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Southwest Airlines is not only one of the most prominent US carriers but also the world’s largest low-cost airline. On top of offering outstanding onboard services at an affordable cost, the airline prioritizes booking flexibility. The airline has striven to make it convenient for its passengers to get their flights changed. Have you booked a flight with Southwest and wish to change your reservation as well? Read further for details on Southwest flight change fee and other flight change guidelines.

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How Much Is Southwest Flight Change Fee?

Southwest Airlines stands out among other US airlines when it comes to its flight change fee. Simply stated, if you have booked a Southwest flight and wish to change the flight date/time/destination, the airline will charge you zero flight change fee for the same. In contrast, other airlines can charge you a flight change fee as hefty as $100 to $150 depending on your itinerary.

Although Southwest charges no flight change fee whatsoever, it is important to note that if your new reservation is costlier than the original booking, the airline shall require you to pay the fare difference. 

Southwest Flight Change Policy

Now that you know that your Southwest flight can be changed without paying a flight change fee, it is worth your time to go through the following guidelines issued under the Southwest Flight Change Policy:

  • Southwest allows its passengers to change their flight up to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure regardless of the fare type they have purchased.
  • If the flight change is requested up to 10 minutes before your flight’s departure time, the airline will not put any monetary penalties on the customer. 
  • Passengers can change the flight date/time as well as destination to suit their travel requirements.
  • If your new booking is cheaper than the original reservation, Southwest will either pay you the fare difference or you will be issued a flight credit that can be used to book a future flight.
  • The credit issued on a Southwest flight change expires after 12 months from the date of the original ticket’s purchase.
  • Passengers can make an unlimited number of flight changes with Southwest Airlines.
  • Southwest flights can only be changed via the airline’s official channels (website, via phone call, or at the airport itself).
  • If your flight is not booked directly through Southwest, you must contact the third-party agency for flight changes. 

What happens if Southwest changes your flight?

Southwest may change your flight due to technical problems, unfavorable weather conditions, or any other causes that are out of Southwest’s control. If the changed flight doesn’t suit your travel requirements, you can ask the airline to book you on an alternate flight. According to the airline’s policy, if your travel is affected due to an involuntary change, you can change your flight up to a maximum of 14 days from the original flight’s departure date. The airline shall not charge you any additional flight change fee for the same.

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How to do a Southwest Flight Change?

As mentioned earlier, a Southwest flight change can be done via both online and offline channels of the airline. If you wish to get your flight changed online, you must visit Southwest Airlines Manage Booking portal. The Southwest flight change process is discussed in detail below:

  • First, open Southwest’s website on your web browser.
  • Click on the Change/Cancel tab. 
  • Enter the Booking Confirmation Number. You can find it in the confirmation mail sent to you by the airline when the booking was made.
  • Select the Change Flight option.
  • Click on the Search button to retrieve your booking.
  • From here you can change your flight’s date, time, or destination depending on your travel requirements.
  • If the new booking costs more than the previous flight, make the payment for the fare difference to confirm the flight change.

Once you have successfully gone through the Southwest flight change process, the airline will send you a confirmation mail. The email shall contain your updated booking details. If your travel plans change again, you can follow the same procedure to get your flight changed again. 

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Southwest Flight Change via Call

If for any reason you don’t want to change your flight online or the Southwest website is having technical issues, you also have the option of requesting a flight change via phone call. Once your call has been connected, simply state your flight change requirements to the live representative of Southwest Airlines. You will also be required to provide the original booking details (confirmation code and passenger’s name. You can also get answers to any queries related to the Southwest flight change fees over the phone.

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Southwest Same-Day Flight Change

Same-day flight change refers to boarding an earlier flight on your original booking’s departure day itself. Southwest Airlines does indeed offer a same-day flight change to its customers. If you have purchased Wanna Get Away plus, Anytime, or Business Select fare type, same-day flight change shall be included. Passengers carrying a Wanna Get Away fare type will be required to pay the fare difference. The airline also charges no Same-Day Flight Change or Same-Day Standby fee.