Last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 05:35 am

What are the Various Ways to Change Flight on American Airlines?

Flights with great services are all we need right? American Airlines provides it all from top services to comfort and on-time flights. However, due to various reasons, people have to get their flights changed or canceled. American Airlines offers hassle-free change and cancellations of their flights with minimum or no charge.

Emergencies can occur with anyone and so for that reason, American Airlines has customer-friendly policies for change and cancellation of flights. Flights with American Airlines can be changed online as well as offline.

During the pandemic situation going on changes and cancellations of flights are so common. Ensuring the safety and health of its passengers American Airlines is offering relaxation to its passengers for the change and cancellations.

What are the different ways to Change American Airlines Flights? 

The flights for American Airlines flights can be changed in various ways. Changing flights for American Airlines is no longer a hassle and can be done with ease.

Different ways to change American Airlines flights are:-

  • Via the official website

Visit the official website and follow the steps through manage booking on the site to make changes or cancel your flight booking.

  • Via App

Another convenient and hassle-free way of making changes in your flight booking is via the AA app. Add the details you wish to change and proceed. It is a quick process and can be done on the go.

  • Phone Number

If you face any difficulty in changing flights online you can call the agents anytime anywhere and get the changes done in your flight bookings with ease.

  • Live Chat

Chat with the experts to provide you guidance for changes and cancellations of your flight reservations. They provide easy solutions to queries for quick changes and cancellations.

How to Change Flights on American Airlines? 

Flights booked with American Airlines can be changed easily online or by getting in touch with the customer support executives.

Online is the easy and hassle-free process of getting changes done to the existing flight bookings. Through the official site of American Airlines following changes can be done to a flight reservation:-

  • Seat Change- You can change and select your seats online for your AA flights at no additional cost.
  • Class Upgrades- Cabin class upgrades are also possible with American airlines without any additional charges.
  • Change Trip- Destination can also be changed for your flight with American Airlines with the changed policy of American Airlines with minimum change fees.
  • Date Change- Due to the change in your travel plans, flight dates can be easily modified by the change date policy of American Airlines.
  • Cancel Reservation- If you wish to cancel your reservations you can do so by the modify booking option and the refunds are processed after final cancellations.
  • Edit Name- In case of a mistake in the name you can change your name with the change flight feature of American Airlines.

Add whatever changes you wish to make in the reservation and confirm. A mail with confirmation will be sent for the changes done. For the canceled flights travel credits or refund is processed within 7-10 working days.

Flights can also be changed or canceled via call or chat at your comfort zone and time. Provide the details you need to change to the executive and the changes will be done accordingly on call or through live chat by an expert.

Some things you need to know about Flight Change with American Airlines 

  • The flight change fees are removed for all domestic and international destinations.
  • Only the difference in fare is to be paid in case the new booking fare is higher than the original fare.
  • If the new flight fare is lower than the original fare the balance amount is credited in the form of travel credits that can be used for future bookings. 
  • Even the flights booked under the AAdvantage are waived off the change fee. 

How to rebook your trip with American Airlines? 

You can rebook your trip for American Airlines flights by calling customer support. Details that need to be provided for rebooking American Airlines flights are:-

  • Record locator code
  • Ticket number (the original one)
  • Details for the new booking


  • How close to the departure flight can be booked?

Flights can be booked 2 hours before the scheduled departure through the official site of American Airlines.

  • How far to the departure flights can be booked?

Flights can be booked up to 331 days in advance for American airlines.

  • What is the same-day flight change policy?

Sane day flight change refers to booking a departure for different American airlines flights or partners.

  • How to opt for a same-day flight change?

You can request a same-day flight change or standby through the official site f American airlines.

  • For how long a reservation can behold?

Reservations for American Airlines can behold on for 24 hours for free for all the flights booked 7 days before the departure.

  • How to use flight discounts for American Airlines flights?

Bookings done through the official site can be done with discount codes and offers. Discounts or points can be redeemed prior to the checkout.