The flag carrier of Switzerland, Swiss Air can fly its passengers to destinations across Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. The airline serves a total of 102 destinations. Have you booked a flight with Swiss Air to a destination of your choice? Be sure to choose the best flight seats in advance for an enhanced air travel experience. Details related to Swiss Air Seat Selection guidelines and fees are provided below.

Does Swiss Air offer an Advanced Seat Selection Option?

Depending on a passenger’s needs and preferences, they may want to fly on a specific type of seat or a seat in a specific location. It doesn’t matter if you wish to reserve a window seat or a seat with extra legroom, Swiss Air’s Seat Selection option has got you covered. Passengers can choose a seat either during the flight booking process itself or once the booking has been already made.

Swiss Air Seat Selection Guidelines

Before you initiate the Seat Selection process for your Swiss Air flight, go through the following Seat Selection guidelines:

  • Passengers can do Seat Selection while making the flight booking and also for an existing booking.
  • If you are reserving a flight seat for an existing booking, you can do so up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of your Swiss Air flight.
  • If you are a Miles & More status customer, you can do seat selection until just prior to the scheduled departure of your flight. The airline will not charge a Seat Selection fee except for tariff Economy Light.
  • Seat Selection can be done online via the Swiss Air ‘Book & Manage’ tab or via the Seat Selection Phone Number.
  • If your flight is booked through indirect channels and not directly through Swiss Air, you must contact the third-party service for Seat Selection.

Types of Seat Selection Options offered by Swiss Air

Depending on the fare type the passenger has purchased, they can reserve themselves one of the following seat types for a Swiss Air flight:

  • Standard Seats
    • SWISS Economy and Edelweiss Economy Standard Seats
    • SWISS Premium Economy Standard Seats
  • Seats in the preferred zone (Swiss Economy)
  • Extra Legroom Seats (SWISS Economy and Edelweiss Economy)
  • Economy Max Seats (Edelweiss Economy)
  • Privacy Seat (Swiss Business)
  • Swiss First Seat

Swiss Air Seat Selection Fee

Seat Selection fees for Swiss Air flights can vary depending on the fare type purchased and the length of the flight you are traveling to. The Seat Selection fee (as listed on the Swiss Air website) is as follows:

Seat TypeSwiss Air FlightSeat Selection Fee (per leg)
Standard seat – SWISS Economy and Edelweiss EconomySWISS European flightsCHF 14.00 (Light Fare)
SWISS Intercontinental flightsCHF 17.00
Edelweiss European flightsCHF 14.00
Edelweiss Intercontinental flightsCHF 29.00
Standard seat – SWISS Premium EconomySWISS Intercontinental flightsCHF 40.00
Preferred Zone Seat – SWISS EconomySWISS European flightsCHF 20.00 – CHF 25.00 (Light and Classic Fare)
SWISS Intercontinental flightsCHF 25.00 to CHF 60.00
Extra Legroom Seat – SWISS Economy and Edelweiss EconomySWISS European flightsCHF 30.00
SWISS Intercontinental flightsCHF 45.00 to CHF 125.00
Edelweiss European flightsCHF 14.00 to CHF 17.00
Edelweiss Intercontinental flightsCHF 100.00 to CHF 115.00
Economy Max Seat – Edelweiss EconomyEdelweiss Intercontinental flightsCHF 149.00 to CHF 199.00
Privacy Seat – SWISS BusinessSWISS Intercontinental flightsCHF 109 and CHF 219
SWISS First seatFlights to/from TLV and CAICHF 299

About Swiss Business Privacy Seats

Privacy seats, as the name itself suggests, are individual seats that promise to offer added privacy to customers during their flight. Swiss Business Privacy Seats are touted to be the most sought-after seats for long-haul flights before take-off. These seats also offer wider tabletop space in comparison to regular seats.

It is recommended that you do seat selection for Swiss Air Privacy Seats as early as possible as these seats are limited in number. To ensure you get a Privacy Seat, Swiss Air recommends that you reserve it during the booking process itself.

Privacy Seat’s Specifications

Seat length79 inches (200.6 cm)
Seat Width 20.5 inches (52.1 cm)
Screen Size16 inches
ConnectionsUSB, Power (110V)
CostCHF 109 and CHF 219

Does Swiss Air offer a Vacant Neighbouring Seat?

Swiss Air does offer the ‘Vacant Neighbouring Seat’ option. A vacant neighboring seat is primarily reserved for having extra space during the flight journey. Swiss recommends that you purchase the Vacant Neighbouring Seat for any of the following reasons:

  • You need extra space for your flight journey due to your body size.
  • Even though you are using a single belt extension, you are not able to fasten the seat belt.
  • You are not able to fold down both the seat’s armrests.
  • Due to medical reasons.

If you are selecting extra seats for medical reasons, you can book a maximum of two vacant neighboring seats.

Note: The Extra Seat/Vacant Neighbouring Seat option is not available for SWISS Business or SWISS First long-haul flights.

How Can I Choose My Swiss Air Flight Seat(s)?

As mentioned earlier, you can do Seat Selection for your Swiss Air flight through both online and offline channels. During the flight booking process, the Seat Selection option shall be made to the passenger. If you have a flight already booked, you can do Seat Selection online by following the below-provided process:

Seat Selection via Manage Booking (Online Method)

  • Visit the Swiss Air website.
  • Click on the Book & Manage tab.
  • Under the ‘Book’ section, select the Manage My Bookings option.
  • From here, you can retrieve the booking either with the AirlinesID Credentials or the booking details.
  • To look up a single itinerary, enter the booking code and passenger’s first and last name and click on the Submit button.
  • Select the Swiss Air flight you wish to do Seat Selection for.
  • Choose the Advanced Seat Selection option and the website shall show a Seat Map.
  • From the Seat Map, you can easily check the available seats and their purchasing price.
  • Select the seat that best suits your requirements and budget.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and pay the Seat Selection fee.

Swiss Air shall send you an email confirming the Seat Selection as soon as the payment has been received. If you change your mind and wish for a different seat, you can change the selected seat through the Manage Booking tab again.

Request Seat Selection via Phone Call

Alternatively, Seat Selection for Swiss Air flights can be done via phone call as well. The contact number of Swiss Air can be found on the official site of the airline. Once your phone call gets connected, you must provide your booking details to the live person and state the seat type you wish to get reserved. The live person shall complete your Seat Selection request over the phone itself.

If Swiss Air’s official phone number is unavailable or has a long hold time, simply contact a third-party service for a Seat Selection request.