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This blog deals with the redemption or use of Delta eCredits and Vouchers. In particular, it zeros in on the process of using Delta eCredits and Vouchers to pay for new flight bookings.Thus if you do not know how to do this redemption business, stay with us. We will tell you everything about how you can use your Delta redeem ecredit to book new flights.

Moreover, we will discuss whether you can use your Delta eCredits for someone or not. In the end, we will have a decent discussion about how you can get a refund from Delta eCredits. 

How to Use Delta eCredits & Vouchers to Book New Flights

Ways of using Delta eCredits depend on whether you are a member of SkyMiles or not.

SkyMiles is the frequent-flyer program of Delta Airlines. If you are a member of SkyMiles, you need to log in to your SkyMiles Account in order to find out how many eCredits you have got. And, right after that, you can use your eCredits to make purchases with Delta.

Thus the very first thing you need to do is to search for your eCredits. To do so, you must have any of the following information.

  1. The credit card you used to make your reservation or pay for the transaction;
  2. Your SkyMiles account number; or,
  3. The ticket number of your original booking.

How To Search For Delta eCredit

There are three ways you can search for your eCredits. Let us say you paid in cash and did not use any credit card to make the purchase. In this situation, the only way you can search for your eCredit is through the ticket number of your original booking.

When you cancel your non-refundable flight ticket after 24 hours of booking with a cancelation fee, you receive an eCredit — instead of a full refund — of the same value as the canceled ticket. This is the ticket whose ticket number we are referring to here. In other words, the ticket number of a ticket for which you must have received an eCredit after cancelation.

Suppose you have found your ticket number, and now you need to search for the eCredit you received after cancelation. Your motive is to locate the eCredit and use it for making purchases.

Thus you have to go to the following web page: Here, you can find ( or look up) your eCredit by the ticket number. Once you have found it, you can further use it to purchase a new flight.

Steps to do that practically.

  • First, open google on your device, and search for;
  • Right after that, page will appear before you;
  • Once the redeem page is open, scroll down till you reach the heading — “What is my certificate or eCredit number?”
  • Here, you will find the search engine that you can use to access your eCredit;
  • This search engine requires you to fill in the following information. First, what you are searching for, and second, what is your eCredit number;
  • To access your eCredit, here, first, you need to click on select, i.e. the dropdown, it gives you a few options to choose from. Here, because you are searching for your eCredit, you have to select Certificate or eCredit Number out of the options the select dropdown provides you;
  • After this select option, the search engine asks you to enter your eCredit number into the search bar;
  • Once all the essentials have been filled in, hit the look-up button to access your eCredit;
  • After accessing your eCredit, select it and scroll down to the end of the web page to get to the continue button;
  • As soon as you click on the continue button, it leads you to the flight search engine. Here, choose a flight deal, and automatically the value of your eCredit will be applied to the price of your flight; and,
  • This is how you can access and use your eCredit to book a new Delta flight.

Can I Use My Delta e-credit for someone else?

Although eCredits issued by Delta at the time of flight cancelations or at any other instance are non-transferable, you can still use them to pay for someone else’s ticket.

How do I get a refund from Delta eCredit?

The thing is that when you cancel a non-refundable delta flight after 24 hours of booking, you have to do so with a cancelation fee, and you only receive an eCredit of the same value as the canceled flight.

Thus this is the way to earn eCredits. However, that is not the complete picture. If you have received an eCredit because your flight either has been delayed too long or canceled by Delta and you are not satisfied with that because you want a refund, you can request a refund.

How to do it — the step-by-step process is given below.

  • First, google Delta refund form;
  • Afterward, the web page for the cancel and refund form will appear.
  • Click on it and it leads you to the refund form.
  • Here, fill in the entire refund form and submit it
  • After submission, your refund request will be considered requested. 

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