Last updated on December 30th, 2022 at 05:33 am

View The Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy To Go Through With The Process With Ease 

Do you also feel check-in is stressful? You have come to the right place to ensure easy check-in for your next southwest airlines flight. Check-in is mostly a hassle because you are not allotted a seat assignment in advance. Here in this blog, you’ll get to know about the southwest airlines check-in policy in depth to make the check-in process easy, simple, and quick by getting the seat you want.

Check-in is required only once even if you have a connecting flight. It is a one-time procedure. Southwest airlines assign zones for boarding post-check-in according to the ticket purchased.

Tips For Quick Check-in and Better Seats 

  • You can get the best seat of your choice if you check in online as soon as the online check-in starts.
  • Southwest Airlines allows passengers to check-in online 24 hours before departure. Put a reminder so you can check in as soon as it starts.
  • You can also download the southwest app and the app itself notifies the passengers for check-in.

How to Check-in Through Southwest App? 

  • Download and open the southwest app.
  • Click on the check-in option on the bottom screen.
  • Enter your confirmation number along with the first and last name on the reservation.
  • Check-in as soon as it starts, 24 hours before the departure.
  • For the boarding pass select the option that suits you from print, sent to the phone via text or email.

How to get your boarding pass after you check in? 

  • If you chose to print your boarding pass that’s good.
  • If you chose via text or email, log in to your account to access the boarding pass.
  • iPhone users can load it in the wallet app so it can be accessed even without an internet connection or WIFI.
  • You can also print the boarding pass at the airport.
  • It is easier to print the boarding pass at the airport while checking bags.
  • If you don’t have bags to check in you can directly show the boarding pass on your phone at the gate.

Can all passengers be checked in at once? 

With the southwest airline’ new update, passengers can now check-in all the passengers under one ticket together. No matter the tickets are booked with cash or points. All the passengers can be checked in with the same confirmation number. This is a great update of Southwest airlines that made it very convenient for the passengers to check-in.

Different Check-in Facilities Available at Southwest Airlines 

Curbside Check-in 

Some of the airports allow curbside check-in for southwest airlines where you can pull up and unload your car and check-in the bags by the curb right there. This facility is not available at all airports.

Ticket Counter Check-in

Check-in for southwest airlines can also be done at the ticket counter. You can easily check your bags and print your boarding pass from there. Passengers who have checked in online can also check in from here.

If you feel a mobile boarding pass is not reliable you can print it from here.  

Business select passengers can check-in faster through the fly by priority check-in lanes.


A majority of airports have the self-check-in option available. This service is the easiest, quickest and reliable too for check-in. Almost all the passengers can opt for self-check-in through the airport counters.

Exceptions for self-check-in:-

  • Unaccompanied Minors
  • Passengers traveling with pets
  • Passengers traveling on age-qualifying fares.
  • Customers with paper tickets
  • Passengers with military tickets.

Through self-check-in, you can print bag tags. You can attach the tags and drop the bags at the baggage counter.

If there are 20 minutes to your flight, you‘ll have to check-in at the gate.

Early bird check-in 

Early bird check-in will help you reserve your seat earlier than anyone else. The cost of early bird check-in is $15-$25 per person for one way. It helps you check-in before all other passengers. Southwest credit card can be used to pay the fee. Sign up the early bird for your reservation to save time. The early bird needs to be purchased 36 hours in advance. It is beneficial for people with tall height as passengers get more legroom.

Southwest Airlines Check-in Policy FAQ’s 

  • How early passengers can check-in before a flight?

Passengers can check-in 24 hours before the departure till 1 hour before the departure.

  • Do passengers that opt for early bird check-in have to check in online?

No early bird check-in passengers are already checked in they are not required to check-in online.

  • How early bags can be checked for southwest airlines flights?

Passengers can check their bags as early as 4 hours before departure.

  • What happens if passengers don’t check-in till 1 hour before the departure?

These passengers might be denied boarding. It is required to check-in between 24 hours till 1 hour to the departure time.

  • How early are passengers who have already checked in required to reach the airport?

Passengers who have already checked in must reach the airport at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.