Last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 07:24 am

Everything You Need To Know About United Airlines Credit 

United Airlines is a renowned carrier for providing world-class services to its passengers across the world. United has always supported its passengers and their needs by all means. During the current covid situation, United airlines credit is issuing travel credits for all the canceled trips.

Never in the past passengers have known about travel credits and the way of using them. With United airlines, it is easier for the passengers to learn about travel credits and the flexible policy of making the use of travel credits.

When the flight is canceled by United airlines, passengers can claim a complete refund in the original form of payment. And when the passenger chooses not to travel, they make the cancellation and get the refund in the form of travel credits, ETC (Electronic travel certificate) that can be used for future flight bookings.

ETC’s- Electronic Travel Certificate

ETC is valid for a longer issue date than flight credits. They are valid for two years from the issue date. ETC can be combined with other ETCs and they can also be used by someone else. If there’s a balance on ETC after flight booking, it can be used in the future for other bookings.

ETCs are also offered for delayed flights. With the changed and flexible policy of united airlines, passengers can now cancel the flight and claim, ETC on their own. Passengers can also speak to the customer service agents for queries regarding cancellations, ETC’s and travel credits.

ETC’s are eligible to be used multiple times if the flight booked costs lesser than the value of ETC. For a higher-cost flight than the value of ETC, the balance amount can be paid by a credit card.

Future Flight Credit 

Future flight credits can also be used for partner flights. The reservations for these can be done by United’s website or by calling on the reservations number.

Customers can check their flight credits by going on the United Airlines official website and go on my trips page from there. Click on future flight credit from there and click on the book with credit option to make bookings for a new trip.

Travel credits cannot be used for making reservations from someone else. If the new flight is cheaper than the flight credit amount the remaining amount will not be refunded and will be forfeited.

United Travel Bank

United airlines offer yet another type of travel credit known as United Travel Bank. These are not offered by the company, customers purchase them directly. United airlines offer incentives to customers by adding funds to their United Travel Bank. Travel Bank credits can be redeemed for flight bookings for United and United express. These funds cannot be combined with ETC’s or travel credits.

How do I use my Airline Ticket Credit? 

United airlines travel credits can be used to purchase united airlines flight tickets. These credits can be used to make reservations via the official site or by calling on the reservations number.

Customers can go online on the official site and follow the booking process. Select the credits as the mode of payment for flight bookings. Make sure to read the policies of different credits before making the bookings. Future flight credits are forfeited if the new flight is cheaper than the credit value.

Can Someone Else use my United Credit?

Yes, if you have an ETC( Electronic travel certificate) or credit in United Travel Bank it can be used for making flight reservations for any other passenger.

Future flight credits cannot be used for making flight bookings for someone else.

Are United Airlines Customer Service 24 hours?

Yes, the customer service of United airlines is functional 24 hours and 7 days. The team is available round the clock to assist the customers. There are different numbers available for customer service and reservations. You can call on the respective numbers according to the help you need. Reservations number- 844-201-2572 and customer service number is- 800-864-8331. The best time to call is considered around 3:15 pm as the wait time is lesser.

Customers can speak to a live person on these numbers all through the day for getting assistance on their queries.

Can I change the name on United Ticket?

Yes, the name can be changed on united airlines flight tickets. If there’s a mistake in the spelling of the name, it can be changed and if the name is to be changed as per the legal documents, passengers require a legal document for the same. Any kind of misspellings or mistakes can be corrected via the manage my booking option available on the official site or by calling on the reservations number.

If the changes are major, legal documents are required for such changes like Marriage certificate, legal name change document, divorce decree, or any other valid proof.

How long are united flight credits good for? 

There’s an expiry date of everything and so is for travel credits. Below is the expiration policy of United Credits.

Expiration Policy of Credits

United Airlines miles don’t expire, but travel credits do. Below is the list of expiration of various credits at United airlines:-

  • ETC (Electronic Travel Certificate)- 24 months from issue date
  • Future Flight Credits- 12 Months from the issue date of the Original Ticket
  • Travel Bank- 5 years after the last activity.

As per the policy updates of United airlines, Future flight credits issued between May 1, 2019, and March 31, 2021, are valid for 24 months from the issue date.