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JetBlue Airways offers its flyers multiple fare types to choose from to suit their budget and travel requirements. If you are flying with JetBlue Airways anytime soon and don’t find the airline’s Economy Class ideal to travel in, you can upgrade to Even More Space. An upgrade to JetBlue’s Even More Space seats won’t cost you as much as upgrading to other fares and at the same time make for a comfortable flight journey.

About JetBlue Even More Space

JetBlue Even More Space is a part of the airline’s Economy Class but offers multiple benefits over a standard Economy Class Booking. Even More Space will offer seats with more space among other airport and onboard perks. Here’s why you need to choose Even More Space for your next flight with JetBlue Airways.

Even More Space Seats

Passengers who have purchased an Even More Space ticket will be assigned seats with additional legroom. In comparison to a standard Economy Class ticket, Even More Space seats offer 7 inches of extra legroom. Exit row Even More Space seats will offer a higher seat pitch than compared to the standard seats. While not seeming like much of a difference at first, the additional legroom makes a huge difference especially when you are traveling on a flight with a long duration.

All fare types offered by JetBlue can be upgraded to Even More Space. JetBlue offers Even More Space Seats on all of its flights.

Priority Boarding

Even More Space passengers will also receive priority boarding. In other words, you will be one of the first passengers to be boarding the flight. This will give you additional time to settle down in your flight seat with ease. If the Ever More Space seat assigned to you is in the first few rows, you will also be one of the first flyers to deboard the flight.

Baggage Benefits

With a JetBlue Even More Space reservation, you can travel with one carry-on bag without any charges. In comparison, Blue Basic fare passengers are not allowed to board the flight with a carry-on bag. You will also get early access to the overhead bins to help you store your luggage without any hassle.

Even More Speed

Even More Space customers also receive a faster airport experience with the airline’s Even More Speed service. You will be able to reach the gate faster with the fast lane to the security check-point. Even More Speed is complimentary with a Blue Extra Fare and Even More Space seat. It is available in over 49 cities.

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How To Book JetBlue Even More Space Seat?

The Even More Space option isn’t shown during the initial phase of the flight booking process. You will only see the option to select your travel class (Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Mint). However, as mentioned earlier, you can get the Even More Space seats as an add-on once you have selected your travel class.

Follow the steps given below to book yourself a JetBlue Even More Space seat.

  • Visit the JetBlue Airways Website on your preferred web browser.
  • Click on the ‘Book’ tab found in the header of the website.
  • Now Click on ‘Flights’.
  • Choose your trip type from Round-Trip, One-Way, or Multi-City.
  • Select the number of passengers for the booking.
  • Choose the departure and arrival airports.
  • Select your flight date(s).
  • If you wish to make your booking using points, tick the box next to the ‘Use TrueBlue Points’ options.
  • Click on the ‘Search Flights’ button.
  • Choose one of the available flights that best suit your travel requirements.
  • Go to the ‘Seat Selection’ section.
  • You will be shown a seat map. Even More Space seats are indicated on the seat map with a circle. Select one of the available Ever More Space seats.
  • Complete the booking process by following the on-screen prompts and making the payment.

When your JetBlue Even More Space seat has been successfully booked, the airline will send you an email confirming the same.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with JetBlue’s customer support to get your Ever More Space seat booked. You will be connected to a live person over the phone who will assist you with the booking process.

JetBlue Even More Space Cost

The charges for an Even More Space seat purchase vary depending on the flight route you are making the booking for. You will be shown the cost of the Even More Space seat on the seat map when you are making your reservation for a JetBlue flight. To give the reader an approximation, JetBlue Even More Space seats can cost anywhere between $15 to $65 each way (excluding the standard ticket price.

Is JetBlue Even More Space Worth It?

Even though it isn’t a huge upgrade, Even More Space is definitely worth it taking into consideration its modest price. In exchange for paying a slightly higher price, you are not only very much more comfortable seats but also a more lenient baggage allowance. These two perks alone justify the cost of an Ever More Space seat. These seats have been widely considered to be the best Economy Seats offered by any American airline. If you are traveling on a long-haul flight, opting for an Ever More Space seat would be a great decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are JetBlue Even More Space seats wider?
A. JetBlue Even More Space seats offer a maximum of 38 inches of additional legroom (seat pitch) and are much wider than standard seats.

Q. Is JetBlue Even More Space refundable?
A. According to the information provided on JetBlue’s website, all Even More Space charges can be refunded.

Q. Can You Buy Even More Space seats with points?
A. Even more space seats cannot be purchased using points.

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