Last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 05:33 am

Southwest Airlines is known for having the most flexible cancellation policies. Last-minute plan changes for travel are never happy. The cancellation process can be frustrating at times due to the inability to travel and many other reasons. At times changing flights can cost you more than the actual flight ticket price. But, southwest is working on changing its policies for making it a better experience for its customers. You can now save money on flight changes and cancellations when flying with Southwest airlines.

Southwest Airlines Cancellations Policy 

Cancellations are charged so much for various airlines and they hardly offer any refund. Southwest airlines do not charge change or cancellation fees. If your flights for southwest airlines were booked online the refund is credited in the original payment mode and if the payment was made in cash it is refunded as travel credits that can be used for future bookings. For the southwest airlines flights booked using rapid rewards points, complete points are refunded against cancellation.

Southwest airlines cancellations can be done online as well as offline. Online cancellations can be done by going on the official site or by downloading the app. Offline cancellations can be done by either calling on southwest airlines cancellation phone number or by reaching the ticketing office or airport counters.

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy 

Southwest airlines offer a full refund within 24 hours of purchasing the flight. If the reservation is canceled after 24 hours, for non-refundable flights the refund is given in the form of travel credits that can be used within one year for making flight reservations. Unlike other airlines, Southwest does not charge any fee for changing flights. The major benefit passengers get for flying with southwest airlines is a complete refund is offered for canceling or changing flights. You can look for more information on refunds and apply for refunds at

What is the Change Fee for Southwest Airlines Flights? 

Almost all airlines charge a fee for changing flights. Southwest airlines are known for offering free fight changes as per its policy as well as free-of-charge same-day ticket change. With the southwest airlines change policy the passengers are not bound to fly to the same destination that was chosen initially for the booking. Changes are free no matter destination is the same or different. Its policies are what makes it customers favorite as not all airlines allow changing flight to a new destination.

Southwest Airlines Policy for Flights Booked with Reward Points or Miles

What are the terms for fights booked with miles against southwest airlines? For any changes or cancellations made in a southwest flight booked with miles, a complete refund is provided. However, if you did not cancel the flight and will miss it inform the airline at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure to get a full refund. There won’t be any refund offered if there’s no information and the passenger didn’t show up, as per the no-show policy.

Fare Categories at Southwest Airlines

Southwest airlines offer various fare categories so all types of passengers can enjoy southwest airlines flights. The non-refundable southwest flights can be transferred to refundable southwest flights. For all the fare categories under southwest airlines, there’s no change or cancellation fee and two bags fly free for all the passengers.

Southwest Airlines Business Select and Anytime Flights 

Fares are refundable for southwest airlines business select as well as anytime flights. Business select passengers earn 12 miles per dollar spent and anytime passengers earn 10 miles per dollar spent. Both are eligible for same-day flight change and same-day standby. The reservations must be canceled at least 10 minutes before the departure to be eligible for a refund otherwise no refund is provided.

Wanna Get Away Flights

Wanna get away fares for southwest flights are non-refundable however, travel credits can be used for future travel by the same passenger. The credits are valid for one year and after that, they are not applicable and forfeited. No show policy is also applicable in wanna get away fares. If a wanna get away passenger wants to opt for standby travel they need to upgrade to anytime fare.

Southwest Airlines Cancellations Fees and Other Tips

Southwest airlines cancellations and change policy are by far the best ones among major air carriers. At you will find detailed information about the cancellations and refund policy of southwest airlines.

It allows its passengers to make changes or cancel and rebook flights up till the last minute. For all the flights be it fully refundable flights or the flights booked with points or non-refundable flights the complete ticket value amount is refunded.

Refunds are only made to the original ticketed passengers and the rebookings can also be only done for the originally ticketed passenger. If a passenger is flying with a companion pass, they need to be accompanied by the originally ticketed passenger. If the originally ticketed passenger cancels the flight the companion is not allowed to travel.

Refunds are done for refundable flights that are, business select and anytime flights. For the non-refundable fare category (wanna getaway), the refund is sent as travel funds that can be used for making a flight booking within a year of the reservation date.

As per the no-show policy, if the passengers don’t cancel their flights at least 10 minutes before the departure, businesses select any anytime flights will automatically turn to travel fund and wanna get away flights will be forfeited. All the flights can cancellations under southwest airlines are provided a refund either in the credit or debit card, cash, points, southwest gift card, or travel fund.