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Have you encountered a change in travel plans? Do you wish to rebook your Lufthansa Flight? You might be having questions regarding the Lufthansa rebooking policy. Lufthansa is a well-regarded airline among regular flyers and it has a lot to do with its lenient and customer-friendly policies. The airline prioritizes providing booking flexibility to its passengers.

So what are the guidelines you need to know in order to rebook your Lufthansa flight? And what is the flight rebooking procedure? After reading this article you will have all the necessary information to help you rebook your flight successfully. Here’s what you need to know.

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Lufthansa Rebooking Rules

There can be two scenarios resulting in the rebooking of a Lufthansa flight. The first would be when Lufthansa itself canceled one or more of your flights. The second scenario is when the passengers themselves choose to rebook their flight due to a change in travel plans.

The airline has a general rebooking rule for these situations. Let’s take a look at both of them.

Rebooking rule when Lufthansa cancels your flight

If one or more of your flights were canceled by Lufthansa, the airline automatically rebooks your flight once without any charges to a different flight in the same travel class as your original booking and the same destination. If the alternative flight rebooked by the airline doesn’t meet your requirements or fit your plans, you will have the ability to choose an alternative on your own.

Note: Passengers must rebook their flight within the validity period of the ticket which is generally one year from the originally scheduled departure date.

Rebooking rule when Lufthansa passengers themselves rebook the flight

If the passenger wishes to rebook their Lufthansa flight themselves, the eligibility depends on the fare type the passenger has purchased. We advise you to look at the guidelines provided for each of the fare types on the Lufthansa Airlines Official Site to determine if you will be able to your flight or not. Most of the fares can successfully be rebooked so you need to not worry about the eligibility that much.

How To Do Lufthansa Rebooking?

There are two ways passengers can do their Lufthansa flight rebooking. You can either do so online or by getting in touch with Lufthansa’s service center. For online rebooking, you will have to access the ‘My Bookings’ feature.

By following the below-listed steps you can successfully rebook your Lufthansa flight online:

Visit the Lufthansa Airlines website.
Log In with your email address and password.
Click on the three bars on the right side of your screen to access the menu.
Select the manage booking section.
Click on the ‘Modification’ tab.
Enter your Booking Code and Lufthansa ID to Log-In into the rebooking section.
Fill in the passenger details.
Select the trip date and time for the rebooked flight and confirm the booking.

Once your Lufthansa flight rebooking process has been successfully completed, the airline will send you an email confirming the change.

Lufthansa Rebooking Via Phone Call

Flyers who are having trouble getting their Lufthansa rebooking done online can request the same by contacting the airline via a phone call. Upon calling Lufthansa, you shall be connected with a live representative of the airline. They shall assist you throughout the rebooking process. Before you make the call, be sure to have a rebooking date in mind and keep your booking details handy.

For any further queries, talk to our air travel specialists by calling the Flight Rebooking Helpline Number: +1-888-906-1815 (available 24/7).

How Much Lufthansa Rebooking Cost?

Lufthansa allows its passengers to rebook their flight once without any charges. For this, the alternative flight must have the same destination as the original booking and you will have to select the same travel class as well. Every ticket has a validity period during which you can make your rebooking. If you exceed this validity period a fee ranging between $320-$1500 shall be charged for rebooking your Lufthansa flight.

Lufthansa Change Flight Policy

According to Lufthansa’s change flight policy, if you change your flight within 24 hours of the booking then you will not have to pay any charges for the same. If you have missed this 24-hour time limit, the airline will charge you a flight change fee. This flight change fee will depend on the type of ticket you have purchased.

Lufthansa Same-Day Rebooking

If you wish to change your flight on the same day of departure, you need to know about Lufthansa Same Day Flight Change Policy. Lufthansa states that same-day flight change is only possible when a seat is available in the desired flight and travel class. The same-day flight change can be made during the check-in period either online or at the airport itself.

Note: Same day flight change is not allowed for a codeshare flight

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Lufthansa flight change cost?
A flight change with Lufthansa can cost you anywhere between $250-$1000 depending on the fare type you have purchased.

Can a Lufthansa flight be rebooked for free?
Yes, the airline lets you rebook your flight without any charges for once.

What is the Lufthansa ticket validity period?
The validity period for a Lufthansa ticket is generally one year.

How much is the cancellation fee for Lufthansa award tickets?
The cancellation fee for Lufthansa award tickets is $60.

Will I receive a refund if my flight was canceled by Lufthansa?
Yes, the passenger is entitled to receive a refund if the flight was canceled by Lufthansa itself.

My Lufthansa flight was delayed, will I get a refund?
If your Lufthansa flight was delayed by either more than 2 hours at least 1 day prior to the departure, or more than 5 hours on the departure day, you will be eligible for a refund.

Can I rebook Lufthansa Economy flight?
Yes, Lufthansa does allow rebooking of its Economy Class tickets.