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The seventh-largest North American airline, JetBlue Airways is a low-cost airline that can fly its passengers to over one hundred destinations in the United States, Central America, South America, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Are you planning on taking a JetBlue flight to one of these hundred-odd destinations? You might want to upgrade to JetBlue First Class if you want to have an excellent and relaxing flight experience during your journey.

In this blog, we provide details on JetBlue First Class seats, the airport experience, inflight entertainment, food service, and more. So here’s all you need to know about JetBlue First Class.

What is JetBlue First Class?

Unlike other major airlines, JetBlue hasn’t branded its premium seats as First Class. Instead, the premium seats of the airline are known as JetBlue Mint. They more or less serve the first-class purpose. In return for paying a higher price for the JetBlue Mint ticket, passengers receive multiple perks such as restaurant-quality food service, spacious seats, personalized service, priority boarding, direct aisle access, and more. JetBlue Mint is definitely the height of first-rate flight luxury.

JetBlue First Class Seats

The first and foremost reason a passenger upgrades to a different travel class is to have spacious and more comfortable seats. Talking about JetBlue Mint, passengers will get fully lie-flat seats that are 6 feet and 8 inches in length. Not only this, but these seats come with a massage feature and have cushions whose firmness can be easily adjusted according to the passenger’s liking. These seats are arguably the best you will find on an airplane.

Features of JetBlue First Class

As stated earlier, it is not just spacious seats you get with a JetBlue First Class ticket, but you also get multiple other facilities that begin at the airport itself. Let’s take a look at the highlighting features of JetBlue Mint.

First Class Baggage Allowance

If you are traveling in the standard JetBlue class, you will only get one free checked baggage and for a second bag, you will have to pay a $45 fee. However, that’s not the case if you are a JetBlue Mint flyer. The airline allows its First Class passengers to travel with two checked baggage without any charges. The weight limit for the same is up to 70 pounds. Other than JetBlue Mint passengers, only Mosaic Members are provided with this option.

Swift Airport Experience

JetBlue First Class passengers will receive priority boarding and will be one of the first passengers to board and deboard the flight. The passenger’s bags will also be getting off the plane earlier at the destination airport. Mint passengers also get the luxury of an expedited security lane and a dedicated check-in queue. After the comfortable seats, the fast airport experience is considered to be the second biggest reason to upgrade to the JetBlue First Class.

Food Service

JetBlue is known to serve good quality snacks on its economy fare. It’s obvious that the First Class food service would be even better. Different flights will have different menus but the quality of the food is consistently excellent when you travel with JetBlue Mint. Some of the delicacies you will find on the First Class menu are lobster, beef tenderloin, and chocolate opera cake. Before you de-board the flight, the airline will also provide you with delicious chocolate-covered cashews. When it comes to drinks, you will be served cocktails and wine.

In-Flight Entertainment

JetBlue Mint passengers also get to enjoy movies and TV shows on a large television screen. The size of the screen can range between 15 inches to 22 inches. The airline has designed its first class in a way so you feel at home and enjoy quality entertainment during the flight. There are hundreds of on-demand movies and also live shows you can watch on the Mint Entertainment System. You can also use noise-canceling headphones and listen to quality music.

Sleeping Kit

Providing a relaxing flight experience is a major priority of JetBlue Airways. This is why its First Class passengers get a sleeping kit specially designed by Tuft & Needle. In this kit, you will get a convertible blanket that has a built-in foot pocket, a memory foam-lined pillow (pillowcase included), earplugs, and an eye mask.

How to book a JetBlue First Class ticket?

If you have made up your mind to get yourself a JetBlue First Class ticket after reading about its facilities and features, you book your ticket with ease by following the steps given below:

Open the JetBlue Airways website
Select the type of your trip
Select your departure and arrival destination
Fill in your flight dates
Select the number of passengers
Click on search flight and make the booking
Now navigate to Manage Trips
Enter booking code and passenger’s last name
Click on the Find Flight button
Now select the travel class of your choice (in this case JetBlue Mint)

Can I upgrade to JetBlue First Class after booking?

If you have already booked your flight and wish to upgrade to JetBlue Mint, you can do so up to 24 before the scheduled flight departure. Your booking must be eligible for the upgrade request. All you need to do is visit the JetBlue Airways Official Site, choose the flight you wish to upgrade, and finally click on the upgrade button and you are all set to travel in JetBlue First Class.

Popular JetBlue First Class Destinations

Passengers of JetBlue First Class can fly to the below-listed destinations:
From New York (JFK) – Aruba (AUA), Los Angeles (LAX), Barbados (BGI), St. Lucia (UVF), San Francisco (SFO), St. Maarten (SXM)
From Boston (BOS) – Los Angeles (LAX), San Francisco (SFO), Barbados (BGI), Aruba (AUA)