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In addition to excellent onboarding services, Hawaiian Airlines offers incredible booking flexibility, ranking 10th among all commercial airlines in the United States. Is your current flight with Hawaiian Airlines no longer working for you You might be looking to change your flight date or destination. The airline makes sure that its passengers find it easy to modify their flight bookings.

To learn more about Hawaiian Airlines’ Change Flight Policy and how you can request a change, read on

How To Change My Hawaiian Airline Flight?

In order to change your flight, Hawaiian Airlines offers both online and offline channels. It is recommended that you contact the Change Flight Helpline if you want an instant flight change or have any further questions. You can also change your flight online using the Manage Booking feature.

Online Flight Change Process

To change a Hawaiian Airlines flight online, follow the simple steps listed below:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on My Trips.
  3. Enter your booking code and the passenger’s name.
  4. Click on the Continue button to search for your flight.
  5. Select the flight booking you wish to change.
  6. Choose the Change Flight option.
  7. Select the best flight available.
  8. Confirm flight change by paying the fare difference (if any)

Updated booking details shall be emailed to you once the airline confirms your flight change request.

Change Flight Via Phone Call

To avoid paying any booking change fee, please contact our help team by dialing the Change Flight Helpline: (available 24/7). Your phone call shall be connected without any delay as our helpline has little to no wait times. You will soon be speaking to a live person to whom you can state your flight change requirements. Once you have requested the flight change, provide your booking details (booking code and passenger’s last name) and your request shall be completed soon.

Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy

Are you experiencing a change in travel plans? If you have already made a reservation with Hawaiian Airlines, it is possible that you might require to fly on a different date or to a different destination altogether. But does Hawaiian Airlines allow its passengers to do such flight changes? Read the Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight below for all the necessary details:

  • Passengers carrying a Hawaiian Airlines Main Cabin Basic Ticket won’t be eligible to change flights.
  • The best option for a Main Cabin Basic Ticket holder is to cancel their booking within 24 hours of making the reservation and making a new reservation using the refunded value.
  • All fare types offered by Hawaiian Airlines except for Main Cabin Basic are eligible for a flight change.
  • Passengers can request to change the date of travel or re-route the flight using the Change Flight option.
  • The cabin class shall remain unchanged when a flight change is requested. However, you can ask the airline to upgrade your cabin class.
  • If you are changing your flight (date or destination change) and your changed flight is costlier, the airline shall ask you to pay the fare difference.
  • If the flight you are changing to is less expensive than the original booking, Hawaiian Airlines shall not issue flight credit or cash refund under any circumstances.
  • Hawaiian Airlines also doesn’t offer standby travel.
  • Any flight changes must be requested prior to the scheduled departure of your Hawaiian Airlines flight.

Note: If your booking is made through a travel agency and not directly via Hawaiian Airlines, you request to change flight directly with the third-party service itself.

Does Hawaiian Airlines Have A Change Fee?

With its updated change flight policy, Hawaiian Airlines no longer charges any change flight fee on refundable tickets. If you have purchased a Main Cabin Economy, Preferred Seat, Extra Comfort Seat, First Class, or Business Class ticket, you can change your flight free of cost. Main Cabin Basic tickets on the other hand are not eligible for a flight change even within 24 hours of ticket purchase. Flight change is also free of cost for Award Tickets.

Passengers who are requesting to change flight while holding a non-refundable ticket shall be required to pay a Change Flight Fee. This fee can differ depending on your flight route and fare type purchased. Flight change is almost always costlier for international flights in comparison to domestic flights. Refer to the table below for details on the Change Flight Fee for non-refundable tickets:

Flight ChangeFee
International Flights$50 to $300
Tickets booked using HawaiianMiles$50
From the USA to Japan$300
Domestic Flights (North America)$50 to $200
Within Neighbouring Island$30

What Is The Same Day Flight Change Policy Of Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines does offer the option of Same Day Change Flight. If you wish to board the earlier flight or even later flight on the departure day itself, you must request to do a Same Day Flight Change up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. Same Day Flight Change is dependent on seat availability on the desired flight. Since Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t offer the Standby option, if there is no seat vacant, the passenger won’t be able to do a flight change.

What Happens If Hawaiian Airlines Changed My Flight?

A flight change can not only be implemented by the passenger but also by the airline itself. If there are some technical issues with an aircraft or the weather conditions are not ideal for a flight take-off, Hawaiian Airlines may reschedule your flight to another date/time.

In the scenario that the new flight doesn’t meet your travel requirements, you can ask the airline to rebook you again on another flight. If the new flight is causing a significant delay in your arrival time, you can cancel your booking and ask the airline for a refund.

Does Hawaiian airlines charge to change a flight?

Hawaiian Airlines has a no-change fee policy for all its refundable tickets.

Can I change the flight I already booked?

Apart from Main Cabin Basic Tickets, all fare types are eligible for flight date or destination changes.

How long do I have to change my flight?

You can change your flight up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure.

Can I reschedule my flight for free?

It is possible to reschedule your flight without incurring any fees, but there may be a difference in fare if applicable or airlines have flexible change policies that allow passengers to change the date, time, and location without incurring any additional charges. Guests can reschedule their flights online or offline.

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