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Traveling can bring joy to anyone. It is one of the most efficient factors in enhancing personal development & growth in an individual’s life. It allows you to do things differently from your daily routine activities. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone to a new environment, giving you a sense of independence and making you more responsible. In the sense that travels have purpose and value, air travel is considered desirable or unavoidable. In a nutshell, especially air traveling makes you learn many things because it’s a different exposure and experience. This blog post aims to share all the information related to Southwest airlines business select fare type in a detailed manner.

Is it worth buying Southwest airlines Business Select Fare?

Southwest airlines offer three types of tickets. They are listed below:

  1. Anytime Fare
  2. Business Select Fare
  3. Wanna Get Away Fare

All three fares are uniquely designed in terms of the passengers’ benefits. But we will discuss the southwest airlines business select fare in a detailed manner. So the answer is yes. It’s worth buying the Southwest airlines business select fare. But there is no pint unless you are equipped with good knowledge of the fare type. You need to know the terms and conditions to decide which fare type you will buy.

What is Southwest Airlines Business Select?

Southwest Business Select is a fare type that travelers can purchase for flying to their destinations.

  • However, this is a high-priced flight with added benefits.
  • It is one of the most pricey Southwest airline tickets.
  • Many customers are confused with Southwest Business Select because it appears to be a conventional first-class/business class ticket with more spacious seats.
  • On the other hand, Southwest Business Select is just like any other Economy Plus flight with a few more benefits.
  • While it isn’t the same as flying in business class, it might still be worthwhile and much better than the  Anytime, and Wanna Get Away prices.

What are the features of Southwest Airlines Business Select?

The following are some of the primary advantages and benefits of purchasing a Business Select ticket with Southwest:

  • A1-A15 boarding pass is guaranteed.
  • Earn 12 points –  Rapid Rewards bonus points.
  • Each flight comes with a free drink coupon.
  • No change fees with standby privileges.
  • The Southwest Fly By Security Line is used.
  • Fare is fully refundable.
  • Provide a senior fare that is refundable and applicable to passengers over 65.

Seat Upgradation – Southwest Airlines Business Select

When you travel by plane, you now have access to all the essential amenities, such as a seat, drinks, and meals, with all forms of entertainment. But who doesn’t want to have more excellent amenities on a flight? As a result,

  • Southwest Airlines allows you to upgrade from an economy to a business class seat.
  • You can still upgrade your class after you have booked your economy ticket, paid for it, and decided that you want to travel in business class.
  • But first, there’s something you should know about how to upgrade Southwest Airlines’ business select class.

How To Upgrade To Southwest Airlines Business Select?

Please follow the steps for up-gradation to Southwest Airlines business select below:

  • Firstly, log in to Southwest Airlines’ official website.
  • Once the page is opened, various options on the above panel will be available.
  • You will see options like the air, product, and business on the left corner.
  • Tap on the business option.
  • Passengers are required to fill the required fields with the flight’s first name, confirmation number, and last name.
  • Click continue
  • Follow other onscreen instructions and update your seat.

Upgrade Cost – Southwest Airlines Business Select

Now that you know how to upgrade seats, you should also know how much it costs to upgrade to a business class ticket on Southwest Airlines.

  • On flights, there is nothing like fixed cost.
  • The price is determined by the route or flight you take regarding the total kilometers traveled.
  • Only if a seat is available in the class above you will be accommodated.
  • You can also request a business class at the ticket counter or the departure gate.
  • Please keep in mind that you do not have to pay the total cost of business class, only the difference between economy class and business class.

Seating – Southwest Airlines Business Select

The Busines Select class gives you priority boarding and allows you to sit wherever you wish on the plane if your seats are not allotted to you. For $30, $40, or $50, depending on the itinerary, you can purchase Upgraded Boarding for a seat in the A1 – A15 boarding group.


Are Southwest Business Select fares refundable?

The answer is yes. Southwest airlines business select fares are fully refundable. The passengers must cancel a reservation at least or exactly 10 mins before the flight departure time. Passengers get two options, and they are as follows:

  • Receive refund in the same account from which payment was made.
  • Travel Funds that will be considered for future travel use.

Does Business Select automatically check you in?

Passengers who purchase business select fares get are eligible to checked-in to their flights automatically.

What is the difference between Wanna Get Away and Business Select?

The most significant difference is the difference in fares. Business Select fare is fully refundable, whereas on the other hand, Wanna Get Away is not refundable.

Are the seats in Southwest Business Select seats larger?
So the answer is no. The Southwest Airlines Business Select is not a traditional business-class ticket that will get you business class seating or spacious first-class.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Southwest’s business Select?
The cost of upgrading to Southwest Business Select ranges from $30 to $50 per segment. The flight’s route determines it. Please keep in mind that seat upgradation options are limited. As a result, if you’re flying on a busy business route, you may not be able to upgrade.

Is upgradation from wanna get away to Business Select possible?
You can upgrade your Wanna Get Away or Anytime fare ticket to Business Select and receive the associated benefits when available. A Business Select ticket will earn you 12 Rapid Rewards points for every dollar spent. Furthermore, your ticket is fully refundable if you cancel at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

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