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Your flight experience can be made or broken by the quality and comfort of your flight seat. Qatar Airways understands this, which is why the airline offers preferred seat purchase and seat selection options. If you are planning to fly with Qatar Airways, choose the right flight seat to enhance your trip Read further to learn more about Qatar Airways Seat Selection guidelines.

What is Qatar Airways Seat Selection Process? – Step By Step Guide

It is extremely convenient for passengers to go through the Qatar Airways Seat Selection process online or offline. Both these modes of seat selection are discussed in detail below:

Online Method

There are ways you can do seat selection online for a Qatar Airways flight. You can either select your preferred seat during the booking process itself or use the Manage Booking portal to select your seat once the reservation has already been made. When you are booking your flight, you will be shown the Qatar Airways Seat Selection Map. You can use this seat map to reserve your seat before you make the payment and complete the booking process.

If you have already booked your flight, follow these steps to do seat selection online via the Manage Booking portal:

  • Open your web browser and visit the Qatar Airways Official Site.
  • The next step is to click on the Manage Booking tab available on the homepage of the website itself.
  • Enter your Booking Reference Number and Last Name to retrieve your flight booking.
  • Once you have entered the Manage Booking portal, select the flight you wish to do seat selection for.
  • You will be shown various booking editing options such as flight change and booking cancellation. Choose the Seat Selection option.
  • From the seat map, select the ideal flight seat. The seat map will show you which seats can be selected free of cost and which seats have a price attached to them.
  • Confirm your seat selection and make the payment (if any).

Your updated booking details shall be sent to you at the email address you provided during the booking process. It usually takes Qatar Airways only a few minutes to confirm the passenger’s seat selection.

Offline Method

Alternatively, you can contact the airline via phone call and request seat selection for your flight. The live representative shall communicate to you what seats are available for selection and at how much cost. In order to complete the seat selection process for you, the live person shall also require certain information such as your booking details (booking reference, passenger’s name, etc.) You can also get any seat selection-related queries answered when contacting the Qatar Airways live person service.

What is Qatar Airways Seat Selection Policy?

Certain standard seats offered on Qatar Airways’ flights can be selected without additional charges. On the other hand, reserving a premium seat may cost you a small seat selection fee. Following are the guidelines issued under the Qatar Airways Seat Selection policy:

  • Seat selection can be done any time from the moment you make your reservation with Qatar Airways till Check-In begins.
  • Choosing a preferred flight seat shall be free of cost for passengers carrying an Economy Class Comfort, Business Class Elite and Comfort, and First Class ticket.
  • Qatar Airways charges a seat selection fee for Economy Classic and Business Classic fare types.
  • Seat selection is also free of cost for Economy Convenience passengers, however, the airline shall charge a seat selection fee if you are selecting a preferred or extra legroom seat.
  • Seats can be purchased only prior to Check-In. Once Check-In is initiated (48 hours before the scheduled departure), the airline shall assign you a random seat free of charge.
  • If you are a passenger with special needs who may require specific seating accommodation, it is recommended that you contact Qatar Airways at the time of booking your flight itself. Qatar Airways shall do its best to assign you the ideal seat free of charge.
  • Seat selection can be done online via Manage Booking or by contacting the airline through a phone call.
  • If your booking is made through a third-party travel agent/agency, you must request seat selection directly with the third-party service.

Additional Seat Selection Terms & Conditions

  • Seat Selection fee shall be applied per passenger and per flight.
  • Seat Selection charges are non-refundable.
  • The chosen seat shall also not be transferred to another passenger.
  • If you are changing to another seat after seat selection is done, the new seat should be of the same characteristics as the originally selected seat.
  • If you are traveling with an infant, all the passenger’s on the same booking shall be eligible for a free-of-cost seat selection.

Guidelines For Selection Of Emergency Exit Seats

  • The passenger is required to be 18 years of age or older if they wish to select an Emergency Exit Seat for a Qatar Airways flight.
  • You must be able to comprehend the instructions provided on the cabin safety card.
  • In the case of an emergency evacuation, the passenger seated on the emergency exit seat must be able to understand English and follow the instructions provided by the cabin crew.
  • The passenger must be physically fit and healthy as their assistance may be required during an emergency evacuation.
  • If the passenger is traveling with an infant, children, or service dog, they won’t be eligible to select the emergency exit seat.
  • Qatar Airways can reassign emergency exits seat in case the passenger is deemed to be unfit for the seat. There shall be no seat selection refund for the same.

How Much Does Qatar Airways Charge For Seat Selection?

As mentioned in the seat selection policy section, selecting your flight seat is free of charge for Economy Class Comfort, Business Class Elite and Comfort, and First Class tickets. For Economy Classic and Business Classic, a seat selection fee shall be applicable. On the other hand, for the Economy Convenience fare type, seat selection is free for standard seats but paid for premium (extra legroom) seats.

Usually, the Qatar Airways Seat Selection fee can range anywhere from $10 to $50. The seat selection fee varies depending on factors such as the fare type purchased, seat type (window, middle, or aisle), etc. Standard seats can cost you $10, preferred seats can cost you $30, while extra legroom seats can cost you $50.

Seat Selection Refund Policy

  • The seat selection charges shall be refunded if Qatar Airways assigned you a different seat on the aircraft.
  • If Qatar Airways rebooked you on another flight and failed to provide a seat with the same characteristics as the originally selected seat, you can request a refund.
  • Seat Selection fee shall not be refunded under the following circumstances:
    • Upon cancellation of the booking (requested by the passenger).
    • If the passenger changed their flight voluntarily (date change or re-routing the flight.
    • Selection of a cheaper seat after having selected a seat with a higher cost.
    • If the Qatar Airways Privilege Club is added after the selection of the seat.


What happens if I don’t select a seat on my Qatar Airways flight?

If the passenger doesn’t select a flight seat, Qatar Airways automatically assign a seat without additional charges.

Can I choose my seat in Qatar Airways’ Economy Class?

Passengers are eligible to choose seats in Qatar Airways’ Economy Class. Preferred or Extra Legroom seats can be selected by paying a seat selection fee. Standard seats can be selected free of cost.

Is preferred seating worth it?

Preferred seating doesn’t offer extra legroom. However, you can improve your seat location with preferred seating.

Do Qatar seats recline?

Get comfortable beneath the warmth of a soft blanket in one of the widest seats in the industry, designed to offer the ultimate in space and comfort.