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Are you flying with Southwest Airlines on your next vacation or business trip? Do you prefer the window seat, or do you find the aisle seat to be the most suitable? For a comfortable flight journey, make sure to choose from the best flight seats available. With the Southwest seat selection process, you can conveniently get the ideal seat assigned for your reservation. Read further to know how the Southwest seat assignment works.

Southwest Seat Selection Guidelines

In order to score the best flight seat available, it is worth your time to go through the below-listed guidelines issued by Southwest Airlines regarding seat assignment.

  • Southwest Airlines has an open seating policy. Once a passenger boards a flight, they can choose from the available seats and stow their carry-on baggage in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger’s chosen seat.
  • For the boarding process, passengers are assigned a boarding group (A, B, or C) and a boarding position (1 to 60+).
  • The passenger’s boarding position determines how early or late they will be boarding the flight. The better your boarding position, the more seats there will be available for you to choose from.
  • Holding an A-List elite status guarantees you the luxury to choose from the best seats for your Southwest flight.
  • In order to get a good boarding position, it is recommended that you check in for your flight as soon as the process begins.
  • Passengers can also pay for an Upgraded Boarding for a good boarding position and in turn, get the ideal seat for their flight journey.
  • Customers who have paid for Early Bird Check-In also guarantee themselves a great boarding position.

Southwest Upgraded Boarding

As the name itself suggests, Upgraded Boarding vastly improves your boarding position by securing you the A1-A15 boarding group. If you have paid for Upgraded Boarding, you will be one of the first passengers to board the flight. The cost for Upgraded Boarding can vary depending on your itinerary. Generally, Southwest charges $30 to $60 per segment for the Upgraded Boarding option.

Note: Upgraded Boarding is available only at the airport ticket counter or at the departure gate on the travel day.

Southwest Early Bird Check-In

Early Bird Check-In allows passengers to Check-In for their flight automatically before the traditional 24-hour Check-In process begins. Since you will be one of the first passengers to Check-In for the flight, the airline shall assign you an earlier boarding position. With Early Bird Check-In, you get the benefit of boarding the plane before the majority of other passengers. You can then conveniently choose the best seat and get your carry-on luggage stowed in the overhead bin without any hassle.

The cost of Early Bird Check-In also varies depending on the duration of your flight, your destination, and other factors. The pricing starts at $15 (one-way, per passenger).

Note: If you cancel your flight booking, Southwest won’t refund the value of the Early Bird Check-In since it is non-refundable.

How Much Does It Cost To Select Seat On Southwest Airlines?

Since, unlike other major airlines, Southwest Airlines doesn’t offer any advance seat reservation, there is no cost for seat selection. However, if you are looking to improve your chances of scoring the best seats upon boarding the flight, you can pay for the optional travel options such as Early Bird Check-In and Upgraded Boarding (as discussed earlier). Early Bird Check-In and Upgraded Boarding can generally cost you $15 and $30 respectively for each segment.

Southwest Business Select Seats

If you wish for a truly luxurious travel experience with Southwest Airlines, it is recommended that you upgrade to the Southwest Business Select fare type. A Business Select upgrade can cost you an additional $30-$50 depending on your itinerary.

Business Select offers Southwest’s passengers the following benefits:

The Southwest Business Select seats are spacious and qualify for First Class travel. More on flight seat specifications are below:

Southwest Seat Specifications

When it comes to seat size, there is no difference between Wanna Get Away, Wanna Get Away Plus, Anytime, and Business Select fare types. However, the seat size can vary depending on the Southwest aircraft you will be flying on. Refer to the table below for details on Southwest’s flight seat specifications:

Seat Pitch/WidthBoeing 737-800 and 737 MAX 8Boeing 737-700
Maximum Width17.8”17”
Minimum Width15.5”15.5”

As you can see, there isn’t a huge difference between the sizes of seats offered on Southwest’s flights. When it comes to seat selection on a Southwest flight, it all comes down to the passenger’s preference among the window, middle, or aisle Seats.

Get assistance with Southwest Seat Selection via Phone Call

If you have any further queries regarding Southwest seat selection, it is recommended that you speak with a representative of the airline over the phone. Southwest offers excellent customer assistance and the live person shall answer all your queries regarding seat assignment. If you wish, you can also book yourself a Business select seat or get the Upgraded Boarding and Early Bird Check-In options via phone call.

Can you pick your seats on Southwest Airlines?

When you board Southwest Airlines’ flights, you will have the option of choosing any available seat and stowing your carryon items in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you once you board

Is Early Bird on Southwest worth it?

In case you are traveling with a group or simply wish to board the plane faster, Southwest EarlyBird Check-In may be worth it. However, accelerated boarding, including family boarding, or wanting to save money, it might not be worth the cost.

Can you sit anywhere on Southwest?

Yes, Southwest-operated flights have an open seating arrangement, which means you can choose any seat you wish once you reach the aircraft.

How are seats selected on Southwest?

Open seating is available on Southwest flights: select any seat available and tuck your carryons under the seat behind you or in the overhead bin.

How can I select my seat without paying an extra fee?

If you search the seat selection page at the bottom, you will find a link that says “skip seat selection for now”. Click that link and choose a seat from what’s still available 24 hours before departure.

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