking?

The Frontier Manage My Booking service is available online on the official website of Frontier Airlines. You can manage your booking by following the below-listed steps:

  • Visit the Manage Trip page of Frontier Airlines.
  • You can find the Check-In, Review/Change, and Flight Status options by scrolling down.
  • For making changes to your booking, select the Review/Change option.
  • Enter the passenger’s Last Name.
  • Fill in your booking confirmation code.
  • Click on the green ‘Search’ button.
  • You will be shown the bookings you have made with the airline. Select the flight booking you wish to make changes to.
  • You will be shown the various booking editing options, such as changing flights and adding baggage. Choose the option and make the desired changes by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Confirm the changes and make the payment (if any).

Once the changes have been applied successfully to your booking, the airline will send you an email with your updated booking details.

If you need assistance with managing your booking, you can also get in touch with a live representative of Frontier Airlines. The live person will assist you throughout the process.

How To Change Or Cancel Your Frontier Flight?

Before you change or cancel your flight with the help of Frontier Manage My Booking, it is advised you go through the airline’s flight change and cancellation policy. Below we list the flight change/cancellation guidelines provided by Frontier Airlines.

  • If you change or cancel your Frontier flight booking 60 or more days prior to the scheduled departure, the airline will charge you zero fee for the same.
  • Flight change or cancellation requested anywhere between 7 to 59 days before the scheduled departure will cost you a $49 fee.
  • For flight changes or cancellations made less than 6 days prior to the scheduled departure, the airline will charge you a $79 fee.
  • The same-Day change and cancellation fee is also $79.
  • According to the 24-hour change/cancellation policy, if you have booked your flight more than 7 days prior to the departure and change or cancel the flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase, the airline will not be charging you any fee whatsoever.
  • If your flight is changed or canceled by Frontier itself, you will be eligible for a full refund.
  • Same-Day flight change is free of cost for passengers carrying a Classic Plus ticket.
What is Frontier Airlines cancellation rate?

Frontier airlines do not charge cancellation fees 60 days prior to departure. For cancellations between 59 and 7 days before departure $39 is charged per passenger. For cancellations of flights prior to 6 days of departure or that are made the same day, there is a $59 fee.

Will Frontier let you get on earlier flight?

A non-refundable fee per person applies if you want to change your flight on the day of travel.

Does Frontier give you 24 hours to cancel?

There is no cancellation fee on all tickets that are canceled within 24 hours of purchase through your Manage my Booking page within My Trips.

Will I be charged if I miss my flight frontier?

The order in which those standing by for a flight are boarded will be determined by Frontier if you are unable to make the desired flight and miss your scheduled flight.

What is Frontier delay policy?

Whenever your flight arrives late from the airport or departs late, you can claim compensation of up to $600 per passenger.

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