Last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 10:15 am

Find Each Piece Of Information On How To Upgrade On Delta International Flights

Everyone loves to travel with comfort. Especially when we choose to fly using air, comfort becomes even more important. Nobody wants to board a flight that does not have enough facilities. This will not only make our journey uncomfortable but also give us the bad experience of flying via air.

Many times, people make the bookings for the class they do not want to fly with. This is why they, later on, look to upgrade their class.

Various airlines do not make it possible to do the upgradation easily. From so many airlines, one airline which is known for providing their flyers what they want is Delta airlines. As the team of delta airlines makes it possible to upgrade their bookings, many flyers rely on this airline.

Especially when we make reservations for international flights, comfort becomes our topmost priority. Nobody wants to spend so many hours in an aircraft without comfort. Sometimes flyers are aware that they can upgrade their bookings, but they do not know how to upgrade on delta international flights.

Steps of how to upgrade on delta international flights

People are aware of the fact that they can upgrade their bookings but they do not have enough knowledge about the procedure. Delta airlines make sure that they do not set up a difficult procedure for making the upgradation. The procedure to do the upgradation is made easy so that all the flyers can easily follow it. If you are also wondering how to do the upgradation, here are the steps that will help you-

  • Visit the official site of delta airlines. Or enter
  • One can go ahead to upgrade at the time of bookings itself. Or the flyer needs to go to the trip summary. You will find this option under the option of “manage booking”.
  • The traveller can then choose any particular option and upgrade their international flights.


  • Go to the official site of delta airlines.
  • Go to the option of the “Upgrade preferences” box.
  • One can now request for Delta Comfort+ Upgrade.
  • Check the boxes for “request upgrade” and “only upgrade”. If the seat of your choice is available, one can make the up-gradation here.

How can one upgrade their bookings?

There are various ways using which an individual can make the up-gradation. Continue reading to know all about up-gradation and how can it be done.

  • For Regular and Non-Elite SkyMiles Members
    For the flyers who have not enrolled in the frequent flyer program, they do not have many options for international flights. But these flyers can still make the up-gradation. They don’t have to pay the full price for the up-gradation. 
  • Medallion and SkyMiles Upgrades
    People who have SkyMiles are eligible for using the miles and make the upgrade. As per the recent announcement made by delta airlines, one can use the Medallion upgrades and not SkyMiles.

    People who have Medallion upgrades can make up-gradation for international flights. These flyers can make the upgrade to first class. But it is important to make sure that the up-gradation is made 24 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • Global up-gradation and upgrade certificate 
    This is yet another with which one can do the up-gradation. The Diamond and Platinum Medallion members are eligible for using the upgrade certificates. the diamond members of Delta airlines have four upgrades. So, these members can use any of these and upgrade their bookings to the first class.  
  • Complimentary upgrades-
    Complimentary upgrades for the medallion members

    Delta airlines offer endless complimentary upgrades to the medallion members. There are things that these members need to know to make the upgrade. The flyers must link their SkyMiles account number when they make the reservations. the upgrade depends on several things. The upgrade is given according to the elite status. The upgrade also depends on the fare class, the dates of travelling and the availability of seat. 

    These members enjoy a lot of complimentary things. They receive complimentary upgrades. They get to enjoy the upgrade their seats to the two-cabin aircraft that delta airlines operate. 

Apart from this, let’s see till what time different category of members can ask for an upgrade-

  • The silver members are eligible for asking up-gradation 24 hours before their flight’s departure.
  • The gold members are eligible for making the upgrade 72 hours before departure. 
  • Both diamond and platinum members are eligible for making the up-gradation at the time of reservations. 

How to make the up-gradation using miles at the time of purchasing a ticket-

It is not a huge task to make the up-gradation using the miles. Delta airline has a very easy procedure that people need to follow for it. One will find this option when they make reservations for 50 states of America. 

To make the up-gradation, log in to your account by visiting the official site. Now select the main cabin ticket. Here one can see the price that one has to pay for up-gradation and along with this option, one will see the option of upgrading with miles. The value is one cent per mile. So, if you have to pay $250 for upgrading your booking, you will have to use 25000 miles. If you like the offer, one can go ahead to do the up-gradation.

Procedure to make the up-gradation on the already made reservation-

An individual can upgrade their already existing booking with miles. For this, they need to log in to their account. Now go to the option for “view your trip”. Once they reach this option, they will find the option to upgrade their booking via miles.

But there are times when people cannot perform this procedure online easily. So, in this case, they can go ahead to seek professional help. You will get to know that your booking is upgraded when your miles are deducted from the account.

This was all about how to upgrade on delta international flights and enjoy a comfortable air trip.