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The oldest commercial airline in Asia, Philippine Airlines can fly its passengers to nearly 50 destinations. The airline operates flights to locations across Asia, North America, and Oceania. One of the more passenger-friendly airlines, Philippine Airlines makes sure that its passengers’ travel plans don’t get affected due to schedule changes and canceled flights. Is your originally booked flight with Philippine Airlines not working for you? Get rebooked on another flight! Read further for details on Philippine Airlines Rebooking Policy.

How To Rebook Philippine Flight?

As mentioned in the policy section, you can do rebooking for a Philippine Airlines reservation either through the Rebooking Hotline, website, mobile application, or ticket office. The best option among these is to either do your rebooking online or through the hotline.

In order to do Philippine Airlines Rebooking online, you must visit the ‘myPAL Request Hub’. It is an online facility offering the following options:

  • Flight Rebooking (due to cancellation, schedule change, and travel restrictions)
  • Convert Ticket Value To Travel Credit (request can be made up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure)
  • Redemption of Travel Vouchers
  • Apply For Refund
  • Request Follow-Up On Prior Requests

Follow the step-by-step guide given below to rebook your Philippine Airlines flight online.

Online Rebooking Process

  1. Open the ‘myPAL Request Hub’ facility in your web browser (or call our Rebooking Hotline
  2. Scroll down and select the ‘New Request’ option and click on Next.
  3. Choose the Rebooking Option.
  4. State if your booking was made via the Philippine Airlines channels or through a travel agency.
  5. Fill in your address information.
  6. Now enter your Flight Date and Flight Number (for each leg of the trip).
  7. From here you can follow the on-screen instructions and confirm your flight rebooking.

Once you have submitted the Philippine Airlines Rebooking form, the airline shall send you a confirmation email. To make further modifications to your booking, visit Philippine Airlines Manage Booking.

Call Method

For instant rebooking of a Philippine Airlines flight, you can contact the airline via a phone call. Philippine Airlines has a dedicated Help Team. Once you are connected to one of their representatives, you must provide your booking details and state the rebooking requirements. If you yourself are canceling your booking, the representative may ask you to provide the reason behind the cancellation and rebooking request. Once the live person has gathered all the necessary information, your rebooking request shall be completed.

Do you have any further queries? Speak to our flight change specialists by calling the Rebooking Helpline Number: (available 24/7).

What is Philippine Airlines Rebooking Policy

There are various circumstances when a passenger may require to rebook their Philippine Airlines flight. The first scenario is when your scheduled air travel is affected due the airline itself. Unfavorable weather conditions, and flight disruptions, among other factors, can result in Philippine Airlines canceling your flight.

The second scenario is when the passenger themselves is experiencing a change in their travel plans and wish to rebook their flight to match their travel requirements.

Philippine Airlines’ Rebooking Policy varies for both these situations. Below are the rebooking guidelines as issued on the Philippine Airlines’ website.

Rebooking Policy For Travel Affected Due To Philippine Airlines

  • If your Philippine Airlines booking was affected by cancellations or any travel bans, the airline would let you get rebooked on another flight.
  • Philippine Airlines allows its passengers to rebook their flight within 60 days of the original flight’s scheduled departure day.
  • When requesting rebooking with Philippine Airlines, you shall be given the option to either get rebooked in the same or higher travel class.
  • If you are also going to be rerouting your flight, you will be required to pay any fare difference that occurs.

Policy For Rebooking Requested By The Passenger

  • For Dubai & Doha international tickets, rebooking can be requested up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Philippine Airlines flight bookings for all the other international routes are eligible for rebooking up to 4 days before the original booking’s departure date.
  • A penalty shall be applicable if you fail to do the rebooking within the above-stated time limit.
  • If your rebooked flight costs more than the original booking, you will have to pay the fare difference.
  • All domestic flights are eligible for rebooking up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • All flight rebookings must be done in the same travel class and seasonality as the originally booked flight.
  • If you won’t be making the trip, you can request a travel credit refund for the ticket value 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Philippine Airlines’ travel credit can be used to make a future booking with the airline. The travel credit expires after 2 years (from the date of issuance).
  • In order to be eligible for a rebooking request, your flight must be booked via the official channels of Philippine Airlines (website, mobile app, PAL hotline, and ticket office).

What is Philippine Airlines Rebooking Fee?

If you are rebooking your domestic flight at least 1 day or 24 hours before the originally booked flight departs, Philippine Airlines shall not charge you any rebooking fee. International flights (except for Doha & Dubai) can be rebooked free of cost up to 4 days before the scheduled departure.

When your flight was canceled due to the airline’s fault, rebooking will be free of cost regardless of when the rebooking request is made.

If you have missed the risk-free window, you will be required to pay the penalty. The penalty amount shall also vary depending on the fare type purchased and the destination you are flying to. On average, the rebooking fees can range anywhere from $150 to $200.

How long do you have to rebook a domestic ticket?

You can request rebooking for a domestic flight up to 1 day before your flight departs.

When do Philippine Airlines travel credits expire?

Philippine Airlines travel credits must be redeemed up to 2 years from the date of issuance or else the credit shall expire.

How do I contact Philippine Airlines for rebooking?

For rebooking your Philippine Airlines flight, contact the airline via the Rebooking Helpline Number.

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