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When planning a trip to Hawaii, whether, for vacation or business, especially when it comes to your budget, you need to prepare adequately.

If you are looking for a special treat during your trip, you may be exploring How much is a First-Class Hawaiian ticket?

About Hawaiian Airlines First Class 

There are many airlines that fly to Hawaii, but Hawaiian Airlines is the only one to send you there before you land. No matter what seat you’re in, the airline tries to put you on an island of mind. We have menus created by local chefs, we have friendly Hawaiian hospitality from our flight crew, and we have folk music playing and the crew is talking to us.

However, Hawaiian’s A330 planes offer the first class with lie-flat and gourmet meal service, making your trip to Hawaii even more memorable. This combination is so relaxing you won’t miss the WiFi, but not all Hawaiian Airlines seats are this well-known, and routes are not all worth upgrading

How To Book Hawaiian Airlines Ticket

Have you ever wanted to book a Hawaiian Airlines First Class ticket, but weren’t sure where to start? You can search for flight deals and prices on the website.

The Step-By-Step Guide to Making Hawaiian Airlines First Class.

• Visit the link.  

• Go to the ‘Book’ option on the homepage. 

• Choose a one-way trip or a round trip. 

• If you want to pay with miles, please tick ‘Book with Miles’

• Enter the origin and destination location. 

• Enter the reference number & last name. 

• The last option is that choose the travel class—Select First Class from the available options. 

• Now click on ‘Find Flights.

• Now, you will see various available flight options.  

• Lastly, make a payment. 

• Wait for a response. 

What to Expect On First Class On Hawaiian Airlines


With Hawaiian Airlines’ first class seats, you get a 180-degree lie-flat seat and perks.

Hawaiian offers fully lie-flat seats even on short flights to Hawaii from West Coast cities like Los Angeles. Hawaiian is unique among competitors with fully lie-flat seats.


While in the air, flight attendants delivered preloaded large iPads with movies, shows, and games for us. Watch at least 4-5 different films on my way to Hawaii thanks to the tablet stand in the center console.

Meals and Beverages

The meals were created by some of Hawaii’s top chefs and reflected the tasty regional cuisine found at Hawaii’s most renowned restaurants. Flights to and from Hawaii had the best three-course meals we had ever had.

During the pre-departure period, guava juice and a Mai Tai were available, as well as a tasty array of beverages sourced from Hawaii. After take-off, there were also a variety of Hawaii-sourced beverages, including Hawaiian juices Hawaiian water, Maui Brewing Company, and Ocean Vodka. The beverage menu also included soft drinks, & wines, as well as popular spirits. 


Whenever you fly Hawaiian Airlines first class to a US destination, you’ll have to access to the Premier Club. You will get free Wi-Fi, snacks, etc.

First-class passengers traveling to international destinations will have access to Hawaiian Airlines’ Plumeria Lounge, the company’s newest flagship lounge.

When flying internationally but willing to experience the luxurious Plumeria Lounge, you can pick up a $40 Plumeria Lounge pass at check-in.


Hawaiians first class have the luxury of fast and easy check-in via a dedicated priority line at the airport. This means you can avoid self-check-in for your bags and won’t be caught behind long lines.

How To Upgrade Hawaiian Airlines Miles

If you’re a frequent traveler with Hawaiian Airlines you can use your miles for upgrading to more comfortable seats. It’s best if you have an airline account so that your miles build up. We have given the list of how many miles one needs for upgrading a one-way flight to different places:

• North America: 25,000 miles

• Neighboring Island: 7,500 miles

• Tahiti/Samoa: 30,000 miles

• New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, or Korea: 45,000 miles

How much does it cost to fly 1st class to Hawaiian?

The cost of round-trip first class seats on the major airlines varies according to the airline, the time of year, and even the date of booking. In general, you should expect to pay between $3300 and $4600 for first class seats on the major airlines.

Additional First Class Amenities

Additionally, In addition to two USB charging ports, each seat has an AC power port, so you won’t arrive at the airport with a drained battery• Fluffy, quilted-blankets

• Generously sized pillows in cotton pillow cases

• Mattress covers

• A sealed amenity kit with headphones, ear plugs, and an eye mask

• Premier Club access to private airport lounges

Hawaiian Airlines First Cass a321

It is likely that the Airbus A321neo will serve some routes from Hawaii to the western continental United States. For example, it might fly from Oakland to Honolulu, or Las Vegas to Honolulu.

The biggest difference between the A321neo and A320neo is the absence of lie flat seats (39″ pitch). Instead, you have recliner seats with a 16-seat cabin configuration in 2-2 layout.

Hawaiian airlines a330-200 first class

Among the most popular first class products in the world, you’ll find the Airbus A330-200 on flights between Hawaii and Florida, Massachusetts, and New York.

However, this aircraft will also serve destinations on the West Coast, such as California and Washington.

How To Upgrade Hawaiian Airlines First Class Seat?

You can also upgrade your Hawaiian Airlines first-class seat if you want. Here are some points you need to know if you want to upgrade your Hawaiian Airlines first-class seat.

  • Check online if you are eligible for an upgrade on your flight seat.
  • You must visit Hawaiian Airlines’ official website once you have confirmed that your ticket can be upgraded.
  • Then, visit the ‘Manage My Trip’ section.
  • Please enter your flight confirmation number and last name as requested.
  • The last step is to select your flight and then choose the mode you wish to use for seat upgrades. You can upgrade with dollars, miles, or bids.

Hawaiian Airlines First Class VS Extra Comfort 

These particular Extra Comfort seats have an extra 36″ leg room and 35″ of shoulder room. They provide earlier boarding than those of the regular cabins on Hawaii Airline’s A330 and A321 Neo flights. Business travelers and people who fly long haul on a regular basis understand that these extra comfort seats are an excellent way to get a little more space having to fork out first class fares.

Like regular economy seats, extra comfort seats come with complimentary drinks and food. A Pau Hana cart offers Hawaiian-style snacks.

What does Hawaiian Airlines first class include?

You will enjoy a comfortable seat, food and beverages, priority check-in, boarding lounge access, and two free checked bags.

Is first class worth it on Hawaiian Airlines?

Upgrades to first class aren’t really worth it on inter-island flights, since these flights last under an hour and the seats are recliners.

How many checked bags do you get in Hawaiian Airlines first class?

Whenever a passenger flies first class with Hawaiian Airlines, they are entitled to two free checked bags.

What are the best seats in Hawaiian Airlines first class?

The most desirable first class seats on the A330 and A321 Neo are the ones near the window (A or J). On the B717, the best seats are in the second row.

Do you get lounge access with Hawaiian Airlines first class?

On Hawaiian Airlines, First Class passengers have access to lounges only at the Honolulu airport.

What happens at first class on Hawaiian Airlines?

It’s easy to see why Hawaiian Airlines prides itself on its first class seats with their 180 degree lie-flat seats. Even if you’re flying from a West Coast city like Los Angeles, you’ll get one of these comfortable lie-flat seats.

Is alcohol free in first class Hawaiian Airlines?

There are eight Signature Beverages by OTR that can be purchased on North American and neighbor island flights. They are complimentary on first and business class flights.

Does Hawaiian Airlines first class have TV?

Yes, You can enjoy unlimited in-flight beverages, and you can watch movies, watch TV, and listen to music at any time.

Are extra comfort seats worth it on Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Comfort seats offer five inches more legroom than economy class seats on most flights from US, but it can vary by route and aircraft.

What is the baggage weight limit for Hawaiian Airlines First Class?

It has a maximum size of 62 linear inches (157 cm) and a maximum weight of 70 pounds (32 kg).

How wide are extra comfort seats on Hawaiian Airlines?

The width of some seats in the back of the plane is 16.5 inches.

How many miles is a first class ticket to Hawaiian?

A first class ticket to Hawaii may cost you 80,000 miles If you are a frequent flyer. Most people however, award trips are not an option.

Are the extra comfort seats on Hawaiian Airlines worth it?

Hawaiian Airlines Extra Comfort seats have five inches more legroom than economy class seats on most flights from the US mainland to Hawaii, though this varies by route, and row.

How much does it cost to upgrade from coach to business class?

If you are not a United Airlines elite client but still want more space and better amenities, check out the upgrades from coach to business class. 500-mile upgrades are available for non-elites or use miles and a cash copay.

How many meals do you get on Hawaiian Airlines?

The service will include a beverage service, followed by a first course and a main course. There will also be an additional meal service before arrival on longer domestic flights. Inflight menus on longer domestic flights will offer two main meal choices, whereas on shorter flights there will only be one.

Is food served in first class on Hawaiian Airlines?

Yes, We serve a plated meal and beverages on longer flights. On shorter flights, we offer paired down meals and beverages

Do seats in Hawaiian Airlines first class lie flat?

Hawaiian Airlines offers lie-flat seats on its A330 planes, which fly internationally and from Honolulu and Kahului to several US mainland cities (excluding those on the West Coast).

Is there a dress code for first class on Hawaiian Airlines?

The Hawaiian Airlines first class dress code does not apply. Most customers wear casual clothing including Hawaiian shirts and pants or slacks.

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