Last updated on October 14th, 2022 at 11:15 am

Lufthansa Business Class International Flights Guide

The Largest German airline, Lufthansa operates flights to around 220 destinations across the world. Its international destinations span places across Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. The airline has been in operations for over six decades and has been well received by its passengers. From its staff service to its In-Flight comfort, there are multiple qualities to Lufthansa that make it worth booking your next flight with this airline. Speaking of In-Flight comfort, if you are looking for a highly satisfactory flight experience for your next international trip, a Lufthansa Business Class International flight ticket is what you need to opt for. Here we provide you with a detailed guide on Lufthansa Business Class International flight.

What Is Lufthansa Business Class?

The Business Class of Lufthansa provides passengers first-rate comfort and privacy. Many a time we are exhausted once we deboard a flight. This will never be the case if you travel with a Business Class ticket. The services you get with Business Class are specifically designed to provide the customer with a relaxed experience throughout their journey. These Business Class services are much better than that of Lufthansa’s Economy or Premium Economy class. For a higher ticket price, the passenger gets better seats, better baggage allowance, quality meals, and more.

Business Class Features

When you purchase a Business Class ticket with Lufthansa Airlines, the Business Class experience right from the airport with lounges and premium check-in services. Here’s a highlight of the best Lufthansa Business Class features:

Premium Check-In areas
Excellent lounges
Open bars
Comfortable seats with electronic controls
Better privacy
A great dining experience with special meals
Touch-screen entertainment systems
Wi-Fi service
Restaurant-style service
Other boarding perks

Business Class Baggage Allowance

When it comes to Carry-On baggage, with a Business Class ticket, passengers can bring u to two carry-on baggage items onboard the flight. These items can include a trolley bag, a fold-able garment bag, a baby buggy, etc. The maximum weight limit for the carry-on items is 8 kg. The dimensions of the carry-on item must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23 cm (57 x 54 x 15 cm for foldable garment bags).

Under the checked baggage allowance, you will be allowed up to 2 checked bags for free. The maximum weight limit for checked baggage on a Business Class ticket is 32 kg (9 kg more than that of Economy and Premium Economy). The checked baggage shouldn’t exceed the combined dimensions of 158 cm. Get more information regarding baggage policy on Lufthansa Airlines Official Site.

Lufthansa Business Class Seats

When a passenger purchases a Business Class ticket, it has a lot to do with getting a more comfortable seat for their journey. Customers will be pleased to know that the Lufthansa Business Class seats are great and will leave you feeling relaxed and fresh when your journey is over. The seats on long-haul flights can be modified into a fully flat bed (2 meters long). The seat has 64 inches of legroom in the seated position. The width of the seat is 20 inches. Passengers also get separate storage compartments and a personal reading lamp. Each section of the seat is customizable. You will get three preset positions for the seat – upright, lounge, or lie-flat. Each preset has been tested for providing the ultimate level of comfort to passengers.

Lufthansa Business Class Review

The Lufthansa Business Class was overhauled recently and has been extremely well-reviewed by customers ever since. The Business Class ticket gives you access to the Lufthansa Business Class lounger (Lufthansa Welcome Lounge and Lufthansa Business Lounges worldwide). The Welcome Lounge has comfortable armchairs, a quiet zone, and a smoker’s room. There are workstations inside as well if you need a place to work before your flight.

Talking about the Lufthansa Business Lounges worldwide, here’s what it offers:

A working zone with plug sockets and charging facilities
Spacious washrooms and showers with fresh towels
Hairdryers are also available
Great view of arriving and departing jets
Magazines and newspapers to read while you wait for the flight
Free Wi-Fi service

There is a drinking and dining zone named the Comfort Zone. Here, there are different seating areas both for quick meals and proper dining. A large buffet is made available at all times for passengers to have their meals or snacks.

With In-Flight entertainment, passengers can enjoy the latest blockbusters, classic films of every genre, and multiple TV shows. If you are in the mood of increasing your knowledge and getting to know something new, you can watch a documentary of your choice during your flight as well. Are you into gaming? Lufthansa Business Class has got you covered as well. You can choose from a large selection of video games to play while you are flying with Lufthansa.

Also, the Long-Haul flights provide the passenger An amenity kit that has socks, earplugs, eye masks, Korres lotion, Korres lip balm, and a dental hygiene kit.

Lufthansa’s New Restaurant-Style Service

Lufthansa has a new restaurant-style service which offers a varied menu. You will receive nutritious snacks, sandwiches, and meals cooked and brought to you by a first-rate team of flight attendants. With the special meals option, you can get meals catering to your specific dietary needs. The wines served on Business Class flights are award-winning and one of the highlights of the Business Class experience. The drinks are served in stylish glassware.

All these great services, coupled with the baggage allowance and comfortable seats make Lufthansa Business Class worth the price of admission. So what are you waiting for? Book your Lufthansa Business Class International Flight tickets now!